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Scopes of Feminsim

As Defined by the book “Feminist Theories and Social Work: Approaches and Applications” by Christine Flynn Saulnier ©1996

Liberal Feminism- Argues that, based on gender, women are unfairly denied equal access to society’s resources.

Radical Feminism- argues that society is psychologically structured on male needs, that to maintain that order women’s needs are subjugated, and that the fabric of society must be fundamentally altered.

Lesbian Feminism- challenges the organization of society around both heterosexual and male dominance and the ongoing enforcement of that arrangement.

Cultural Feminism- holds that women are more peaceful, cooperative, and nurturing than men, probably because women reproduce and nurture species.

Ecofeminism- is the application of women’s culture to efforts toward peace and ecology.

Socialist Feminism- blames the economics of capitalism in combination with patriarchy for women’s subordinate position in society.

Womanism (African American Feminism) - defines sexism as one of multiple interlocking systems of oppression functioning simultaneously and interdependently, inextricable from each other theoretically or experientially.

Postmodern Feminism- argues that since woman is socially defined and inherently distorting term, which cannot be defended on empirical or theoretical grounds, we have no reason to think females have an inherent nature or role. Thus, social organization rooted i gender is based on an invented concept.

Global Feminism- seeks to explain the interconnectedness of disparate feminist struggles by examining how world-wide economic factors combine with national histories of colonialism, religion and culture to oppress women

radfems, help!

I have a friend who is a butch lesbian. She was in the airforce before, and is now in the q’‘er academic circle for the first time. She got shot down today for calling herself a “goldstar lesbian” and mentioned how it would’ve been easier for her homophobic, abusive parents (they kicked her out when she was 15 and she was homeless for all of high school) if she had just been a boy instead. The other girl (who shot down her goldstar statement) said she might be trans then. I really wanted to stick up for her, but I was too awkward, so I messaged her privately to say I supported her and also to show her some radical feminist resources.

Does anyone have links specifically relating to the unique pressures lesbians face as explained in radical theory? About how lesbians are being silenced by liberal theory? I am looking for specific resources on that, and wanted to ask you all if you had anything to help my friend.

Lefty Bullshit Buster: explaining those terms chucked around at left wing meetings

Anyone who’s ever tried to get involved in any kind of radical politics will know that it can be a  strange and confusing world to navigate. It seems   like lefties have a whole different language to rest of the world – what the hell is an individualist and why do people scoff at the word liberal? What's   worse, when you try to ask what any of this stuff means, they’re likely to treat you like an idiot and start quoting lengthy passages of Marx at you.

What’s not to love?