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Types of Humor: The 5 "S"s

Slapstick: physical humor, as in humor found from physical stimuli or physical reactions. Ex: farts, sex, AFV, pie to the face, Three Stooges.

Sarcastic: double-entente humor, as in humor based off of the ironic difference between literal and intended meaning. Ex: Bert and Ernie, Squidward, 9th Doctor, Sam Winchester

Subtle: dry or deadpan humor, as in humor which is found by an unaffected delivery of emotional or radical subject material. Ex: Mikasa, Jeff Dunham, Sheldon, Phil Coulson, Castiel

Satirical: ridiculing humor, as in humor which seeks to mock faults in the status quos or belief systems. Ex: Deadpool, SNL, Monty Python, Springtime with Hitler

Sardonic: dark humor, as in humor which plays off of tragic events to create a grim irony. Ex: Cruel Irony, “Laugh to keep from crying”,  Shakespeare, Olaf the Snowman

-Now, keep in mind that people can have one or many of these types of humors, and often can appreciate one or many types of humor. Its good to give a character some funny aspects to them, and hopefully this little cheat sheet will help you decide what kind of aspects that might be.-

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Can you talk more about how transgenderism is part of the ruling class agenda? I'm really interested but I don't quite understand! Or if there are any articles I can read!

Sure! To get started there’s this video where they discuss the amount of funding the trans lobby has accrued in a very short time. And there’s this post by Miranda Yardley. He touches on the rich autogynephiles in positions of power in trans lobby organizations, and how these same organizations get millions of $$$ in bourgeois patronage from Starbucks, Apple, NBC, etc. Here’s another blogger who noticed how much elite support transgenderism has received.

Wealthy white men are at the top of the trans lobby. Magdalen Berns even responded to a VICE video which gave a glimpse of how many rich autogynephiles live in New York. Spoiler: there’s a lot. Not only do they tend to be wealthy, but they were inundated in strict conservatism growing up, so they tend to gravitate to a wholly stereotyped vision of “womanhood” that looks like it came out of the 50s. Unsurprisingly, their foray into transgenderism is always sexually charged and there’s at least an implied fetish element. So transgenderism is under the ideological leadership of the world’s least oppressed people.

Transgenderism accomplishes a ton of bourgeois goals all at once. It promotes woman-hatred. It is obliterating the concept of womanhood in popular discourse. It is completely destroying feminism through a divide-and-rule strategy; liberal feminists are employed as flying monkeys and radical feminists are subjected to extreme censorship and violence. It is an automatic backlash against the meager gains for LGB rights in the past couple decades; it has rebranded conversion therapy as progressive; it has declared lesbianism transphobic; and it has introduced “gender identity” into anti-discrimination laws, which completely nullifies protections on the basis of sex and sexual orientation. It has given privileged white men an oppressed card, which has completely slowed down the black liberation movement and the socialist movement, as both these movements try to reconcile fighting for the oppressed while obeying the whim of whiny narcissists. It helps spread imperialism when it starts getting exported into the third world and picks up “culturally specific genders” as its pawns.

It’s also extremely profitable.

At the base of transgenderism are some utterly reactionary philosophical assumptions. Transgenderism is idealist, meaning it elevates the mind and subjective feeling above material reality. It is mechanical, meaning it encourages the view that reality is made up of frozen parts, instead of the dialectical view that reality is a dynamic whole. In practice it relies on sophistry and fascist violence. Of course it hasn’t introduced these ways of thinking into capitalist society, but it is fundamentally a product of these ways of thinking.

if ur a good marxist (/especially/ if you live within the imperialist centers) u should be able to recognize that

• Cuba, the DPRK, Venezuela, Iran, etc. aren’t socialist (i.e., dictatorships of the proletariat)

and at the same time

• Be committed to defending them from imperialist aggression and opposing war on them either by their militaries or by proxies.

To call for regime change (explicitly or implicitly) from within imperialist countries is objectively, without a doubt, in the ultimate interests of imperialism, and only aids the goal of capitalist imperialism in reversing the anti-imperialist revolutions or progressive national democratic revolutions of these countries.

