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Getting savvy

Patriarchal tactics

  • Trying to silence a woman who speaks up by calling her a man hater, a lesbian, or a feminist. To the patriarchal mind, these three names are interchangeable – all refer to women who are not dedicating their lives to the support of men.
  • Distraction, or the verbal bait-and-switch. For instance, women who oppose pornography often are asked why they are so prudish.
  • Appeals to “femininity” are designed to keep women from claiming greater power, and such gallant-sounding appeals often contain threats. For instance, men may say that political activity is “too dirty” for women.
  • Trivializing women’s demands for freedom and equality.
  • Guilt-tripping.
  • Divide and conquer. Feminists have learned that “you are not like those other women” or “I can talk to you” are not compliments, even though presented as such by men.
  • Co-optation.
  • Acceding to some minor demands made by women. Here changes that are allegedly designed to increase fairness may be turned against women.

Loving to Survive by Dee L.R. Graham

When legendary anarchist Emma Goldman said “If I can’t dance, then I don’t want to be part of your revolution”, she meant that any overturning of oppressive social relations which denies joy, beauty and self-expression doesn’t liberate anyone.

Not, “Alright, the way to smash the state is to get all of your friends together, cover each other in glitter, fetch a technicolor rave tricycle, go and throw some really radical shapes at the fuzz, and wait for capitalism to implode.”

Nonviolence often means amnesia, the suppression of a collective memory of struggle and all the experience and wisdom that comes with that memory. People who remember hundreds of years of struggle against authority cannot be tricked into a simple reform that promises to make things better by changing the election laws. People who remember hundreds of years of struggle know that what little they have, they won by fighting. They remember how to make barricades, how to assemble molotov cocktails, how to use guns, how to survive in clandestinity, how to protect themselves from infiltrators. Just as the reformists of Real Democracy Now ereased the true history of the uprising in Egypt, full of street battles and burnt police stations, they tried to erase the rich history of anticapitalist struggles in Spain. They tried to tell people who had spent their lives in the streets that the only way to win was to be peaceful because that’s what the television says.
—  Peter Gelderloos, The Failure of Nonviolence, page 132
General Reminders

• Destroy the idea that it’s humble to hate yourself

• Self hatred (even “jokes”) pollutes you, and the world around you, with toxic energy

• Destroy the idea that loving yourself is conceited

• Love the cosmos, and everything within it

• Strive to continually grow into a better human than your ancestors - do it for yourself, do it for your universe

• Strive to remove all toxic elements from your life, and reduce contact with any that persist

• Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it

• Stagnation leads to putrefaction, disease, and death

• Embrace change - it’s the only constant in the universe

• The youth are coming

• Heteronormativity is suffocating

• Hold more hands

• Tell others you’re proud of them

• If it brings you bliss, it’s not a waste of time

• Old gender is over — Long live new gender!

• Virginity is a construct

• Stop visualizing default humans as white, english, cisgendered, heterosexuals

• Separation of church & state

• Science over faith

• Evolution is real

• Privilege exists

• You are biased

• Fact check

• Don’t reserve intimacy only for romantic relationships

• Embrace vulnerability

• Use emotionality, and emotional eloquence, as a radical tactic against a society which teaches us that emotions are a sign of weakness

• Yelling doesn’t solve problems

• Love is love is love

• Nudity is not inherently sexual

• More humans now identify as non-heterosexual than ever in recorded history

• Don’t yuck someone’s yum, let people enjoy things

• Jesus wasn’t white

• Climate change is real

• Sugar is as addictive as heroin & cocaine

• Pop-culture “detoxing” and homeopathy are 100% snake oil

• Her body, her choice

• Women & minorities are paid less, and treated worse

• Black lives matter

• If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

• Silence = Death

• Support the arts

• Eat the rich

• Everyone deserves health care, safety & security, a home, education, healthy food, and clean water

