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pluto-support  asked:

Do you have any tumblr headcanons for the ipliers? (Who would run an emo fan blog, etc)

Sure! Let’s see…

Wilford - Would probably have something pink and circus like for his theme, uses it primarily to promote his show and will reblog ANYTHING related to it, also reblogs stuff on gossip with celebrities, he was probably the first to get one and the one to push for others to get them

Dark - Uses primarily black with red and blue accenting things for his theme, he rarely uses it but when he does it’s to reblog aaall that emo brooding stuff (he’s the emo blog) and to post a call out for either the Ipliers or Mark, was the last one to get one and tried desperately to hide it, lowkey has a side blog that’s about cryptids and conspiracies, has managed to keep it a secret from everyone

Google(s) - Has a blue, red, green, and yellow plain theme, they get asked the most questions out of everyone and it’s used as a lesser source of information (like keeping tabs on the community and if Mark posts anything), the Google to use it the most would be Oliver since he enjoys interacting with people the most

The Host - Uses tan and gold for colors while also making it look like reading an ancient scroll, uses it the most out of everyone, posts his own original works while also writing fan fictions, likes to reblog all that author aesthetic stuff and others stories/fanfics, has a a few side blogs dedicated to different things, mutuals with Bim Trimmer

Dr. Iplier - Uses white and has an overall plain looking theme, surprisingly fairly gross since he likes to reblog a lot of things relating to anything medical (like someone talking about a cut that got infected and going into detail about it) but also reblogs gifs from hospital shows like Greys Anatomy and House, is a proud member of the medical side of Tumblr, has a side blog dedicated to his hospital aesthetics

Edd Edgar - He’s that blog we never speak about because it’s high key frightening since all he does with it is post/reblog photos of baby’s and puts different prices

Silver Shepherd - A super hero theme, likes to reblog things relating to him and superheroes in general, most people know he’s the actual Silver Shepherd and he terribly tries to prove them wrong, has become a meme unintentionally

Bim Trimmer - Has Matthias as his theme, it’s basically a blog dedicated to Matthias and how much he loves him while also promoting his show too, loves to post selfies of himself, him and Host are mutuals and like to show support for each other, he’s a close second to Host on usage

Bingiplier - Tries to have the most radical theme of them all but it looks more like a meme if anything, also holy crap the M E M E S on his blog, likes to ask the Googles joke questions via anon, has a side blog for his skateboarding

Yandere - Super cutesy pink aesthetic, posts selfies of themselves and a lot of Jacksepticeye strangely, most of them are ones he really shouldn’t have like Jack sleeping or one at an angle like he’s trying to hide, similarly to Bim his blog is dedicated to Jack, aside from Jack they also reblog a lot of gifs on animes, lowkey their blog is kind of frightening

Holy freaking cow I think I got them all but damn there’s a lot of Ipliers @.@ Thanks for the question tho!! :D

humanstuck gamkar thoughts
  • it isn’t until the fourth time an attempt to go further than kissing (you should, right, that’s how far you should be by now after officially dating for so long) turns into a tickle-fight that spans the entire apartment and ends with you sprawled on each other wheezing that you realize maybe this is really just completely stupid.
  • “Baba made us a cake,” says Gamzee, and holds out a cake in apology for dripping on your carpets.  It’s got an offensive amount of rainbows on it.  The icing, in Mr. Makara’s round, careful hand, says “CONGRATULATIONS GAY”.  You would be insulted except in the middle of all the rainbows he’s somehow found a way to print a photo of you and Gamzee cuddled up on the couch together and okay, the cake looks really good.
  • It take a long time for you to calm him down enough to make out words, but nobody stops to look at the two boys sitting on the park bench in the sunset.  Gamzee’s sobbing keeps their faces pointed toward the ground.  “–threw me out,” you make out finally, and think about his dad on TV, eyes wide and wild, pounding the pulpit and yelling about fire and torment for eternity.  You hold him tight, put your chin in his hair and just hold him as he sobs.
  • When you’re sixteen you find a hand-drawn manga lying on the floor of your group study room while you clean up, and it isn’t until page four of Nepeta’s painstakingly sparkly art you realize the dark-haired bishonen with the commanding eyebrows is you, and the flaxen-haired elegantly androgynous figure of his new romantic conquest is meant to be Gamzee.  
  • Your embarrassment that day is nothing compared to the next, when Gamzee picks it up and recognizes both of you instantly.  Out loud.  Loudly.  You have never seen Nepeta go that red.

