radical girls

Women who don't want babies

• are not selfish
• are not less of a woman
• are not weird
• are not immature
• won’t necessarily change her mind
• won’t necessary be a lonely old lady
• “a lonely old crazy cat lady” is a patriarchal asshole stereotype:):):):)
• doesn’t necessarily hate kids
• doesn’t need to give you an explanation

Things that are normal

And you need to stop feeling ashamed of: • being hairy • having boobs that don’t look like perfect round porn boobs • having no boobs! • stretch marks • curves in the “wrong place” • wobbly bits • cellulite • dark circles under your eyes • “big pores” • “uneven skin tone” • anything your body does naturally that isn’t an indicator of a health problem and that society wants you to change for the male gaze

reblog this post if you’re a lesbian or bisexual woman who would date/is dating a detransitioned woman

some weeks ago a destransitioned woman asked me if I thought most lesbians and bisexual women would date destransitioned women and I didn’t know how to respond because I don’t speak for all of us but now I want to know a number so please reblog if you’re a lesbian or bisexual woman who would date/is dating a detransitioned woman

Note: by ‘detransitioned woman’ i mean dysphoric females who used to transition to become males/were FtMs but are not anymore.

The signs’ embarrassing families

Aries: An Indiana Jones fangirl, a weeaboo who smokes weed, and a terrorist dressed as an Asian schoolgirl

Taurus: A huge Pokémon fan, a weeaboo with great hair, and the leader of a huge rebellion

Gemini: A hacker obsessed with bees, a clumsy skater boy who curses a lot, and a pilot

Cancer: An angry kid who reads romance novels, a party pooper with pants that go up to his chest, and Jesus with the same pants

Leo: A huntress who writes fluffy fanfiction, a Satan worshipper who looks like a cinnamon roll, and a female version of Tarzan

Virgo: A vampire with a chainsaw, a motherly feminist with badass piercings and tattoos, and a very protective mother

Libra: A blind lawyer who eats chalk, a radical skater girl, and another lawyer who rides a dragon

Scorpio: A pirate, a nerd, and another pirate

Sagittarius: Three robotic engineers who are obsessed with horse dicks

Capricorn: A high clown, a Satan-worshipping clown, and a homicidal clown

Aquarius: Harry Potter, Danny Zuko, and a serial killer who is bad with jokes

Pisces: Barbie, Nicki Minaj, and Hitler

A woman must keep her intelligence small and timid to survive.
Or she must hide it altogether or hide it through style. Or she
must go mad like clockwork to pay for it. She will try to find the
nice way to exercise intelligence. But intelligence is not ladylike.
Intelligence is full of excesses. Rigorous intelligence abhors sentimentality,
and women must be sentimental to value the dreadful
silliness of the men around them. Morbid intelligence abhors the
cheery sunlight of positive thinking and eternal sweetness; and
women must be sunlight and cheery and sweet, or the woman
could not bribe her way with smiles through a day. Wild intelligence
abhors any narrow world; and the world of women must
stay narrow, or the woman is an outlaw. No woman could be
Nietzsche or Rimbaud without ending up in a whorehouse or lobotomized.
Any vital intelligence has passionate questions, aggressive
answers: but women cannot be explorers; there can be no
Lewis and Clark of the female mind. Even restrained intelligence is
restrained not because it is timid, as women must be, but because
it is cautiously weighing impressions and facts that come to it from
an outside that the timid dare not face. A woman must please, and
restrained intelligence does not seek to please; it seeks to know
through discernment. Intelligence is also ambitious: it always
wants more: not more being fucked, not more pregnancy; but more
of a bigger world. A woman cannot be ambitious in her own right
without also being damned.

We take girls and send them to schools. It is good of us, because
girls are not supposed to know anything much, and in many other
societies girls are not sent to school or taught to read and write. In
our society, such a generous one to women, girls are taught some
facts, but not inquiry or the passion of knowing. Girls are taught
in order to make them compliant: intellectual adventurousness is
drained, punished, ridiculed out of girls. We use schools first to
narrow the girl’s scope, her curiosity, then to teach her certain
skills, necessary to the abstract husband. Girls are taught to be
passive in relation to facts. Girls are not seen as the potential originators
of ideas or the potential searchers into the human condition.
Good behavior is the intellectual goal of a girl. A girl with intellectual
drive is a girl who has to be cut down to size. An intelligent
girl is supposed to use that intelligence to find a smarter husband.

—  Right-Wing Women, Andrea Dworkin

Also, the amount of fucking homophobia (particularly lesbophobia & biphobia) that exists in the trans community is disgusting. You get called a terf etc if you don’t want to have sex with a transwoman. I’m sorry, but being a lesbian generally means you want to have sex with girls. With vaginas. I know I can’t speak for all lesbians and bi girls but saying someone is transphobic because they want to have sex with a girl is fucking homophobic and gross.

When the Boy From All The Old Poems
sends you a letter saying,

I’ve been clean for 6 months now,
and I want to apologize for everything
my hands did back then.

it will not feel like healing.
Even if it is true. Even if
this is the kindest thing that boy
has done for you in years.

For who among us knows
how to swallow such a truth?

To know for certain
how many things we hoped were honesty
were, in fact, just whiskey.

That every song
we danced to that night was sung
by the Hallelujah Junkie Choir.

This boy
who always woke up smiling,
showed up at your door
with 3 tomatoes and a mango,
reached those dirty hands
into such dark things.

How humiliating.

And what does it say
about you?

Everything you still call love
he now calls Rock Bottom.

When the Boy From All The Old Poems
sends you a letter saying

I’m so proud of you,
and all the ways you have not died
in the years that grew between us.

You will write back

I’m so proud of you too!
Look how clean we have become

in the hands of other people.

How lucky we are
to have realized love

Need look nothing like a shot glass

or a shotgun.