• We do not own the land, it owns us

• Migrants & refugees welcome

• Dumbledore was gay


Kasey, San Diego, 2015
by Lora Mathis 

kiss your friends’ faces more / destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships / be more loving / embrace platonic intimacy / embrace vulnerability / use emotionality as a radical tactic against a society which teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness / tell more people you care about them / hold their  hands / tell others you are proud of them / offer support readily / take care of the people around you 

There are many people out there who want to destroy banks or kick the police off the streets, and they have impeccable reasons for doing so. The fact that proponents of nonviolence have been using any means necessary to hide those reasons only shows how incapable they are of justifying their own practices.
—  Peter Gelderloos, The Failure of Nonviolence, page 166
The Brothers of Minamoto part 2

Continued from Part 1

The most popular pair of brothers from the Minamoto Clan in Japanese folklore with their tragic tale told from generation to generation are Yoritomo and Yoshitsune. And they might have left the most significant mark on Higekiri and Hizamaru, for the distance between them while serving under the Saniwa. Higekiri’s master is Minamoto no Yoritomo, who was sent alone faraway as an exile in his youth after his family was executed due to defeat in the previous rebellion. Yoritomo was a shrewd politician and shogun manoeuvring the course of history in his favour despite overwhelming odds against him, resilient against setbacks and remarkable with his foresight in turning the tables on his political enemies. Higekiri inherited the amiable and charming facade from Yoritomo, presenting smiles to his enemies while crouching for the right moment to strike. Hizamaru went to Yoritomo’s younger brother Yoshitsune, who was a beautiful warrior with a slender build, fast and nimble with his sword. Yoshitsune was a cunning strategist famous for using radical tactics when his enemies least expected, headstrong and free-spirited yet humble to his brother. Hizamaru was influenced by the chivalry and sincerity of the warrior, though occasionally blunt in nature.

Shortly before the era of Yoritomo and Yoshitsune, the twin swords Higekiri and Hizamaru were split from each other. Higekiri stayed in the Minamoto household with current head Tameyoshi, while Hizamaru left for Kumano. Higekiri only had the replica of Hizamaru, Kogarasu, by his side as a replacement for the warmth of his real brother. That was the start of the split in the Minamoto Clan even if it at the same time opened up the path to the height of power of the samurai in Japan. In 1156, the simmering power struggle in the Imperial Court led to open hostilities where the Emperor sought to control the influence of the Fujiwara regents, and the Minamoto Clan was mobilized during the military conflict. However, contrary to common belief that they will fight together as a faction, Tameyoshi and his son Yoshitomo each picked a different side whom they acknowledged as their leader and sought to destroy each other. Both of the Minamotos chose power over blood kins, and the battlefield did not allow for bonds familial ties as they fought against each other. Tameyoshi was executed by his son who won the war against him and Yoshitomo inherited Higekiri and Kogarasu, while Go-Shirakawa secured his position as Emperor.

The samurai class grew in power in Japanese politics as the Emperors increasingly relied on the military house for securing their position. Yoshitomo paid a huge price even slaying his own clan to protect Emperor Go-Shirakawa, who repaid him by seeing his growing influence as a threat and refused his requests for higher ranking in the court, while rewarding the Minamoto’s rival samurai clan the Taira instead. This brewing discontent eventually led to the Heiji Rebellion(1160) where Yoshitomo rebelled against the Imperial court but was quickly put down by Taira no Kiyomori. As Yoshitomo sensed that his end was near, he prayed to the guardian god of warriors and the Minamoto Clan, Hachiman, grieving for the god had abandoned his clan. Hachiman appeared in Yoshitomo’s dream, advising him to rename Tomokiri, the current name of Higekiri, back to his first name Higekiri. The god revealed that the numerous renamings of Higekiri had weakened the power of the blade. Yoshitomo immediately reverted Higekiri back to his original name in an attempt to restore the Minamoto clan back to its former glory where it had yet to be plagued by inner turmoil. However, that did not stop Yoshitomo’s defeat at the hands of Taira no Kiyomori and it sparked another wave of executions against the Minamoto Clan, leaving only 3 out of Yoshitomo’s 9 sons alive.

