radical men

Ways men opt out of housework and childcare by “helping out”

  • take on weekly or monthly tasks, and think it’s equal to their wives daily tasks (even when wives also have weekly and monthly tasks)
  • take on tasks that require very little time or hard labor, like mowing the lawn.
  • take on a “project” that could be fixed by a professional, and work on it little by little but never really finish
  • create chores for their children, i.e. delegate rather than doing
  • do housework only in tandem, i.e. never on their own or without help.
  • volunteer on their own for some disliked task. For example, cleaning the toilets without asking. unfortunately, this tends to be seen as very loving and exceptional. Often it will be used as an excuse not to do anything else
  • enthusiastically volunteer to do things often, then conveniently “forget”, “make plans”, or have some sort of weird parameter to get started. When wife or child does it instead, claim they were going to do it, really!
  • pick a jurisdiction they already enjoy, like “take care of dog” or “the yard”
  • do something really badly, so that someone else has to do it for them anyway afterwards
  • “tidy up” a mess they made
  • pick up or organize clutter, however the often stressful, emotional, and time consuming task of de-cluttering is left undone or for someone else
  • meticulous keep clean a space that is only theirs, i.e. their study, their garage.
  • create tasks that aren’t needed, like “organize the toolbox” or “rearrange the bookshelf”
  • do tasks that require prep work that their wives will do for them (i.e. grilling the food, but not planning, purchasing, seasoning or preparing the sides)
  • take control of “finances” but do very little, perhaps the taxes. this is also used as a way to control their wives often
  • use their time with their children to play or dole out discipline/lessons, but very little time on feeding/bathing/dressing or organizing their lives. this is also away men can create a “fun parent/mean parent” dynamic
  • make lists of what needs to get done, discuss what needs to get done with their wives, act very invested in the housework, take on a “manager” role in the housework, but do very little of it
  • tell wives that what little is done in the house, by either of them, is “enough” and that he “doesn’t care” what the house looks like (this is a l i e). i.e. doing little and then making an emotional appeal that it’s fine, co-opting the emotional labor his wife does for him, but actually it’s very manipulative
  • getting involved with children’s after school activities, i.e. being a coach, organizing a concert, etc. often a thing he already enjoys. often does very little of the organizing/plan making. often makes little effort to create time for his wife’s personal interests

pay attention to your fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends, husbands actions. you’ll start to see these constantly 

anyways the opinion ‘gay trans men are straight girls fetishizing gay relationships’ is just the updated version of 'trans men are repressed butch lesbians’ and another excuse for transphobic people to try and invalidate trans people’s gender based on their attraction

so here’s a reminder that if you think either of these things you’re transphobic trash no argument

When a man says he loves a woman, he means it the same way he loves a fancy sportscar or enjoying a fine craft beer. He means he thinks you’re the best thing for him to enjoy of all the options he’s seen so far. He sees you as a top tier product for consumption, a trophy to display on his arm rather than a shelf.

He sees you and thinks you would make a good baby factory for him to use, and a good house servant to take care of him.

He views dating as a job interview for marriage because he sees you as working for him like an employee who exists to provide him with anything and everything he asks for, including your body and your soul.

He doesn’t love women the way we love men, or the way we love each other.

My university did nothing to stand between my undocumented community and the hateful hands of radicalized white men, the AntiFas did. A peaceful protest was not going to cancel that event, just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Freedom of Speech Movement veterans, and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass, and shooting of fireworks did that. The so called “violence” against private property that the media seems so concerned with stopped white supremacy from organizing itself against my community.
Everything else seemed an act of passive acceptance to the hate speech that was about to take place on our campus.
In Defense of the Violence at Berkeley
A national debate on Freedom of Speech has sparked since the night of February 1st, when a Breitbart hatemonger’s speech was cancelled due…
By Juan A. Prieto

My university did nothing to stand between my undocumented community and the hateful hands of radicalized white men, the AntiFas did. A peaceful protest was not going to cancel that event, just like numerous letters from faculty, staff, Freedom of Speech Movement veterans, and even donors did not cancel the event. Only the destruction of glass, and shooting of fireworks did that. The so called “violence” against private property that the media seems so concerned with stopped white supremacy from organizing itself against my community.

there it is, in a nutshell

Radical Feminism is NOT Feminism (Tumblr Feminism version since all of you are so butthurt).

