radical self defense

leftists online: there’s no antifa head office, there’s no antifa newsletter, it’s not an organization. it’s an ideology built around radical self defense in the face of fascism.

me, reading this while sitting on my wheely chair in the antifa head office, covering my mouth in shock and secondhand embarrassment: oh my god you guys don’t even get the newsletter

If I was super rich I would fund a nonprofit that helps anyone who has taken action against abusers and rapists. Top lawyers for women who kill their abusers and for the men and boys who kill abusive men or otherwise help to stop them.

Most women in prison for murder killed their abuser. And most juvenile boys in prison for murder killed their mother’s abuser (and often their own abuser, too).

Men who step up to stop violence against women should not be punished. That is not justice.

when white people compare groups like the Black Panthers to the kkk they’re revealing their favorable view of the kkk more than they are condemning the black panthers lmao. historically, dispossessed southern whites see the kkk as “our” civil disobedience against a social order imposed by “the North” and “big government” (some of us still do, if my conversations with drunk rednecks are any indication) and the only tangible difference they see between the white terrorist group that is the kkk and the radical self-defense and care for the black community, by the black community that was provided by the Panthers is the color of the people in it. make of that what you will.

Men are scary. Challenging the idea that they are naturally dominant is scary because they are bigger and stronger and more violent than us.

This is why learning self defense is very important for radical feminists. If you are able to, prioritize learning a martial art which is useful against stronger opponents, such as Krav Maga or Jujutsu. 

Many suffragettes used Jujutsu against police during protests.

Women have a history of fighting back not only with our words but also with our strength. Our bodies might be on average smaller to mens’, but we can fight with our dexterity and technique. You want to be a strong woman who can knock the lights out from a guy? This is a possibility. If this is what you want, chase it. You can do it.

Women can also shoot a gun just as well as any man. There are even options, for those who are particularly enthused, to have your gun modified so only a slender finger can fit through the trigger guard, making it more difficult for men’s larger fingers to use.

Humans didn’t get to the top of the food chain by being the strongest animals. We got there by being smarter and more prepared. This is something women are able to do just as well as any man. 

Penny Dreadful in Character´s Quotes:

 “Fuck this Plotline”

                                     Sir Malcolm, probably.


“You need to surround yourselve with friends. Like that guy from the museum. Trust me, i´m a doctor”

                      Dr. Seward, playing hard on the “Worst Advice Ever” contest.


“Every relationship i´ve been in ended in disaster. I mean, with my luck Mr. Sweet would turn out to be Dracula, or something like that, hahaha (wait)

                                                         Vanessa “JesusFuckingChrist” Ives


“I´m gonna kidnap my ex-girlfriend so i can drug-force it to become a -hopefully- better person” (walks into a meeting of a radical self-defense female group) “… ok, this has to set a record or something”

    Victor “I went buying bread and ended starting a war, probably” Frankenstein


“Careful with that sedative, you could knock yourself out and wake up in the bed of a handsome doctor”. (Victor stares at him) “What”

                                                        “Not-subtle-on-the-slightly” Dr Jekyll


“You´re weird. I´m weird. Let´s be weird together”(Lily tells him that she wants to focus on her career) “Wait, what?. This is my house, listen to me”

                                                     Dorian “more like Victor everyday” Gray.


“I should warn you people see me as scandalous and disturbing, miss Ives” (literally five minutes later) “Jesus Fucking Christ woman, who are you”

The idea of women taking training into their own hands to protect them from violence did not dissolve after the 1970s. Some of the programs and schools founded in the 1970s, such as the BWMA (renamed the Center for Anti-Violence Education or CAE in 1989) and Feminists in Self-Defense Training (FIST) in Olympia, Washington, continue teaching women’s self-defense today. Women’s groups that emerged in later decades also took on the task of teaching women to defend themselves. In 1992, women in Taos, New Mexico, responded to police indifference to gender violence by forming the Taos Women’s Self-Defense Project. Within two years, the Project had taught self-defense to over 400 women, presenting classes in public schools, businesses and health departments (Giggans, 1994, p. 41).

Although much of the 1970s rhetoric and organizing around gender violence presupposed that women were attacked by strangers, women also recognized and organized against violence perpetrated by those that they know, including spouses and intimate partners. In Neu-Isenburg, a small town near Frankfurt, Germany, a group of women called Fan-Shen decided that, rather than establish a shelter for battered women, they would force the abuser out of the house. When a battered woman called the local women’s shelter, the group arrived at her home to not only confront her abuser, but also occupy the house as round-the-clock guards to the woman until her abuser moved out. When the strategy was reported in 1977, Fan-Shen had already been successful in five instances (‘Women’s Patrol,’ 1977, p. 18).

—  Vikki Law, Where abolition meets action: women organizing against gender violence