Maybe you cloak this with that whole “oppose ALL states; all states eventually turn imperialistic under capitalism” or some other similar justification for your dismissal of anti-imperialism…but even so, the fact is that Iranian imperialism, Cuban imperialism, Venezuelan imperialism, Korean imperialism (if any of these could actually be proven to exist) are completely dwarfed by US imperialism, and the imperialism of its allies. They are not (or would not be) a threat like US imperialism is right now. And the victories of these would mean the weakening of the larger imperialist powers.

What is more important? What is a better situation for the potential seizure of state power by the proletariat? A world where there are several dozen tiny imperialist powers competing over non-aligned interests and struggling for power over smaller geopolitical regions, or a world where one or two states (or an alleigance of states) dominate nearly the entire world, centralized their military and police apparatuses to more effectively execute their class interests, and which have effective control over the global periphery in the form of neocolonies?

The problem with most modern western leftism is that we don’t think like anti-imperialists. We think like individualists. We, as a whole, think like people who have lived in and absorbed the theoretical and political totality of the imperialist center (even if they appear to have broken with that totality by adopting radical labels). We think subjectively, and not objectively. We think idealistically, but not practically.

So to those leftists: Start thinking like an anti-imperialist. Learn about the economic dynamics of modern imperialism and settler colonialism. Learn from internal colonies in the imperialist centers and study their histories and movements, their goals, their methods, their successes, their failures. Learn from movements in the global south. If you have time to read all the Endnotes and Tiqqun magazines, you can find time for this.

But don’t just think like an anti-imperialist. Think like a marxist. Think politically and strategically. Think along lines of communist ethics. One option results in more exploitation, more suffering, the continuing dominance of capitalist social relations and of imperialism. The other means less exploitation and suffering, a weakening of imperialism, and is far easier for an organized proletariat to overthrow and establish its own rule.

civil rights look like freedom to liberals because of terrible enlightenment thinking that freedom is something to be rationally exercised or one isn’t really free- in other words, one is free to choose as long as one chooses correctly. there is “choice” here because one has the choice if they want to act according to the universal maxims we call “morality”. these categorical imperatives are created based on oppression and exclusion- good/bad, sane/insane, etc. that is how we live in a “free” society even though its dotted with mental institutions and prisons. liberalism appeals to humanism, which appeals to the value of human beings rather than a god. however, ends up being just a disguise for christianity because “humanity” is only granted to people whose behavior falls within acceptable boundaries. this leads to the dehumanization of those who are in prisons and mental institutions. “man” is just another abstraction with idealized traits- just because the philosophy surrounding humanism emphasizes rationalism and evidence doesn’t mean it cant be just as much of an oppressive and authoritarian force as religion. 

this is why so much emphasis is put on the legislative process- the law is the religion of the enlightened thinker. there is “choice” in the democratic process as long as those choices are made within the bounds of certain moral “universal” maxims. the bedrock of legislative theory is enlightenment rationality- the law exists to deter “bad” behavior. the “bad” behavior must be spelled out, able to be understood by a lay person and calculated to give one “reasonable notice”. rational “law” makes sense to a rational person, and a after all, a rational person is a free person. To question this makes one Not Rational, and therefore, not a person. Those rotting in prison or left to die in the street often question, often not explicitly, Rationality. Their subjectivity radically diverts from that of the Rational Person and they are punished severely for it. In the face of this suffering, the Liberal response is Legislative Reform. What do new laws about the conditions of prisons or how “mentally ill” people are treated in the workplace actually do to smash the suffocating division of human versus non human? Nothing. the answer is absolutely nothing. Rationality isn’t the critical epistemology it masquerades to be- it is bound up in exclusion and oppression and holds the individual to discursive abstract ideals that have no room for variety and nuance. Rooting these oppressive structures that ignore the individual and leave no room for deviance in Empiricism and Science does not make them more Just than Christianity, just more insidious. 

Sooo I have some ideas for the YOI Portal AU @nanabbi started drawing because I’m like imagining all of this while rewatching scenes from the game: I’m putting a fair bit of it under the cut because potential spoilers for the few of you who haven’t played either Portal 1 or 2. Also I’ll probably do several parts.