I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to see heinous posts about men-haters and misandry. So let me clear this up for you hella quick.

I came from a third-world country, now having the privilege to live in a developed one for more than half my life. So let me tell you “Rad fems” a little something and I will be anything BUT nice about it.

Shaving leg hair and wearing makeup is NOT oppression. Being betrothed from the second you’re born is oppression. 

Having a guy call you “hot” or “cute” isn’t berating women. Having acid thrown on your face is. 

Having your gender mistaken because they don’t know what you identify as is not offensive. Being belittled for your gender (whether it be he OR she) is offensive.

Did you ever think that men AND women can enjoy rough sex? If it is consented, that is THEIR business and something THEY enjoy, and it’s not your place to judge how they like their sex to be. There are plenty of women who ENJOY rough sex. Shocker, I know.

Someone can be a housewife without a job, married to a MAN and still be a feminist. You are in no place to tell them otherwise.

Women can shave their legs and wear makeup and be a feminist, it’s THEIR choice. LET THEM BE. THEY LIKE SHAVING THEIR HAIR AND CAKING THEIR FACE. KEYWORD: LIKE.

Did it ever occur to you that girls ENJOY wearing makeup? I think makeup is art and my face is the canvas. I have days where I don’t want to wear makeup and days I do. 

And last but not least, man-hating. That’s misandry. In case you “feminists” forgot, feminism is EQUAL RIGHTS. Not superiority for women, inferiority for men. There are PLENTY of MEN who I know are feminists. My father, my brother, my friends. 

Did you forget about Barack Obama? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Matt McGorry? Men who ADVOCATE for women’s rights? Probably, if you’re that dumb to think all men are evil. 

Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, Benazir Bhutto are epitomes of ideal feminists TO ME.

I am a feminist. I advocate for equal wage, education rights, I advocate for pro-choice, I advocate for LGBT communities and minority groups. I run a community that fights domestic abuse and helps women in need, whether it be from abuse, poverty, anything. And guess what? Shaving their legs or wearing makeup is the LAST thing in their minds? I am a feminist who love men, love going to Sephora and buying a bunch of makeup and wearing it, and I LOVE shaving my legs to make them smooth af. 


Before you start thinking that all those petty issues are feminism causes, think about all those girls who have much bigger issues. Get out of your close-minded heads and stop giving real feminists a bad name. 

problems with men:

too emotional - converts every emotion to rage and apathy

can’t handle rejection

resorts to violence and psychological abuse even in the most normal situations

considers his ego more important than human lives

unable to see from any other perspective than his own

considers himself an authority on every issue he stumbles on

considers himself authority on issues of groups he doesn’t belong to and knows nothing about their experiences

incapable of empathy

incapable of listening

demands insane amounts of emotional labor and catering

gives nothing in return/is not capable of returning any of it

is a general pain in the ass

gives himself the righ to act as an iresponsible child for entire existence , expects others to respect and regard him as an adult, demands rights of adult

abuses all and any power he has, uses all resources he can hold down as a threat and blackmail, plays power games, uses any chance to humiliate and put down anyone he can to assure himself of his power

is somehow blind to every bit of damage he creates

will throw a tantrum/resort to violence/blame victims/accuse and attack victims when being called out on anything, ever

will fight for his right to keep damaging and destroying other people’s lives

doesn’t see women as people

no guilt, shame or self conscience about his beliefs, actions or consequential damage to others

projects his behaviour on victims and finds ways to make victims responsible for his actions