“The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word ‘almost.’ He was almost in love. He was almost good for him. He almost stopped him. He almost waited. He almost lived. They almost made it.”

For the love story that never was.

dream sometimes — marasy // i’m still here — john rzeznik // iris — the goo goo dolls // touched — vast // bloodstream — stateless // heal (if i stay) — tom odell // darling are you gonna leave me — london grammar // always gold — radical face // blue blood — laurel // set fire to the rain — boyce avenue // broken crown — mumford & sons // ghost towns — radical face // roxas’ theme — lizz 


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The Only Way to Stop Climate Change Now May Be Revolution

So it’s come to this.

Last year, a researcher presented a paper on climate change at the American Geophysical Union’s meeting entitled ”Is Earth F**ked?” which advocated “environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside the dominant culture, as in protests, blockades and sabotage by indigenous peoples, workers, anarchists and other activist groups.”

Last month, the Philippines climate commissioner and self-styled revolutionary Naderev “Yeb” Saño held a 13-day fast in the midst of an international climate summit, just hours after Typhoon Haiyan ravaged his home country. In a tearful speech quoting Gandhi, he said: “We cannot sit and stay helpless staring at this international climate stalemate. It is now time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway.”

And only last week, a conference of climate scientists in London explored the theme of “radical emissions reduction” after noting that “nothing that we’ve said or done to date about climate change has made any detectable dip whatsoever”. Via a weblink, author Naomi Klein compared the fight against climate change with the struggle against South African apartheid, and said, “an agenda capable of delivering radical emissions reductions will only advance if accompanied by a radical movement.”

Punk Rock in Zistopia AU

It was something started by prey animals, actually- a cry of rebellion against the way things were. It started out as prey animals wearing black collars and making subversive music that outright insulted the government and society at large. Eventually predators caught onto this movement; a lot of aspiring musicians switched to punk because of its radical themes. The punk scene flourished in Sahara Square, particularly in the SheePGB, the birthplace of many punk rock musicians careers.

The proper response to “that collar looks shit on you” is “so does yours”.

Persona 5 Prologue: Analyses and Theories (Part 2)

Note:  There are spoiler posts floating around that may contradict these theories, since I formed most of my theories soon after the translations for the prologue were released and before spoilers were leaked from the demo.

(Once again, translations were provided by @domi-persona.)


5. Light the Floor Up

6. The Radical Themes of Persona 5

7. Joker’s Failed Escape

8. Are the Police Secretly Demons?

9. So who was the Traitor?

5. Light the Floor Up

After fighting his way through the demons, the Protagonist realizes that the building is filled with these guards who are searching for him at every corner. Sneaking is the only way out for him, according to the team’s Navigator, Futaba, and so we have our first sneaking section of the game!

Notice how every step he takes in-game produces a visual paint-like effect.  This allows users to track their movements on the map provided towards the right.

Additionally, the Joker’s paint bounces onto the walls when he takes a step, producing graffiti messages that visually represent both the themes of the game and also the Phantom Thieves’s point of view.   But the paint could also have an impact on the story and not just intended to be aesthetically pleasing to the players themselves.  The rebellious messages left by the Phantom Thieves could also be meant to inspire bystanders and followers to break free from ruling powers, and also show their opponents that their radical desires will not be undermined by leaving them in bright neon paint.

6. The Radical Themes of Persona 5

(”Winner Take All”, “Black and White”) 

(”Success”, “Everyone’s Enemy”)

(”Winner”, “Double-Faced”, “Victory Addiction”, “Deal Pending (?)”)

(”Losing is not an option”, “Everything in Black and White”)

Here, we can see the themes of the game (“Glory or Ruin”, etc.) be represented on the casino walls.

There are both positive messages that describe the Phantom Thieves’ point of view, and negative messages that describe the law enforcement’s point of view.

