radical men

anyways the opinion ‘gay trans men are straight girls fetishizing gay relationships’ is just the updated version of 'trans men are repressed butch lesbians’ and another excuse for transphobic people to try and invalidate trans people’s gender based on their attraction

so here’s a reminder that if you think either of these things you’re transphobic trash no argument

Ways men opt out of housework and childcare by “helping out”

  • take on weekly or monthly tasks, and think it’s equal to their wives daily tasks (even when wives also have weekly and monthly tasks)
  • take on tasks that require very little time or hard labor, like mowing the lawn.
  • take on a “project” that could be fixed by a professional, and work on it little by little but never really finish
  • create chores for their children, i.e. delegate rather than doing
  • do housework only in tandem, i.e. never on their own or without help.
  • volunteer on their own for some disliked task. For example, cleaning the toilets without asking. unfortunately, this tends to be seen as very loving and exceptional. Often it will be used as an excuse not to do anything else
  • enthusiastically volunteer to do things often, then conveniently “forget”, “make plans”, or have some sort of weird parameter to get started. When wife or child does it instead, claim they were going to do it, really!
  • pick a jurisdiction they already enjoy, like “take care of dog” or “the yard”
  • do something really badly, so that someone else has to do it for them anyway afterwards
  • “tidy up” a mess they made
  • pick up or organize clutter, however the often stressful, emotional, and time consuming task of de-cluttering is left undone or for someone else
  • meticulous keep clean a space that is only theirs, i.e. their study, their garage.
  • create tasks that aren’t needed, like “organize the toolbox” or “rearrange the bookshelf”
  • do tasks that require prep work that their wives will do for them (i.e. grilling the food, but not planning, purchasing, seasoning or preparing the sides)
  • take control of “finances” but do very little, perhaps the taxes. this is also used as a way to control their wives often
  • use their time with their children to play or dole out discipline/lessons, but very little time on feeding/bathing/dressing or organizing their lives. this is also away men can create a “fun parent/mean parent” dynamic
  • make lists of what needs to get done, discuss what needs to get done with their wives, act very invested in the housework, take on a “manager” role in the housework, but do very little of it
  • tell wives that what little is done in the house, by either of them, is “enough” and that he “doesn’t care” what the house looks like (this is a l i e). i.e. doing little and then making an emotional appeal that it’s fine, co-opting the emotional labor his wife does for him, but actually it’s very manipulative
  • getting involved with children’s after school activities, i.e. being a coach, organizing a concert, etc. often a thing he already enjoys. often does very little of the organizing/plan making. often makes little effort to create time for his wife’s personal interests

pay attention to your fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends, husbands actions. you’ll start to see these constantly 

When you say things like “kill all men”…

You are saying to loving mothers “You should have aborted”

You’re telling daughters “You’d be better off without your dad”

You’re telling wives “You’re husband doesnt really love you”

You’re telling mourning women everywhere that you’re glad their friends and family are dead

And you’re telling victims of female abuse “You don’t matter”

Tumblr double standard

Not all women are beautiful

Some women are problematic 

Some women treat kids like shit

Some women abuse animals

Some women are rapists

Some women are racist

Some women are anti equality

Some women abuse people

Some women are manipulative 

Not all women are perfect

Not all men are perfect

Tumblr screams how all women are perfect little flowers and all men are disgusting pigs that are the source of all the worlds problems.

Not all women are perfect 

Not all men are repulsive 

I know its hard being 14, lonely, bitter, tumblr edgy, whatever the case may be, but talking about how much you “hate men" is just embarrassing to anyone who has above high school level maturity.
Don’t even get me started on the high levels of male suicides you could very well be attributing to.

Oh and hating men doesnt make you a feminist.

You’re welcome.

Today on reddit, one of the top posts, with over 101,000 upvotes, is a picture of a man who leveraged the legal system to force a mother to allow him to see a young girl, after she managed to hide the child from him for almost 2 years.

In typical reddit fashion, the dudes over there are eating it up, talking about how “biased” the court system is against men and circle jerking about all the horrible women they supposedly know who purposely keep children away from perfectly innocent men, despite the fact that the vast majority of women in the world will go out of their way to include the man who fathered their children in the children’s lives unless he is completely abusive and dysfunctional (and sometimes even then.)

And, surprise! If you scroll far enough down in the thread, you’ll discover that the man is a drug addict and alcoholic who killed his brother in law! No wonder the mother didn’t want him around her child!

Reminder that men seek custody of children only as a way of harming mothers and children and you should never, ever trust a man who tries to remain in a child’s life against the wishes of the mother.