“women are responsible for men not seeing them as human due to clothes and makeup they wear” = “women better do something abt my conviction they’re in fact objects i can violate or i will proceed to violate them and its their fault (not that anything they do would actually stop me from violating them)”

bad for women

high rates of rape, domestic abuse, manipulation, murder, violence, emotional and psychological abuse

bad for environment

bad for economy

bad for humanity in general

starts wars and kills people women created

makes himself look like the victim somehow all over again

thinks destroying everything and causing huge amounts of damage makes him god when it makes him an actual pest

isn’t reachable by empathy, compassion, logic, statistics, facts, experiences, humanity, suffering or issues of others in general

considers himself an epitome of logic and humanity based on assumption that everyone should suffer so he could have it better and how dare anyone point it out, that’s so irrational

other’s sufferings are just a game to him, also a game he thinks he should win, he will fabricate issues to no end just to win against victims and marginalized groups

doesn’t feel any guilt for manipulating and brainwashing others for his causes

no morals whatsoever

considers abuse justified unless of course it’s perpetuated against him, then it’s a tragedy and how could someone do such a thing they have no heart

doesn’t see irony when at the same time accuses victims for being oppressors and keeps them controlled via fear and threats

thinks everyone should forgive him for everything at all times without even pointing it out

irrationally paranoid about losing his dominance and controls and having anyone as much as point out the damage he makes, for it could lead to someone else taking control and then he’ll be at mercy of others, oh no, but we should all be lucky because being in his mercy was so great for the rest of us

is literally aware he had given us plenty of reasons for brutal and merciless retaliation and is thus scared out of his mind for us to take over and gain power to practice some justice

knows he’d have no value or importance without stepping on others and oppressing them, has to keep it going for the sake of keeping his ego inflated

also wants to be coddled and adored and perceived as a hero or protector at all time so he would feel good about everything he does, no matter the psychological damage to the person to pretend adoration and approval to their abuser

doesn’t care abt keeping someone in constant fear if that gives him what he wants, actually in some cases he finds it a bonus if he can keep someone permanently terrified, it means he’s important and powerful (yikes)

also lies, oh my god, no end to the lies, endless hypocrisy

likes pissing others off for fun but if someone pisses him off it’s an excuse to rape, beat up, abuse, murder, and violate that person in any possible way and they even “asked for it”

(add on to the list!)

honestly they’re such violent apathic control freaks and a narcissistic mess its time to get away from all of them, let them take their issues out on each other who cares we want liberation and to live free of all of this

men are like:

“all you feminists just got treated badly by men, every single one of you just has a personal problem, never mind how many millions of women out there are feminists, you’re all just collectively imagining things and none of your experiences matter and the men who treated you badly don’t actually exist”

no fucking shit we all got treated badly by men??? how the fuck is that supposed to reflect poorly on us rather than reflecting poorly on the men out there who are treating women like shit??

how about you acknowledge that men are the source of the problem not the women who are actually talking about their life experiences??

it’s ridiculous how liberal feminism markets itself as catering to men (wear less clothes! wear more makeup! hang ya titties out! sleep with everyone! pay for the bills! get a 9-5 job and still do 100% of the housework! prioritize male feelings! let men hit you!) and men STILL hate it. like, a vitriolic amount of hatred for women and especially libfems, despite the fact that for the most part all their politics ask of men is “please don’t rape us”. and men STILL find that too much! they absolutely loathe it, despite what it does for them! men are garbage

leftwing men are like:
  • men: I support women!!
  • women: stop making sexist jokes.
  • men: NO!!! It's funny to laugh at your oppression!!
  • women: Stop watching porn.
  • men: NO!! I feel entitled to consume women like sex objects.
  • women: Take our concerns seriously.
  • men: NO!! You need to be sweeter, nicer, quieter, actually just don't say anything that could make me feel uncomfortable.
  • women: You're not a very good ally at all. What exactly do you do for us??

I really, truly hate when people conflate the terms GNC and ‘Nonbinary’ (or just don’t know what GNC means at all), so here you go:

GNC (Gender Non-Conforming): Not identifying with/actively practicing the societal gender roles assigned to your sex
Ex. Males who wear makeup and skirts (still men), females who don’t shave and cut their hair short (still women).

‘Nonbinary’: Identifying out of the “gender binary”
I.E. Trying to claim that they are neither men or women.

They. Do. Not. Mean. The. Same. Thing.


@clitrex and i talked about this the other day but yeah this is exactly​ what people mean when they say that modern trans activism isn’t a trans ppl > cis ppl thing, it’s male people > female people. it’s biological males (whether cis or trans) over biological females (whether cis or trans). this irrational hatred against females goes against everything that trans activists claim to believe in with the “don’t judge ppl by their genitals uwu!!” stuff and is exactly why women hate you.