Part 1: Before Portal (you’re here!) - Part 2: Portal 1 - Part 3: Post Portal 1 - Part 4: Pre Portal 2 - Part 5: Portal 2

Pre-Portal 1: 

  • Victor is a new tech/aid for Mr. Katsuki, a somewhat clueless but brilliant scientist recently brought on to aid in testing for Aperture. The two quickly discover that they work very well together, and become really close as a result. 
  • Yuuri, as per this picture, gives Victor a ‘testing assistance canine’ to help them both through the long processes of designing possible tests, and helping design a new ambitious project. They name him Makkachin together. Eventually, they end up falling for eachother.
  • Yurio is the adopted son of the CEO, and no one has any issue with him wandering around and surveying the facility because they’re all pretty afraid of the CEO. They don’t, however, enjoy being yelled at by him because most of it is just crap they don’t need to hear
  • Otabek wanders into Aperture holding a flyer calling for new subjects for radical new tests done by Aperture. With no family left, and in need of money, Otabek goes in to volunteer as a new test subject.

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“This abstraction, this content–the ‘abstract content’–is invisible life in its ceaseless arrival into itself….'Abstract’ no longer refers to what is derived from the world at the end of a process of simplification or complication or at the end of the history of modern painting; instead, it refers to what was prior to the world and does not need the world in order to exist. It refers to the life that is embraced in the night of its radical subjectivity, where there is no light or world.” –Michel Henry, Seeing the Invisible: On Kandinsky

As Hegel showed, time is a necessary alienation, being the medium in which the subject realizes himself while losing himself, becomes other in order to become truly himself. The opposite obtains in the case of the alienation that now holds sway ­­ the alienation suffered by the producers of an estranged present. This is a spatial alienation, whereby a society which radically severs the subject from the activity that it steals from him separates him in the first place from his own time. Social alienation, though in principle surmountable, is nevertheless the alienation that has forbidden and petrified the possibilities and risks of a living alienation within time. 


The world already has the dream of a such a time; it has yet to  come into possession of the consciousness that will allow it to experience its reality. 


Guy Debord. “the society of the spectacle

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Hi um I was wondering why people get confused when someone says radical feminist. Everyone has a different definition for it, so I was wondering if you could explain your definition and point out where other people can get confused because of it.

I can answer your question with links but idk if they will work because last time I tried to attach links to a post, it didn’t work. Before I start I think it’s best if you look up radical feminism and do your own research so you don’t blindly agree or disagree with what I say. In the 60s radical feminism was described as just hey we deserve rights you dicks (search the history of radical feminism in the 60s vs present day). A time passed, radical feminism started to take different meaning on different sets of people. There’s people that think radical feminist are the terfs that make pussy hats and bake with their vaginal yeast, some think that radical feminist are the all men should die lesbians, some think it’s an excessive and militant approach to feminism, and some think radical feminist are people like Tomi whatever the fuck her name is (even though she’s not a feminist at all). While Radical Feminism was used to describe the era in the 60s, it’s still being used today for those various reasons. I personally believe a radical feminist is the pussy hat terf version, because that what is generally understood about what it is to be “radical” about a movement. Before I start discussing why I think radical feminism is that version, I’m gonna give the definition of radical fitting this topic. Radical - advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change; representing or supporting an extreme or progressive section of a political party. What a person considers extreme is left up to their own perception, which is why there is a grey area in this topic. Some people think making vagina hats is extreme, others don’t. Some people think lacking intersectionality when it comes to feminism is extreme, others don’t. To me personally, a radical feminist is someone that believes they can define what it means to be a woman and ignore or disregard other women that do not fall into their circle. I believe that defining what is and is not acceptable as a woman is extreme, while others feel like it is not. By my definition, Susan B Anthony would be a radical feminist (which she is considered), by others, she would not be considered a radical feminist. Because of how radical feminism changed from an era of Women’s Liberation to a commonly used word, it’s subjective. The same way the word allies vary from person to person. I believe marginalized communities have allies, whereas other people feel differently because we both have different meanings on what can be considered an ally. The grey area and subjectivity of radical feminism is why different sets of women come to the table with different definitions of feminism. For example, I made a misinformed post about Adichie being a terf. If adichie would have actually been transphobic, she would be considered a terf to my side of the table. She would have fit the description of an extremist because she would have been trying to define what a real woman is (which we consider extreme) vs women that do not feel like that is radical feminism. Some women believe that the hostile lesbians that hate men are radical feminist because they do not believe it’s all men, whereas I don’t. I believe that there’s every reason in the world to hate men, so I’m not going to blame or harass anyone that wouldn’t want to associate or befriend a guy. I feel like this is getting too long but I’m going to wrap it up by saying that you should continue to do your own research on feminism and talk to other people and ask them to explain their viewpoints as well. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as me so it’s best if you try to gain an understanding of each argument and what it means to be a feminist, and what makes a radical one.