Stop complaining about people who are for equality but do not call themselves feminists and start complaining about people who call themselves feminists and don’t support equality.

things i wanna talk about but can’t articulate

- if a female teacher/authority figure/adult seduces a male teen, it’s statutory rape, same as a male doing it to a female student. that double standard is nasty as fuck, and you can’t excuse it as ‘well, what teenage boy wouldn’t want to have sex with his teacher?’

- stop hitting men, ladies. or, stop hitting them first and expect not to get hit back. it’s self defense at a certain point. punching a man and saying ‘why’d you hit back?! you’re bigger than me, asshole!’ is just…scummy. nasty. wrong. you’re taking advantage of the fact that 9/10 times, responding officers will take your side due to the fact that you’re a female.

- poking holes in condoms in order to ‘lock your man down’ isn’t okay?! neither is faking pregnancy tests or asking for money for an abortion that you don’t even need. it’s just so wrong, and distasteful, and we need to stop glorifying this kind of behavior.

- don’t falsely accuse men of rape. it happens so often that it’s sickening. don’t take advantage of a jury’s empathy, and don’t ruin an innocent man’s life! not to mention playing with the emotions of your loved ones and his loved ones.

don’t call me out on whatever i tag this as, i just want people to see this post tbh

Man #1: “women are inferior to me and don’t deserve rights”

Man #2: “women are all whores because they won’t fuck me”

Man #3: “you deserve to be violently raped”

Man #4: “bitch shut up and make me a sandwich”

Me: “I hate men.”

Man #5: “wow that’s so sexist and hateful how would you feel if a man said something like that to you?? I know it probably doesn’t happen so it’s hard for you to understand, but try to have some empathy for men :( !

My university did nothing to stand between my undocumented community and the hateful hands of radicalized white men, the AntiFas did. A peaceful protest was not going to cancel that event, just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Freedom of Speech Movement veterans, and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass, and shooting of fireworks did that. The so called “violence” against private property that the media seems so concerned with stopped white supremacy from organizing itself against my community.
Everything else seemed an act of passive acceptance to the hate speech that was about to take place on our campus.

nothing infuriates men more than women not trusting them. nothing. not even the men giving us reasons not to trust them.

you’re not going to bully us into feeling safe around you. what you could do is actually punish and ostracize the men who make us unsafe, instead of defending them.

Why you should never say “All men are...”

When third wave/radical feminists say “all men are assholes/rapists/etc.), let’s take a look at the facts.  There are 3.41 billion males in the world. While majority of women fall victims to the hands of males, there are just as many females guilty of being abusers. Here are a couple of statistics before you start attacking me.

  • - 40% of domestic violence victims were men (2004-2005, 2008,2009)
  • 43.4% of men were abused by their partners in 2006-2007. This rose to 45.5% in the following year, but dropped to 37.7% in 2008.
  • In 2006-07, 48.6% of men were subject to severe force during conflict with a partner.

Men are less likely to report abuse or rape because 90% of the time, they are not taken seriously. Second of all, do you know how much pressure they go through because men are EXPECTED to be strong and “manly”, so they’re expected to deal with rape or abuse?

Out of 3.41 billion males in the world, you think ALL of them are rapists and abusive? You think every single man in the world is capable of violence and danger? What about that husband who influences his wife to work so they can both be successful? What about that father who works long hours so his daughters have the privilege of being educated in the top universities in the country? What about that brother who is willing to protect his mother and sister from danger?

You all say “All men are this…”, do you have little brothers? Little male relatives? Do you categorize them in the same stereotype too? Do you look at him and go, “you’re gonna grow up to be a rapist”?

When you were born, did you realize that you’re 50% your father and 50% your mother? Had it not been for your father’s sperm, you would not have been here. Don’t give me BS that you’d be conceived in other ways, no you wouldn’t. If it wasn’t for your mother AND father, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have been here.

I am aware, not everyone of us had the privilege of having good men in our lives, and I’m sorry that I cannot relate to abuse or rape victims. Majority of the men in my life made sure the women in their lives were independent, strong, stable, and not reliant on the men of the family. My father raised me by saying, “you don’t need a man in your life. You don’t have to please any men in your life.” That’s the motto I follow to this day. I don’t need men.

You all have tor realize that not all men are the same. You all saying all men are the same is EQUIVALENT to this:

“20/100 women raped or abused their partners, SO ALL WOMEN ARE EVIL AND BAD!!”

Lastly, If men can’t have a say in women’s rights, than women shouldn’t have a say in men’s rights.

I’m ready for y’all to fight me.