Yoritomo was the eldest son of Yoshitomo, while Yoshitsune was the youngest. Higekiri was entrusted to Yoritomo during the Heiji Rebellion. But as he foresaw the defeat of the Minamoto Clan, he hid Higekiri in Atsuta Shrine to avoid surrendering the family treasure to the Taira, as became the fate of Kogarasu(Hizamaru’s replica) who was taken by the Taira. The 13-year-old Yoritomo was captured by Taira no Kiyomori and was nearly executed but Kiyomori’s aunt took pity on the boy and plead for his release. Yoritomo was exiled to the backwaters of Izu province instead under the spying eyes of the local clans of Hojo and Itou.

Although Yoritomo was a political exile with watchful guardians who were more like his jail keepers, he was not one to passively allow fate to control, he would be the one to take charge and change his destiny. With his natural charm and looks, Yoritomo seduced both of the daughters of Itou and Hojo, the former was furious about the liaison and Yoritomo sought shelter from Hojo Tokimasa who agreed to the marriage of his daughter Masako to Yoritomo. With the backup from the local power, the Hojo Clan, Yoritomo planned for his strike back against the Taira and reassert glory of the Minamoto. Meanwhile, Yoshitsune was sent to the temple of Mount Kurama but refused to be caged in the life of a monk, he mastered the art of swordsmanship from a legendary Tengu and studied military tactics, hoping that one day he would be reunited with his brother. In 1180, the Genpei War erupted with the Emperor’s call to arms of the Minamoto Clan to rebel against the arrogant and tyrannical Taira Clan. At this signal, Yoritomo decided that the time was right for his entrance into the game of thrones.

Higekiri and Hizamaru were each safely kept away in their sheaths elsewhere during the disturbances, awaiting the day that the brothers of Minamoto would grow to become the rightful heirs and become fit to reclaim their family treasures to lead the clan to victory.

~to be continued~

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kiss your friends’ faces more / destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships / be more loving / embrace platonic intimacy / embrace vulnerability / use emotionality as a radical tactic against a society which teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness / tell more people you care about them / hold their hands / tell others you are proud of them / offer support readily / take care of the people around you
—  Lora Mathis
kiss your friends’ faces more // destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships // be more loving // embrace platonic intimacy // embrace vulnerability // use emotionality as a radical tactic against a society that teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness // tell more people that you care about them // hold their hands // tell others you are proud of them // offer support readily // take care of yourself and the people around you
—  not sure who’s this is but I love it a lot
kiss your friends’ faces more / destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships / be more loving / embrace platonic intimacy / embrace vulnerability / use emotionality as a radical tactic against a society which teaches you that emotions are a sign of weakness / tell more people you care about them / hold their hands / tell others you are proud of them / offer support readily / take care of the people around you
—  how to be me 

Around the world, about 1.4 billion people use Facebook to keep up with news and information about friends and family – but that diversity isn’t reflected in the people that work there. According to Facebook’s own figures, nearly 70 percent of the company’s workers are men and more than 90 percent are white or Asian.

How do we know that? One big reason is Tracy Chou. She is an engineer at the wildly popular visual bookmarking site Pinterest and she is one of the people who pushed Silicon Valley’s tech leaders to release previously closely-held demographic data.

Chou is one of the people NPR decided to feature on our #RaceOnTech series. All this week, NPR’s All Tech Considered is connecting with diverse innovators in technology and science on air and through real-time storytelling on Twitter. We’ll be featuring a few of these finalists here on Tumblr ahead of a four-day-long Twitter conversation with 12 of the innovators. Follow #RaceOnTech to be a part of the conversation.

NPR: Share your personal journey to engineering.

