radical at best

doubleorderofsweetburg  asked:

Im really digging this Pea Prince. I hope he becomes a regular character. You deserve to be alittle narcissistic sometimes. Youre like hella radical and one of the best artists I follow soooo yeah.

oooh im happy you’re digging him!!!! ((oh yes dig hard unf ah dig harder XDD))
I hope he becomes a regular too! but that all depends on you boos :3
oh YOUUUUUUU <3 SHUCKS!!! thank you so much you kind soul boo!

also, thanks for drawing all the skribbitties <3 I appreciate you a lot boo!

royalrowena  asked:

Lucifer, Bela, Crowley

Lucifer: What are you proud of?  

  • oh god. at this point i honestly don’t now anymore. to be able to call aly my best friend, i think is the only thing right now. 

Bela: Something you can’t live without?

  • my cat. my mom. idk. my phone, probably too.

Crowley: what would you do if you were king? (of hell or the world)

  • king of hell, i would probably throw a huge party, because apparently according to radicals all the best people go to hell. so we should be able to have some fun. also, imagine the lgbt parties we can throw there wowza. 

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