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trigilis  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know of any videos that explain weight science a bit? Like, a 101 type thing would be perfect, but I'll take anything that talks about how weight =/= health (and preferably health =/= worth), fatphobia etc. I'm sure videos like that have to exist, but I can't find anything under this mountain of fatphobic bs... (Also, thank you so much for the great work you do, I absolutely adore your blog!)

I like this video by the Association for Size Diversity and Health! It uses a really cute metaphor about dog breeds to help explain the false assumptions of most weight science. Poodle Science!

And here is a very accessible science video by Dr. Linda Bacon about “Busting Myths on Weight and Health”

And here’s a podcast interview with Virgie Tovar, my fave radical fat babe. 

Armchair Activism for February - build up your local library in three easy steps

There is something you can do right now to build up and nourish your community long-term. You can do it from any computer - or in person if you’re feeling adventurous. There is no cost to you.

It’s easy to do and I’ll walk you through it right now.

  1. Go to your library’s website.
  2. Look for a link called “request an acquisition”, “suggest a book for our collection” or “suggest a purchase”. (see below for examples)
  3. Review the process, then start picking out books to add to your local library.

You’ll want to check the library catalog first and see if they have a book before requesting. If you don’t have a title in mind, here are some great suggestions:

  • We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (ISBN 978-1101911761)
  • Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (ISBN 978-0062282712)
  • Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Davis (ISBN 978-1608465644)

If they’re able to buy it and when they inform you it’s come in, check it out! The library tracks what does and doesn’t circulate, and you’ll add shelf life to the purchase.

In case you’re worried, I personally asked a bunch of librarians and:

  • They love it when you make suggestions
  • You won’t get penalized for asking for things or for too many things.

Do it today. Do it before February is over. Consider doing it every month. I’ll remind you. It’s a way to support your library - a radical resource - and your community.

For many of us this is a no-risk action. They will likely ask for contact and residence information from you. If you do not have all of the legal documentation required to officially reside where you currently live, please consider whether giving your personal information is safe before pursuing this idea.

anonymous asked:

heya my girlfriends a libfem but i think its mainly because shes just misinformed, ive tried explaining radical feminism to her before, but i am so so bad at getting the words out properly,, do you have any good links to resources i could show her? (more specifically on 'gender identity' and stuff like that)

I think introducing her to radical feminism in general is a good place to start, to be honest. I know that many women who start looking into radfem (after being libfem and trans rights activists) are still holding on to the trans stuff for a while but after some time we all must realize radfem and TRA can’t be combined. 

This might sound silly, and perhaps it is, but I believe watching The Handmaid’s Tale (I only made it through a few episodes, I couldn’t bare watching more cause it really triggered my anxiety for like…numerous reasons) is what set my interest in radical feminism off. I just couldn’t believe that while this is a possible future for all women, and the current life of so many women, transwomen were going apeshit crazy over wanting to use the female bathrooms instead of advocating for unisex one-stall bathrooms which would make so much more sense. Something just didn’t feel quite right at this point.

I can’t fully remember how it all happened but I’m sure it was around the time this show came out that I started questioning liberal feminism - as well as hearing more and more about the cotton ceiling (and of course the youtuber Riley J Dennis). 

Perhaps this website called transgenderreality could be a good place to start off? It’s mostly about autogynephilia but it does feature quite a lot of concrete examples ime.

There’s also feministcurrent. They mostly write about feminism but I’m sure I’ve read some stuff on gender identity there - for example, this article on being non-binary with a video interview to match! It’s more of a comedic read than anything but it could make you think. I also just found this article about women-only universities while writing this post, I recommend checking it out.

You could show her some Magdalen Berns videos, but perhaps she isn’t the first thing to show since she is very…well, “politically incorrect” according to the libfems. It might just scare her off, but she is a very good source because she doesn’t fuck around so to speak, she lays down the law without any compromises which I really appreciate.

Lastly, and I’d say most importantly but also the most complex, if she is really starting to get interested, I’d say reading some actual feminist theory is a good idea. This website (radfem.org) has .pdf’s of radical feminism content. Some of it is quite old and discusses political lesbianism and such (obviously I don’t condone that), which was the big thing back during the second wave. But if it’s read critically and with some historical awareness it is very valuable for your understanding of radical feminism.

So there, now you have some gender critical and radical feminism resources. Most of it is gender critical but like I said, I think it’s very important to also expose her to actual radical feminism. Being gender critical is basically mandatory for being a radical feminist, but the anti TRA stuff you see on radfem tumblr is basically just a “branch”. Most TRA critical women on tumblr are rad-leading, but it’s not a fundamental part of radical feminism so to speak. Being TRA critical/anti TRA is more of a reaction “based” in radical feminism than actual radical feminism, if you understand what I mean? But then again, you can’t really believe in radical feminism without being anti TRA, since TRA is very actively anti feminism/anti woman.

Anyway, I hope the resources will be helpful. If anyone has any other resources they’d like to share, please do so and I’ll post it for this anon to see. 

/ Mod W

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So what exactly is radical feminism? And what do I need to do to be seen as a radfem?? Ps you guys are awesome!

Above is the basic differences between radical feminism and liberal feminism that my university lecturer gave my gender studies class a few years ago.

Gail Dines describes the similarities and connection between Marxism and Radical Feminism in Gail Dines: Putting The Radical Back in Feminism.

The difference between radical and liberal feminism when it comes to prostitution, spoken by ex-prostitute Rachel Moran @ FemiFest 2014. (notice how you can relate Marxism to the porn and prostitution industries).

More links:

Brief description.

History, Politics, Action of radical feminism.

Evilfeminist’s radfem/libfem contrast and definitions.

The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism

General resources on radical feminism.

- Ash

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"LGB supporter" what does that mean? You don't support trans people?

I support gay people, as in attracted-to-the-opposite-sex people, whether they’re trans or not, since it is irrelevant to the homophobia they face. 

As for my stance of transgender as a concept… I think it’s based on and dependent of sexism, and is inherently homophobic at its core. I’m against gender, as I made clear in my bio.

As for dysphoric people, I support them as victims of gender, and want them to heal. I don’t think transition is a good treatment for dysphoria, as it diminishes the symptoms without addressing the cause. 
It’s a band-aid on an bullet wound : it looks pretty but just hides the problem and makes it impossible to effectively treat it.

It has also been proven to worsen dysphoria on the long-term, whereas psychotherapy actually alleviates the disorder (as I found out by listening to transitioning, transitioned, detransitioning and detransitioned people).

Though you’ll have trouble finding recent studies on the subject, as trans-activist groups actively block all scientific research on long-term transition or detransition, which is a glaring red flag that something is deeply wrong with the modern trans community.

And that’s just scratching the surface. If you’re curious about gender-critical radical feminism, check my #resources and #books tags for more information.

Lefty Bullshit Buster: explaining those terms chucked around at left wing meetings

Anyone who’s ever tried to get involved in any kind of radical politics will know that it can be a  strange and confusing world to navigate. It seems   like lefties have a whole different language to rest of the world – what the hell is an individualist and why do people scoff at the word liberal? What's   worse, when you try to ask what any of this stuff means, they’re likely to treat you like an idiot and start quoting lengthy passages of Marx at you.

What’s not to love?