Tracy Chou: I grew up in Silicon Valley, the daughter of two software engineers, so I was exposed to engineering early—but I took a bit of a meandering path to my own career in software engineering. Engineering was a natural choice for me in college since I’ve always been inclined towards math and science in school, but I was intimidated by my early computer science courses and decided against majoring in it. I thought I might pursue something more business-oriented instead. More on a challenge from a close friend than anything else, I eventually got a master’s degree in computer science. Even after that I still wasn’t sure if software engineering was the path for me, but with deferred Ph.D. admission in my back pocket, I joined a four-person startup to try it out. Though I’d been living in Silicon Valley all along, it wasn’t until then that I discovered I loved both the frenetic startup environment and the excitement of building software, exactly those things that Silicon Valley is known for. I’ve been doing software engineering ever since.

What impact do you hope to have on the tech industry?

I kickstarted the recent tech company diversity data disclosures when I set up an online repository to crowdsource numbers on women in engineering; the effect of that industry-wide data transparency was to catapult the conversation around tech diversity into prominence nationally and urgency locally. Even President Obama has seen Google’s numbers, for example, and pressed the White House to do something to address the lack of diversity in tech. Meanwhile, tech companies themselves are scrambling to move the numbers now that the spotlight has caught them in such an unflattering way.
Beyond the advocacy and activism and what I do, the mere fact of what I am—a software engineer, successful at my job, and female—has been surprisingly significant. It turns out that the industry doesn’t have a lot of role models of women in engineering, and so as much as I can, I try to be present in the community; both for the girls and women considering or already in the field, and for the men to understand that women can be engineers too.

What’s missing in the diversity-in-tech conversation?

Companies need to start setting diversity goals, ambitious ones; ambitious enough that they’re forced to explore radically different tactics and strategies to improve diversity. It’s not that companies haven’t had people working on these issues in the past, but diversity efforts have largely been ghettoized within HR and segregated minority groups, which lack the leverage to effect structural change. The dismal numbers today show that existing initiatives are ineffective. Diversity needs to be everyone’s responsibility. In an industry whose whole raison d’être is innovation and solving hard problems to build the future, companies will find ways to achieve diversity goals, if only they are willing to set them and commit to them. It will take creativity and conviction and a willingness to toss out established processes and experiment with new ones, some of which will work and some of which won’t, but it’s time to get started.

Chou will also be tweeting from @triketora on Monday, July 13th as part of the #RaceOnTech conversation on Twitter.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Pinterest


oh, how i long for the day when anarchists & other anthropo-fauxgressives will finally stop this inane, obscenely speciesist bullshit so that we may finally act in unison in order to truly liberate all. 

cops are scum, of course, they are the racist, power-tripping enforcers of the ruling class. we are drowning in evidence of their systemic corruption and we see the role they play in the grand scheme of capitalism. they are rapists, abusers and murderers. the institutions and mindsets they uphold, are rotten to the core.

no discussion.

so why exactly do you liken them to pigs? what is the point, what is the meaning of this comparison? what kind of radical tactic is this supposed to be, what goal are you trying to achieve with this? 

in order to make for an effective insult, pigs would have to be worse than cops in some way, what would that be exactly?

and why the fuck would ANYONE (claiming to be) fighting against oppression and hierarchical subjugation see no problem with further denigrating victims who have been deliberately and forcefully put at rock bottom for the last 10.000 some years under human dominance? 

a group consisting of billions of victims who, from the moment of birth, are forced to “live” their lives inside of a generation-spanning perpetuum mobile of suffering, torture and murder. a complex consisting of publicly sanctioned concentration camps linked to multiple subsequent stations of brutal processing with the sole goal of commodifying, sanitizing and selling inequality, exploitation and death.   

declared unintelligent, unworthy and insentient. reduced to objects, stripped of autonomy, subjugated in every way imaginable by human apathy, greed, habit and “culture”. slaves who are forced to work, forced to feed, forced to breed and forced to endure unfathomable brutality (including but not limited to mutilation, castration, rape, live skinning, boiling and dismemberment, kidnapping and murder). lynched for entertainment, sports, taste or tradition. mocked, ridiculed, invisibilized and erased. 