To the Phantom Thieves, their heists may represent a “Glory or Ruin”, or All or Nothing situation where the only way to stop corrupt people from winning is to completely remove them from power, fitting the words (”Winner Take All”, “Everyone’s Enemy”, “Success”, “Losing is Not an Option”, “Black and White”)

However, their opponents may see them in a more cynical view.  They may believe that the Phantom Thieves are just hedonistic rebellious teenagers. (”Victory Addiction”, “Everything in Black and White”)

There are also words that describe the Phantom Thieves’ temperament and situation, including (”Double-Faced”, “Everything in Black and White”, “Deal Pending”, etc.)

“Double-Faced” stands out the most from the group, as it not only describes the Phantom Thieves’ dual nature of being law-abiding students by day, and vigilante Phantom Thieves by night, but also the relationship between the Phantom Thief persona, the Personas’ which are based on society’s appreciation of Picaresque Heroes, and the Shadows, which seemingly injure and possess the Phantom Thieves whenever they summon their Personas.

7.  Joker’s Failed Escape

Unfortunately, the security guards catch up to Joker, and the people watching them on camera are aware that there is more than one Phantom Thief acting on this scheme.  It likely means that this is the point of the game where the Phantom Thieves lose the advantage of secrecy.

The Persona 5 Protagonist attempts to escape from the security guards, but is cornered by the guards rushing through the hallways.  He then jumps out of the glass window, with no other options.

As Futaba pointed out, this decision was a reckless one, and the overwhelming amount of police quickly apprehend him.

(There is a Read More cut here)

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Safety Corp is the simulacrum to my existence.  A  virtual lens I use to  explore the multiple faucets of radical thought through medical themed stock imagery. My own physical erasure is in direct response to the erasure of black nonconforming bodies in spaces of safety, care, and protection.  It will be almost two years since this was first created as a digital performance art piece. As I enter into this next phase, my presence as Safety Corp will evolve. Thank you for your continued love and support.

Stay Safe.

By [the] late 1980s dalit and other low-caste women, and feminists from south India were also making themselves heard. They tried to recover non-Aryan and anti-Brahman traditions, took Sita as a symbol of oppression rather than an ideal, and argued that the Ramayana represented the triumph of patriarchy over matriarchy. Ruth Manorama, a dalit Christian from Bangalore involved in organising slum-dwellers, began to speak of the “triply oppressed” focusing on Brahamanism as a major factor in women’s oppression but not sparing dalit men either. She and others eventually organised the National Federation of Dalit Women. At the 1991 National Women’s Studies Conference in Calcutta, two minority feminists, Flavia Agnes and Razia Patel, were openly attacking ‘Hindu hegemony’ in the women’s movement.

The environmental movement also saw a similar development, the emergence of culturally radical themes contesting a dominant trend that identified, though more ambiguously than in the colonial period, with a reformist Hinduism. Middle-class environmentalism had been Gandhian in inspiration, mounting on strong ideological attack on industrial civilisation and 'western science and technology’ that tended to idealise Indian traditional culture. This even involved some indifference to or even idealisation of caste, with the most important academic study of the 'ecological history of India’ giving what was in effect a functionalist justification of caste as a system of ecological adaption (Gadgil and Guha 1992). Ecofeminists like Vandana Shiva emphasised the mother-goddess them in women’s writing as the protector of nature and identified it with 'Prakriti’ (Shiva 1989). However environmental mass movements based on peasants and other low-castes very often used more anti-Brahman traditions. Thus a movement for water rights on the river Ganga used the symbol of Ekalavya, with the fishing communities they organised identifying themselves with the tribal hero of the epic.
—  Gail Omvedt, Understanding Caste

is there a name for the phenomenon where an up-and-coming artist creates a really inspiring work with radical, progressive themes, and it becomes popular, and they’re pulled to create more work, but as they become more successful they start leaning more to the conservative side and it almost seems like they never understood what made their original work so important in the first place?

Vatican ends crackdown on US nuns accused of radical feminism

  • Catholic church accepts final report ending takeover of US nuns’ organisation
  • Group accused of undermining church teaching with ‘radical feminist themes’

“The Vatican has announced the unexpected conclusion of its crackdown of the main umbrella group of US nuns, ending a controversial takeover of a liberal group and signalling a major shift in tone and treatment of US sisters under the social justice-minded Pope Francis.