ceding the object is..the founding act of subjectivity and the first free act. Every subsequent effort by authority to give the subject what it lacks will come lip short — or, more correctly, will go too far, because only nothing can fill the gap within the subject. For this reason, dissatisfaction and disappoint ment are correlative with freedom: when we experience the authority’s failure to give us what we want, at that moment we also experience our distante from the authority and our radical freedom as subjects.

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Can you do a reaction where exo and y/n breaks up?

This reaction was asked a little ago, I have others messages, but I’ve been busy with my return to university classes, I don’t have much time so I apologize, promise you guys that I will do all the requests and I’ll be happy to receive many more. Break-up? The only thought of that broke my heart. I will sound a little weird, but I like to write things of love, even more if they are sad things so I really enjoy writing this request. I hope you enjoy it! ♡

EXO Reaction after break-up (I)

Part I ♡ Part II


Really you, you… you were breaking up with him?!” this was the first thought that Sehun had after the break-up. The pride of the boy was completely wounded, so his first reaction would be act as the sassy-king that everyone knew. At first, he would put a mask and pretend that things are fine and that he can with all of this, even sometimes he would laugh at the situation… but Sehun don’t know that the makeup never it’s enough to hide. He didn’t know, didn’t know until the day he saw you walking hand in hand with another person, another person who wasn’t him. It was there, at that moment, when his heart broke and his mask disappeared completely…

So Y/N, do you already have another person in your life? Does he love you? Who couldn’t love you Y/N?… but, you know? I can assure you that he doesn’t love you as I do, no one can. Does he treat you better than me? Could it be that he can give you all those things that I couldn’t? Tell me Y/N… when you’re with him you think of me? Forget it, don’t answer me… I’m not sure if I want to know the answers.


Baekhyun would be too sad after you two break-up but, like Sehun, his pride wouldn’t allow him to show that sadness in front of you. Even if you two meet in the halls, his expression wouldn’t change at all. Actually, all he wanted to do was get close to you to talk, but the idea of being the only one who was still deeply in love troubled him more than anything in the world, so he just avoided you.

And although Baekhyun really tried to hide his feelings, he couldn’t avoid cry the day that he had to sing for first time the song that reminds him so much about you and that damn day when you let him go.


Suho would be devastated and he wouldn’t mind show it at that precise moment. Tears fall endlessly down his face and he wouldn’t care that you might think that his attitude was pathetic; he loved you more than anything and he didn’t want this relationship to end. Seeing his pain, you couldn’t avoid bring your hand to stop his tears, but he pushed it away gently in the instant that he felt your touch on his cheek.

Let it Y/N… don’t do the things hardest for me. I really don’t need your pity…— he said and these were the last words you heard from the mouth of Junmyeon, that person that someday you loved more than anyone else and today you were letting go.


His only way to let off his pain was music. His cheerful love songs suddenly became the most bitter melodies after your relationship ends. “You have always been my inspiration, why now things should remain like this Y/N…?” that was the question he constantly questioned. 

Chanyeol just couldn’t help himself; every time his fingers moved to compose a song, notes came out with the same rhythm, with the same sound. Love, sadness, desolation… all together in a heartrending melody, damn notes mixed one by one, to break his heart even more.


Break-up. Even if sometimes things were a little difficult, that thought had never crossed his mind… but here he was now, listening those words come out of your mouth. Kyungsoo really couldn’t believe it and he would be totally devastated, but unlike all the other EXO guys, I think D.O. would be the only one to try to understand your reasons and try to stay with you either way: as a boyfriend or just as a friend.

