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Self-Love A B C

You wanna learn how to love yourself more, but you don’t even know where to start? You want a tool that you can use to create healthier habits and develop a more stable ground to walk on? Use this “Self-Love A B C” on a daily base, and soon you’ll hopefully be able to make healthier decisions in your everyday life. 

A: authenticity - the only person that has to be content with what you’re doing is you. Learning how to love yourself means practising to be yourself and be okay with the consequences of living an authentic life. Before making a decision, make sure you’re being you, and you’re not trying to please, impress or satisfy someone else. 

B: body love - No matter if we’re just being too lazy or if it’s actually too tough because we are facing a depression relapse or another mentally challenging situation, the very basic acts of self-care and self love shouldn’t be something we postpone or put off. The tool “body love” is all about physical and emotional hygiene. Your body deserves to be taken care of. Brush your teeth, take a shower, floss, put on some lotion if your skin is dry, and do it gently! Treat yourself like you would treat your own child. Make sure not to physically or mentally abuse yourself - so no self-harm, skin picking, self-bullying or nasty self-talk! Don’t be your own worst enemy, make sure you’re being your own supporter instead of your worst critic! 

C: cool calm collected - we live in a crazy, super fast paced world and sometimes it can be incredibly tough to be kind with ourselves, because we’re simply too stressed. This tool is meant as a reminder to slow down from time to time and work on being more mindful. Before making the decision what to eat, how to talk to yourself, what to do about a certain situation, take a break and a couple deep breaths. When we practise to be more mindful, we can fully explore every given moment and it gets easier to make healthy decisions.

D: drink that water (or tea :P) - a hydrated brain and body work better! It’s super important for your mental and physical health to drink enough water. 1.5l are enough, if you’re not working out. If you’re physically active, make sure to drink a bit more than that. 

E: eat and nourish that lovely body of yours - Your body is a real miracle! And an incredibly precious gift. This awesome power machine not only deserve, it needs to be fuelled properly. It’s one of the biggest acts of self-love to forget about all the nutrition “rules and facts” you heard of and to learn how to listen to your body again and eat intuitively. If you pick the right food from with a radical self-loving mindset, it gets way way easier to make the right decisions. You want to honor your body and take care of your health, so you have the urge to eat healthy. Sometimes you wanna nourish the body, and sometimes the soul (or both at the same time!). Moderation is the key!

F: forgive yourself and others and fake it ‘till you make it! - You’re only human, and humans make mistakes. Often the worst thing about mistakes is not that we make them, it’s what making them makes us feel like. There is no point in beating yourself up for not being perfect! If you notice that you screwed up, forgive yourself, learn from it and move on. And allow yourself to be a beginner - fake it ‘till you make it! Also, try to forgive others! Holding grudges against people who hurt you in the past is only going to cause pain and heaviness in your own heart. Forgive them because you deserve a peace of mind!

G: gratitude - for me personally gratitude - next to mindfulness -  has always been the most important tool on my way to more self-acceptance and self-love. If you become more and more aware of how blessed you are, if you develop a more grateful mindset, life will feel a lot richer. You’ll be able to see your positive attributes and focus less on the things that don’t matter that much anyway. 

Prose Protip #91

Children’s stories are used to enforce racist and sexist social structures.

Children’s stories can be used to dismantle them.

Side note: the live-action 101 Dalmatians from 1996 is an anti-feminist screed. Rewatch it and you’ll see what I mean. We need radical fiction to counter all the status-quo fiction.

TERF Tips #44

Compare the trans community to the ace community before complaining that the t shouldn’t be in the lgbt+ community because it’s not a sexuality and shouldn’t be comparable to a sexuality

TERF Tips #29

Get mad when people call trans women women, and go fight with those people every fucking time. While also constantly misgendering trans people who are actually proven to get distressed over misgendering

TERF Tip #24

Transphobia doesn’t exist. It’s either homophobia or misogyny


Because yknow, no one in their right mind would have anything against trans people specifically.. wait this post? NAW, Silly gendershits!

literally what the hell is this tragic facade of radical feminism on tumblr today. what IS THIS. I can’t believe. all y'all wanna do is just yell about trans males, porn, and call it a day. no critique of marriage or engaging in heterosexual behaviours. no critique of child rearing and male-centric lives. no critique of internalized misogyny and the hatred of fellow women. no critique of the way we destroy this planet. no critique of what women in the non-western world survive. no critique of patriarchal religious institutions. no critique of systemic racism or poverty or different power structures. no critique of capitalism. no critique of compulsory femininity or engaging in performing femininity. no, in fact - crying that some of us radfems are mean and cruel and evil when we do do these things. meanwhile y'all have URLs with the words “terf” and “rad” and “womyn” in them, and it all speaks volumes about where your agenda lies.

Fun Time-Saving Tip for Radicals:

If you’re going to defend luxury shoplifting in the name of smashing capitalism, and then try to cover your ass with “well the company says they have insurance for it and they budget for theft, it’s not like they’re actually FIRE or PUNISH employees for it, stop serving the corporations,” just spare us all the waste of time of reading your boring, petulant tl;dr bullshit rationalizations and instead write “I’m a narcissistic hypocrite who honestly don’t give a single fuck about the workers that I’m claim to be standing up for, and I’m willing to make their lives worse and make them sacrifice so that I can get the things I want, and then make excuses about how it’s not so bad, because hey the corporations say so, which makes me just like the capitalist consumerist sheeply that I constantly furiously jerk off to my moral superiority over”

If Star Wars characters had tumblrs, what would they look like?

(I’ll start)

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You’re probably familiar with the idea of ‘burnout’ (if not, check out the burnout tag). It can be hard to know if you’re looking after yourself, with enough self-care and group care to balance out the energy you’re putting into projects.

A new tool has launched that gives you a helping hand. The Energy Project’s Energy Audit measures your energy across a range of sectors: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. It asks a series of questions, and then flags at the end where you may be able to make some changes.

Not a world-changer, but a good first step!

Taken from the New Organising Initiative’s website.