their subjugation deemed natural, neccessary and normal.

have we recognized a pattern yet?

all of the above are obvious red flags, historically known and repeated characteristics of oppression. none of this is new, but well conducted, well organized praxis.

you fucking hypocrites denounce human oppression specifically for (but not limited to) its dehumanizing aspects whenever you come across them, and then you turn around and gleefully use them yourself to insult human scumbags. you are supposed to know that (and why) hierarchies are oppressive, you are supposed to be able to identify positions of power at first fucking glance and yet you continually fail to see the most obvious one of them all:

your own. 

you remain deliberately ignorant towards the meaning of dehumanization itself - ignorant towards the original oppression giving power to dehumanizing practice in the first place: non-human oppression.

you’re throwing real victims under the bus to create a fun little slogan to print and sell on cool anarchist patches and merchandise, a symbol to propagandize. to get a few laughs, maybe even to get a point across that could easily be illustrated without perpetuating oppressive connotations and prejudice towards those who are already doomed beyond hope.

you criticize this sort of behavior all the time on other fronts, yet you have no problem to indulge yourself in it, should it happen to fit your agenda. in accordance with your internalized cognitive dissonance, you fail to recognize the real victims and the harm you cause.

it seems as though, among a myriad of critical analyses and diverse tactics for human social justice and liberation, the only thing you can universally agree upon is that nonhumans are generally tasty and not worthy of being considered otherwise.

god forbid their plight be framed as an emancipatory issue. 

it’s just fucking pigs / bacon / pork ~ so who gives a shit, right?

i do. and so should you, because justice must not be trumped by mass-delusions of human superiority. it’s either freedom for all or freedom for none, not freedom for some. 

i refuse to fight alongside anthropocentric, speciesist, carnist, reactionary piece of shit fauxgressives who contradict the need for intersectionality they preach and strive to reserve justice for humans only. 

stop doing this shit, go vegan and stay vegan or fuck right off.

anonymous asked:

Why aren't moderate #gamergate supporters condemning the mass shooting threat Anita received which caused her to cancel her speech in Utah? Where are these so called "moderates" you seem to think exist in your movement? Oh that's right, there are none. You're nothing but hateful, violent boys using whatever radical tactics to make sure things stay the same in gaming. God forbid there are more games with women, PoC, or LGBT+ characters as protagonists. You're all afraid of seeing that happen.

That statement is wrong on so many levels

  1. we ARE talking about Anita’s threats, they just arent major focus because…
  2. theres no evidence #GamerGate has anything to do with that threat
  3. people on our side dont trust Anita because she’s lied and gone as far as to point people to child porn in the past to show how harassed she is. Most of us believe she’s just doing all this for attention, even if the threats are legitimate
  4. Which, FYI, has nothing to do with the fact she’s a woman
  5. I’ve reblogged PLENTY of people on our side who are women, people of colour and LGBT
  6. if you want me to varify that claim, Id be happy to send you to a Vietnamese College/University/Tertiary education student who supports us. It just so happens he’s one of the major contributors on the KnowYourMeme front
  7. I would personally LOVE more Women, PoC and LGBT+ characters as protagonists…
  8. and by that, I mean MAIN protagonists, because there are too many of those kinds of general protagonists to count.
  9. If you looked through this blog, you’d see that doxxing and harassment are prevalent tactics against our movement, but I bet you wouldnt even cry foul if you saw it first hand
  10. By the way, have you even looked through my tumblr? Maybe you should look through it before trying to find out my position on these things.
  11. You dont know my gender, race, sexuality or gender identity. Applying the “Cis-White-Straight-male is the norm” logic is disingenuous.
  12. Finally, you are indirectly implying by your LGBT+ statement that I do not think that the bands Queen and the Foo Fighters are good bands seeing that one of them had a Gay lead singer and the other had a lead singer that cross dressed (That counts as LGBT+ by the way). But I do.