You really need to break-up? Is this what do you want? No… don’t explain anything else, I don’t need to understand this, it’s okay Y/N… just promise me that this will be the best for you, okay? Promise me you’ll be fine and you’ll be happy, happier than you could have been with me. If I’ll be okay? I’ll be fine… I think, or at least, I will try to be. Don’t worry about me anymore and worry about yourself, even once… and don’t forget, I’ll be there for you, always. I’ll be there, for when you decide to come back…“— those were the words Kyungsoo said that day, the day when everything was over between you.


When Kai break-up with you he never thought that the pain would last so long; Yes, he admitted it, he was a little sad at first, but it was something he could live with. Besides he thought that over time the situation would improve… but to his surprise, the pain never stopped, it only gets worse day after day. I feel that Jongin would keep all his pain for him, not showing it to other guys; but one day, when the cups and the alcohol did their job he would tell all their feelings to his hyungs…

Now I’m alone, without her, and I feel that nothing had ever hurt me more…— Kai said, directing his gaze to the floor of the bar.

Her? Are you talking about Y/N?— Suho asked worried. It had been a couple of weeks and he hadn’t heard Kai say a word about you.

Y/N? Y/N?… when we break-up, I cut off all contact with her, I disappeared from my map the name of Y/N. Still hyung, why I can’t forget anything of that girl?— he demanded irritably, tapping the table. —Even if I try, I can’t get out of my mind that moment, the expression on her face. The more I try to forget it, I can still remember everything about her… so now hyung, help me, what I do now to live without Y/N?— he said looking up… it was in that moment when, finally, Suho could see as the tears fell, one after another, by the face of Jongin.


Silence. It is the only thing left in the room after the words about breaking-up come out of your mouth.

Empty words, used gestures, meaningless caresses. How he had not noticed this before?

When did this happen to us? When? When, that we couldn’t stop it?“ these were the questions surrounding Chen’s head.

The truth, if now he stopped to think, he could hardly remember the times when everything was different.

Your two bodies there, the same bed, the four familiar walls, the small mark in the ceiling, the carpet you choose together that day… the same room, but yet so distinct.

He tried to stop you… his arms surrounded you and he felt your heart beating. So it was there, at that moment, when Jongdae realized what was happening; your heart, it wasn’t the same sound as always. So, although he was sure it would be the most difficult thing to make in his life, he took all his things, turned around and left without saying goodbye… by the same door, by the same that he had going around many times and by the one that he would never enter again.


After you two break-up, Yixing would keep all his feelings for himself and he would concentrate on his work. Everything had been fine so far until one day that all his feelings broke…

So… I heard that some members of EXO have been taken already. The fans totally love some couples, especially the couple who makes Lay with Y/N. Who is Y/N? some viewers will ask. If you don’t know who she is, here are some pictures of the beautiful couple— the MC of the interview said.

Photos, photos and photos of you two came out on the screen. A total silence covered the study. The face of all members fell and all of them look at Lay worried. That’s when Yixing couldn’t keep himself more and began to cry, even if he really wanted to avoid it.

Lay? What happened?— the MC asked worried.

Y/N? Y/N’s my girlfriend, or rather, my ex-girlfriend— he said.

Again the study was in complete silence.

Don’t worry, it’s okay… it’s just really strange see these pictures of us together… Hey Y/N, are you watching me? If you are, I really miss you, please excuse me because I react like this… I promise this will never happen again, okay? I just hope you’re well, well and happy…— that was the last thing Yixing said, after the PD decided to leave quickly to commercials and radically change the subject when the program come back.


Xiumin couldn’t bear his own thoughts after everything was over between you two. Parties, women, drinking… these were the only way he found to shut his head and his thoughts about you. He was frightened of be sober, because he couldn’t bear the pain; being alone scared him even more, because he missed your caresses, the touch of your skin on his skin and how the feel of your breath on his neck felt. But unfortunately, there isn’t one compared to you, no one made him feel the things you make him feel. For Minseok, you weren’t just a lover, a girlfriend… you were his friend, his confidant, his partner and the person with whom he wanted to be all his life… why he had not noticed before? now you were the person that he never could have and that, that was something he couldn’t live with.

That night I let her leave. That night I let her take away from me what always was looking for. Fear. I think there is no other explanation. Fear of being hurt again. That night, that night Y/N take with her everything that I always was looking for. The worst thing is that I realized that I had found these things after she left and take them with her…


The GIFS have been collected over the time, so I really can’t remember who they are, so credits to the original owners. English is not my native language, so I apologize if it’s very bad. 