The Vatican said it had accepted a final report on its overhaul of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and declared that the “implementation of the mandate has been accomplished”.

When the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith took over the LCWR in 2012, it accused the group of taking positions that undermined Catholic teaching on the priesthood and homosexuality while promoting “certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith”.

It envisioned a five-year doctrinal overhaul, fuelled by concerns among US conservatives that the group, which represents 80% of the 57,000 Roman Catholic nuns in the US, had strayed from church teaching by not focusing enough on issues like abortion.

The takeover, combined with a separate Vatican investigation into the quality of life of US nuns, had deeply wounded the US sisters who oversee the lion’s share of the Catholic church’s social programmes, running schools, hospitals, homeless shelters and soup kitchens. The crackdown resulted in an outpouring of popular support for their work and fuelled allegations that the church’s treatment of women was heavy-handed and misogynistic.

In December, the Vatican’s quality of life investigation ended with sweeping praise for the sisters for their selfless work caring for the poor. Thursday’s conclusion of the doctrinal assessment signalled a similar positive conclusion.”

Read the full piece here

If the Vatican thinks THAT’S radical feminism they should check out Tumblr! They’ll be in for quite an education! 

Bernie Sanders showed in Iowa that being a real progressive won’t disqualify you.

There’s nothing entirely unique about the emergence of a political outsider who threatens to outflank the dominant establishment nominee from the left in the run up to the Democratic primaries. But Sanders’ candidacy is still striking, mainly because he has managed to inject some deeply progressive — and by some measures, radical — themes into the political conversation more successfully than anyone has in decades.

Despite how far these ideas lie outside the mainstream, Sanders was able to gain enough traction that he tugged Clinton to the left on everything from money in politics to Wall Street regulation, and then just about split Iowa with her. This should be a wake up call to the Democratic Party.

3 reasons why Bernie Sanders’ performance in Iowa matters

New interview with Papa III, translated through google translate

While Gojira made its debut on the first day of the Download Festival in Paris, we head to the dressing rooms to meet Papa Emeritus III, before the concert that will give Ghost in the evening, after Iron Maiden. After a brief wait alongside a Scott Ian slumped in a hammock in complete relaxation, it was with surprise that we find ourselves facing a Papa Emeritus III unmasked, in civilian clothes, wearing a black biker covered in all groups of badges genres. Of course, in these circumstances, no photo, but a detailed and interesting exchange.

Hello, and thank you to spend some time with me before the concert tonight! Let’s start by evoking the latest news: the group released a teaser for a documentary, what can we expect from this new format?

Papa Emeritus III: I would say, for short, as we are a different group of others, we can not make this documentary conventionally, filming things on the fly. By cons, in the same way as all the other groups, if we can turn our concerts and perform in the best way, thanks to our technical team. So we said “why not just make a documentary about our team?”. This way, people will still have an overview of the life of the group, without it does not focus on us …

Not to break the mysteries surrounding the group?

P: Yes. It is not to reveal our secrets, not too much anyway. But you can see things from a new angle, and as a fan, I love seeing this stuff! It replaces a fine documentary turned to the group itself, I think.

Ghost also announced a new EP, to be released by year’s end. Is it already registered, and what can we expect? Reversals, new compositions?

P: Some times, and a few new songs, yes. Everything is already registered.

But you can not tell us more?

P: Everything will be announced very soon. There is not much to say now. Except that it will really start the second chapter of our tour.

The output cycle alternating an album and an EP, it will become a constant?

P: I do not want to implement this as a rule. We had just wanted the time before the next album to be longer. Especially because, from my point of view, our current graphic universe is very interesting, and can even extend it. So instead of writing a Meliora 2, we chose to leave it. An EP that continues the album. I do not know if the idea is good, we’ll see.

It joined a little my next question. With Meliora, themes related to church and evil rites was slightly indented. Ghost has instead exploited visual themes of the 20s, as well as many films as King Kong, Rosemary’s Baby, or Metropolis … The goal is to propose a radically different visual theme for each album?

