if the “male brain” and “female brain” theory is true (it isn’t) and socialization isn’t real (it is) then that means that males are innately more violent, more likely to rape, more likely to murder, more likely to abuse, etc just by their mere existence and not by any outside forces.

what do you suppose we do to combat that, then? it seems to me like the only way to irradiate male violence, if that theory is true, is to throw all males into a black hole and live in a female-only utopia. afterall, men are innately evil, right? 🙄

the scientifically proven fact that there is no gendered brain, only socialization, is a lot less of an extremist stance. we don’t have to kill all men to change the world, we just have to change how society views women and therefore how males are socialized. idk, that seems a lot more moderate to me. so why do misogynists so loudly reject a scientific fact that actually partially works in their favor?

my beef with transwomen isn’t that they’re trans. it’s never been about that. if they were uncomfortable with their genitalia and felt that transitioning would help their dysphoria, i may not agree that it’s the best longterm option, but it’s not my place to say and not my decision.

my beef is that they’re trying to insert themselves as the poster children of feminism while doing nothing to actually help women. they want to be in the spotlight and get rights that pertain to them, and them only.

if all these transwomen liberal feminists are trying so hard to protect really cared about them, they wouldn’t be overshadowing things like fgm. they wouldn’t be shoving their way into female clinics and restrooms. they wouldn’t be speaking over their “cis-ters”, but alongside them instead.

you don’t even need to “believe” in biological sex to see that they aren’t women. they aren’t helping their fellow women. they aren’t even trying to help their fellow women. they decided to prey on an empathetic group, and when that group decided to assist them, they dominated it.

and that is an incredibly male thing to do.

2017 new rules

-A male is a woman if he says so

-A male is a better woman than an actual woman if he performs femininity

-Being homosexual is bigoted (especially lesbians)

-A lesbian refusing to have sex with a man is an act of violence

-Coerced sex is consented sex

-Aknowledging reality kills people 

-Everyone that says they’re trans IS trans

-(Except detransitionners, they were never trans)

-Every woman who’s a radfem is now called Karen

-A 16yo girl is not taken seriously if she’s a radfem

-But a 5yo saying they’re trans is completely acceptable

The refusal to experience the discomfort of real change, and this rejection of the radical feminist position, has led to what is called “choice feminism”. This is the belief that no matter what a woman chooses, from her lifestyle to her family dynamic to her pop culture consumption, she is making a feminist choice, just from the act of choosing anything. The idea is that under the more rigidly patriarchal past, women’s choices were made for them. So simply by choosing anything at all, you are bucking the patriarchy and acting like a feminist. This is what universal feminism, devoid of any real personal internal change, leads to. No debate, no consideration, no discomfort required. 

- Jessa Crispin, Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto

“Im going to make a public post on a public website insulting and talking about a group of people, use tags so they can see it then ask then not to interact or I’ll block them”

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What frightens me about the men I know is that I know men are so good at compartmentalizing and creating public and private selves. I don’t think there’s a single man I know, including gay men, including men I love, including men in my own family, who I don’t fear might secretly be doing some horrific shit on the internet. I’ve just read too many stories about women who were happily married for years before they found out their husbands’ abusive online habits.

I’ve often joked with my friends about how me using the internet in front of other people (like in a class) is “taking a walk on the wild side” because the might see my search history, but I just want to clarify: when I say that my search history is private and might be embarassing, I meant, “I look up geeky, uncool things like fanfiction and I spend too much time reading celebrity gossip blogs and looking at Pinterest shit,” not embarassing as in the male sense of “My search history would reveal that I send violent, abusive threats to women online and watch rape porn.” My private self is maybe less cool than my public self, but it isn’t so dramatically different that my ethics would be called into question if my search history were to be made public.

I know its hard being 14, lonely, bitter, tumblr edgy, whatever the case may be, but talking about how much you “hate men" is just embarrassing to anyone who has above high school level maturity.
Don’t even get me started on the high levels of male suicides you could very well be attributing to.

Oh and hating men doesnt make you a feminist.

You’re welcome.

Screen grabs and quotes from the documentary “My Transgender Summer Camp” feat. sexist parents who transed their two-year-old because he liked glitter. I guess if I’d been born ten years after my actual birthday, my “I hate pink” phase would have meant I would grow up to be a trans man.

Also note the phrasing at the end: “At the age of three, Ryan’s parents –”. Sounds about right, because turning your effeminate son into a girl seems like a decision only a three-year-old would make.

Oh, and, no, I didn’t leave out anything relevant they said. They literally went straight from “He liked pink and sparkles and that was strange” to “We started researching transgenderism.”

Reblog this if you are genuinely open to political dialogue with people you disagree with. This doesn’t exclude any single political group by the way. It doesn’t exclude SJWs, anti SJWs, liberals, conservatives, moderates, liberal feminists, radical feminists, anti feminists, men’s rights activists, alt righters, etc.. Basically, reblog if you are willing to have a conversation with people regardless of what your previously conceived opinions of them may be. (It’s important to note that having a conversation doesn’t mean you have to ultimately agree on anything. It just means hearing exactly what that person believes and why they believe it and explaining what you believe and why you believe that. It’s a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a debate). If you don’t want to have a conversation with people, that’s fine. This post is only for the people who do.