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i dont have anything interesting to tell but i have a couple of stories!! like okay one day in class we were talking about radical subjectivity and my teacher stops, pulls his skateboard out and just goes “and this is why this class is totally radical, haha” and we never got over it

Amazing I love it

To cry, to emote, in a world that wants us to succumb to confinement is a way of radically complicating the subjectivities of our audiences — audiences more prone to observation than participation

The individual who witnesses the abject decadence of a person who cannot control their emotions is given the opportunity to engage with that affective chaos, thereby re-entering a realm of humanity that challenges and compels us to actively, receptively feel, to begin the arduous yet life-affirming process of chipping away at dryness, at coldness, at distance, and of effectively altering the mal-communication of a deadening heteropatriarchal order

Heidegger still has this trust,… ‘Open yourself to language’, ‘Language speaks through you’. But Lacan’s idea is that, at the most elementary, when language speaks to you, you are tortured; there is radical discordance. … Subject is for Lacan precisely that ‘x’ which is the outcome of this torture.

I … appreciate … Elfriede Jelinek. She had a wonderful, very Lacanian, phrase: we must torture language to make it tell the truth. That is the big topic of her work, language as torturing.
—  s. zizek
Concerning “supportive space” in the academy, higher education depends upon the continued support of elites, given that it is a leading sector of the global North whose governing principles include the management and control of disenfranchised communities. Institutions of higher education have a vested interest in keeping scholarship “objective” (mystifying), “nonpolitical” (nonsubversive), and “academic” (elitist) and in continuing to reserve the most advanced technical training for that small portion of the world’s population who will manage the rest, as well as consume or control its resources and political economies. Unless elite educational instituitions are transformed, activist research will never reside within the academic mainstream as an entity that produces a revolutionary, or even radical, counternarrative and practice.
—  Joy James and Edmund T. Gordon, “Activist Scholars or Radical Subjects," in Engaging Contradictions: Theory, Politics, and Methods of Activist Scholarship, ed. Charles Hale (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2008); p. 368

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Why are you so anti Christian? I understand how you might be an atheist now but didn't you use to practice Catholicism? People's spirituality is not a joke. You never make fun of Islam Judaism or any of the other religions. Do you hold a grudge? And you can't say Christianity is the only religion that opposes gays because the other two do as well. And there's even death sentences in some Muslim countries.

See, it’s anons like this that illustrate exactly why I refuse to relent in my criticism of Christianity. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that none of my jokes or critiques have been about spirituality or beliefs, be they mine or someone else’s. On the contrary, they’re about how so much of how the Christian community behaves runs contrary to the teaching that it’s built upon.

Yes, I was raised catholic. I’d say that I know more about the faith than a good portion of people who practice. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are the peacemakers. Care for the needy. Always pray in private. This is the stuff Jesus taught. The people picketing and protesting and campaigning to have their beliefs adopted as laws…all of that goes completely against the teaching they supposedly believe. According to Jesus, no one should be able to tell that you’re a Christian because you tell them. You’re supposed to be so kind and loving and forgiving that people say to themselves “wow, I wonder why that guy is so pleasant and loving all the time”. But not only do so many of today’s Christians flaunt their beliefs in public these days, but they’re also working to ensure that everyone is forced to act according to their beliefs, because they operate under the delusion that religion and morality are one and the same.

So yeah, you’re completely missing the point. Once again, you’re getting mad at me and dismissing my perspective, rather than recognizing that there’s a problem within your own community. I’m not the one you should be attacking. If you insist on going after someone, let it me the people out there spreading messages of hate and claiming to play for your team. After all, they’re causing just as much harm to you, if not more, as they are everyone else.

And yes, Christianity isn’t the only religion to preach intolerance. Yes, some countries execute people under supposedly “religious” laws. But that issue is more about culture than religion. Besides, Islam as a whole gets far more criticism, persecution, and all-out vitriol than just about every other religion on Earth. But while we’re on the subject of radical Islam, why on Earth would you want to use THAT as your defense. “Yeah, we’re bad, but at least we’re not beheading people…” seems like a really problematic way of thinking.