I hope you see the error in your ways (Unlikely as it is) and I hope you calm down the next time you try and make an argument.

Anti-Zionism does not at its core call for the expulsion of Jewish people from the land that is now called Israel; instead, it calls for decolonization and the return and self-determination of Palestinian people… That does not mean that non-Jewish white people don’t use the act of criticizing or challenging Zionism as a stage for their own white supremacist, anti-Jewish sentiment. The funneling of anti-Jewish white supremacy through anti-Zionism or anti-Israel relies upon the completed (?) Ashkenazi assimilation into whiteness to disavow any oppressive tendencies. This type of white supremacy operates through the maintenance of Jewish (usually Ashkenazi) stereotypes like my nonexistent big nose and fat bank account, and the claim to Jewish conspiracies (Jews run the economy, Jews run Hollywood, Jews are ruining Christmas and thus Christianity, Jews made up the Holocaust, Jews control the U.S. government through Israel). But it’s okay because Jewish (read Ashkenazi) people are white now, so it isn’t really oppressive, right? Let me also say that I have never experienced anti-Jewish oppression from non-white people in the movement, only American, often bourgeois, straight cis white boys, who have the world on their shoulders, using radical language and tactics to perpetuate age-old anti-Jewish white supremacy.

anonymous asked:

The reason why the death toll is so high on the palestinian side is because Hamas does not care about the safety of it's own people and only about the destruction of Israel. Hamas has been known to store weapons in highly populated areas and sometimes under hospitals and schools. The idf calls people's houses before they bomb to warn them. Israel does not want to kill people, they just want to get rid of the organization that has been repeatedly firing missiles at Israeli cities for years.

okay, I know this is a very polarising conflct, and that it’s quite difficult to find objective reporting about this. This is quite a long post, so yeah, sit tight. 

Do I think Israel has a right to proportional self defence? Of course! Do I think Israel has reasons to be fearful of its security? Yes. History speaks loudly enough about the regional hostility towards Israel. 

But I have a problem with the callous disregard for Palestinian lives being shown by the IDF, a highly-sophisticated and battle-tested army that receives millions in US military aid every year. And the IDF is controlled by the Israeli government- so these are not “isolated mistakes” like what happened to Malaysian Airlines 17. but reflect the distinctively troubling politics of the Israeli right currently in power. If I sound extremely critical of Israel here, I want to emphasise it doesn’t mean I think Hamas or the other Palestinian extremists are in the right. But in the English-speaking media, there’s already a strong narrative that paints them negatively, their crimes are reported. However, that’s not quite the case for the present Israeli government and I feel their violations of human rights are swept under the carpet or excused away by the United States’ pro-Israel policy.  

  • Firstly, international law draws a very clear and sharp line at harming civilians- and so Israel’s behaviour, is frankly, cruelly irresponsible at best. It is against the Geneva Convention to bomb a hospital full of patients- which the IDF did. Secondly, these warnings often give hardly enough time to civilians to evacuate (like 1 minute). If you’re young and fit, you might be fine. But if you’re old? If you’re sleeping or somehow preoccupied? How about the fact that your entire house is going to be reduced to rubble just like that and that you’re going to be displaced when you may not even have been supporting Hamas?  In one case, an IDF strike hit a disabled housing complex- and no surprise, those Palestinians couldn’t escape in time.

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anonymous asked:

i see a lot of people mention those problems within social justice communities, but no one seems to address them in depth, or how we should deal with them. When are we going to stop pointing out the problems and instead find solutions? Some of those problems are why I left tumblr in the first place :(

Well, I think all we can do is accept that the ‘tumblr social justice movement’ is very large and not a hive mind. There will always be those within it that cause problems and all we can do is make sure to call them out when that happens and do our best to be the kind of change we want to see in the world. We can’t be held responsible for everyone that calls themselves a SJ blogger, and nor should we be, but we do have a responsibility as a community to make sure we are always moving forwards and examining ourselves, because if we get to a point where we see ourselves as the moral authority then we’re gonna  run into some problems and we can’t progress from there. Social justice has got to be a learning experience that never ends. It’s got to include self examination and admitting to wrongs. It’s not about being a ‘good’ person or being in the right. It’s about being able to critique our own behaviours as well as critique society. 