P: To be honest, I have no clear vision of what we will then, out of this EP. I do not know what direction it will take. Of course, we will always turn around sacred themes. For example, our scene is still supposed to represent a church, chapel, or any sacred place. so I would say that even if Meliora and its extension are a little more secular and desecrated with the most modern and urban theme, I want to return to these issues in the future. This Christian and almost medieval side. We will probably make round trips to and from this theme over the album.

On the production Meliora I would say that the sound is less crude and dirty as debut of the group. The mix is ​​more polished, more orchestral: it is an evolution that you would like to see continue, or round trips are also to be expected?

P: I do not know. I am so tempted by a more progressive direction less progressive. I would love to develop the progressive elements that we inserted in Meliora …

A concept album perhaps?

P: Our albums are already quite conceptual. But they are not a story. And it’s true that I would be interested in writing more conceptual history. This would not necessarily rock, perhaps something more orchestral.

An opera ?

P: Something like that, yes. But I also like the idea of ​​a return to dance sound, but full of simplicity. A bit like our first record. In short, there is really the ability to write three different types of album: a very progressive drive, a more orchestral opus moving away from the rock, or a pure rock album.

Vocally, there is the added saturated singing on live versions of “Absolution”. It is a technique that might be found on a new album?

P: It’s possible [laughs]. It is not so far away. I am now writing the next album. But vocally, it has not worked too. We still do not know who will be the new Dad. We will see what we will do when it appears.

This weekend, Ghost play Download Festival, which has headliners like Iron Maiden and Rammstein, we know especially for their huge stage production with pyrotechnics and many effects. I can well imagine what you could do with such means: it’s one of your goals?

P: Exactly. That’s our goal. This is what tends towards what the cycle which will start with the new EP. For example, what we will do at Hellfest will be a sort of preview of the show we will propose in the autumn.

As a dress rehearsal?

P: A little, yes! It’s difficult to get any good when it comes to developing a single concert like that, especially in a festival. To be honest, we have always wanted to use pyrotechnics. For us it is all or nothing: either you used to, or you do not used. And we always found it best to continue as long without, to make it big when you cross the no. And make something tasty. If you take Rammstein, their show is hugely based on it, the fire in all directions, that is their thing. But there are some groups that have a horrible use of pyrotechnics, which balance the effects in all directions without stopping, and without real purpose. This is not reflected, it is nothing … It should be an addition, something that highlights a section of a song, or a move you make. I believe that with our new stage, we will unveil in part at Hellfest, and completely in the fall, we will be able to explore this pyrotechnic appearance. We will also be able to have a different set, play songs we’ve never played before, and move to the next level. Getting back to your question: yes, the long-term goal is to be up there with Maiden and Rammstein, to become the group that everyone wants to see.

Ghost seems to have created a real bridge between the metal scene and the audience more mainstream: the group is aware of? And how do you explain that?

P: I think if we can zig-zaguer this way between generalists Eurockéennes festivals like the Rock en Seine and metal events such as Hellfest, it is partly thanks to our image. We used a long time, we had the Pukkelpop example, if you know? The reason why we have this image, it is our love for the shock rock, but there is one other positive consequences … People who are not metalheads - people without belts balls, wholesale - naturally tend to reject groups that have this look, and we did not look it. People listen to the groups to which they can relate to, that’s why there are so many fans that look like their idols … and there’s nothing wrong with that! The advantage of this is that, from a commercial point of view, and we discovered over time is that metal does not follow this tradition, it does not refer to a culture particular, a sartorial point of view, and it does not create a barrier to the public. If we had long beards, tattoos, or swastikas on the head, we necessarily attract people who are like us.

Thank you for your time. Have you a few last words for the French fans of Ghost?

P: Thank you very much for your support, we are really happy to come here to play so often!

If you own a Nintendo 3DS, then make sure to check out the Sonic themes SEGA has put out!* Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Chao currently have themes available for $1.99, or you can just get the bundle for $5.99! Remember that you can get the Sonic Boom theme for free!

The themes will play a piece of music from various Sonic games, too!

Sonic theme music: White Space: Seaside Hill (Sonic Generations)
Amy theme music: My Sweet Passion (Sonic Adventure)
Shadow theme music: Radical Highway (Sonic Adventure 2)
Chao theme music: Chao Garden (Sonic Adventure 2)

*North American Sonic news. Not sure if these new Sonic themes are available for Europe