radical problems

Women who don't want babies

• are not selfish
• are not less of a woman
• are not weird
• are not immature
• won’t necessarily change her mind
• won’t necessary be a lonely old lady
• “a lonely old crazy cat lady” is a patriarchal asshole stereotype:):):):)
• doesn’t necessarily hate kids
• doesn’t need to give you an explanation

Feminism is a real thing. It means something. It is a particular analysis. It is not whatever any individual says it is or wants it to be. It is not “inclusive.” It is not everything nor should it be — if feminism is everything then it is nothing. It is not about framing misogyny as empowerment because it makes us feel better. It is a movement. It is political. It is what we call the woman-led fight to end patriarchy and male violence against women.
—  Meghan Murphy, “Erasure.”

the ultimate goal of radical feminism is women’s liberation, and one of the main methods of that (ideally) is the abolishment of gender. that’s literally it. gender AS A CONSTRUCT is a method of oppression and it needs to go.

however, if you’ve made gender your entire identity and thus interpreted our movement as an attack against YOU, PERSONALLY…well, that’s a you problem bud

TERF Tips #59

Say male pregnancy doesn’t exist as a way to combat trans men AND trans women

anonymous asked:

I come from a country with compulsory voting and really, I'm all for it (everyone gets the day off to vote, efforts are made to educate everyone beforehand) - - - but The Thing is, we can choose between 10 parties or so, including tiny (radical) ones. Problem making voting mandatory in the USA has more to do with this insanely limited choice between either right or far right, not the mechanics of compulsory voting (if you ask me... which I understand you didn't)

There is something I’d like to talk about. My sisters, we all agree that calling a man a woman or a lesbian is purely nonsense. However, I have read several times RadFems saying they’re ok with using the “preferred pronouns” of someone. This is something I don’t understand, how is that any different from calling a man a woman ? I understand why you do it, after all, us women are raised to be kind and adjust to others. I read some of you do it to “nice trans people”, and this terrifies me to see us do exactly what they want us to do.

Its funny how anti sjw and anti feminists and mennist and m.r.a’s used the strife and struggle of middle eastern/Muslim women to dismiss problems that western women face but are completely unaware that staunch misogynistic eastern men subscribe to their movements to justify their misogynistic stances.

TERF Tips #82

Bisexuals are half straight and half homosexual. Therefore we can bisect the sexuality to the point where biphobia doesn’t exist, it’s just homophobia.

Specific hate against bisexuals? Like thinking that they’re more likely to cheat and everyone asking for threesomes? YOU LESBIOPHOBIC MONSTER! HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST THAT LESBIANS ARE BELOW BISEXUALS IN THE OPPRESSION OLYMPICS!


Toronto U professor:
-The word ‘radical’ is problematic
-Caliphate and Sharia law is normal and not extremist

“Even the word ‘radicalization’ is a problem […] Because anyone who supports sharia is considered an extremist.”

“But from an Islamic point of view there is absolutely nothing radical about wanting a caliphate, wanting sharia. It’s a completely normal, traditional point of view.

This professor is on so many layers of tolerance she needs to watch out she doesn’t inadvertently redpill all her students.

In radical feminism, the word radical comes from Latin ‘radicalis’ which means 'relating to a root’.

Radical feminism attempts to tackle issues of sexism and misogyny from the root. We focus on societal systems, class analysis, collective liberation.

(as opposed to liberal feminism, which focuses on individual choice and shallow, surface attempts to solve problems)

I wish I could write up something more coherent about this but Donald Trump inventing something called the “alt left” is so infuriating and stupid.

I read a few posts right after Charlottesville attacking people who used words like “brocialists” and “Berniebros,” and I thought that was a huge reach and I’m sure as hell not going to stop using those words. The left, radical and moderate, has problems with sexism and misogyny and racism and antisemitism, and we need to be transparent and thoughtful about that and not sweep it under the rug for the sake of faux unity. 

But I’m never, EVER going to use “alt left” unironically now, not even applied to that weird subculture of anime communists on Tumblr who seem indistinguishable on the surface because they seem to like alt right aesthetics. As much as I can’t stand them, they’re just misguided and corny and baseline-average-racist. I don’t have to worry about them killing me.

Frightened…like the rest of the world

If one single human being understands radically the problem of fear and resolves it, not tomorrow or some other day but instantly, he affects the whole consciousness of mankind. That is a fact. As we have said, your consciousness is not your private property; it is the result of time, of thousands of incidents, experiences, that are put together by thought. That consciousness is in constant movement. It is like a stream, a vast river of which you are a part. So there is no particularization; and if you go into it very deeply, there is no individuality. You may not like that, but look at it. Individual means an entity who is undivided, indivisible, who is not fragmented, who is not broken up but is a whole being. But most of us, unfortunately, are fragmented, broken up, divided, like the rest of the world—unhappy, concerned, confused, miserable, aching, frightened.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti - Total Freedom, p 302