There are lots of problems in the ‘tumblr social justice community’, just as there are problems in just about any community we could possibly name, because communities are made up of people and people are not perfect. People are very diverse and cannot be/should not be controlled or made to believe the same things. Your choice to leave the ‘tumblr social justice community’ was completely yours and I can understand it, but I definitely feel like the waters have been muddied around this subject and unfortunately those that actively want to enable and perpetuate oppression have done a smashing job of subtly painting ‘sj warriors’ (even the name is a subtle way of mocking the movement) as overemotional, overdramatic, and too radical. This is a tactic that’s been used over the years on all groups that wish to achieve social change. This is nothing new. It’s an effective tactic which is why it’s still used. It’s a perfect way to silence the oppressed and the angry. It’s a perfect way to send those who are on the fence running and screaming from the radical dangerous nasty ‘liberals’. 

Some legitimate problems I see right now are things like call-out culture, black and white thinking and idealisation/devaluation (aka people being classed as problematic and bad for making a mistake instead of being acknowledged as a flawed person who is a product of a flawed society), people from marginalised or oppressed groups being spoken over, transmisogyny, racism, sexism, all those nasty isms which unfortunately even impact the groups fighting against said isms because unexamined privilege is a nasty little fucker and so is internalised self-hatred. 

The problem is these actual issues are never addressed adequately because those who are actively anti-social justice have unhelpfullly (and intentionally) simplified the situation. It is a mess quite frankly and we’re all getting sucked into this quicksand and allowing ourselves to become part of the problem in the process.

We have to spend so much time denying problems that are not actually problems such as cisphobia, reverse racism, misandry, heterophobia etc within our groups, that  the legitimate problems get lost in the defensiveness many sj bloggers (myself included I think) are forced into to guard themselves from these ludicrous accusations of ‘reverse oppression’. 

Because so many of us are on our guard and know that these nonsense accusations are going to be thrown at us left right and centre, we’ve had to grow fairly thick skinned and are very good at now putting said nonsense down.

We’ve also been left in the uncomfortable position of having all we’re working for derailed because now so much of our time is spent having to prove that social justice bloggers are not, in fact, the devil. This then creates a self-fulfilling prophecy where we come across as being both angry and unable to listen (in response to the ludicrous accusations), and more concerned with setting ourselves up as the good guys than examining ourselves (which we’ve been pushed into doing in order to show people that social justice is not the enemy). 

Because we’re on the defensive in the face of being demeaned and belittled as a cause, we can sometimes dismiss the valid criticisms of those from actual marginalised or oppressed groups, thinking they are playing the whole ‘SJ bloggers are collectively Satan’ thing. Their voices can get lost in the sea of the anti social justice lot, which only gives that bunch more ammunition to show that we are flawed. (Which as I’ve said, of course we are, but what movement isn’t? What person isn’t?) 

I want to be really clear, by and large the ‘sj’ movement and community does an incredible amount of good in the world. On the whole it is a positive step towards progress. Movements aimed at fighting oppression have always faced this kind of backlash, always. This is nothing new. I’m proud to be considered a ‘social justice warrior’ because what’s the alternative? 

I want to talk about the problems I see in the ‘tumblr social justice’ movement, but at the same time I am hesitant to address us all with that title, since we aren’t a hive mind, we are a diverse group of people from all over the world with many differing views and opinions. 

I want to be able to sort out the problems we do have within this community without my words being used by anti social justice bloggers to undermine all the good work we do and have done. 

We’ve been put in the most difficult situation and to be quite honest I’m still struggling to navigate it.