radical fat babes

trigilis  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know of any videos that explain weight science a bit? Like, a 101 type thing would be perfect, but I'll take anything that talks about how weight =/= health (and preferably health =/= worth), fatphobia etc. I'm sure videos like that have to exist, but I can't find anything under this mountain of fatphobic bs... (Also, thank you so much for the great work you do, I absolutely adore your blog!)

I like this video by the Association for Size Diversity and Health! It uses a really cute metaphor about dog breeds to help explain the false assumptions of most weight science. Poodle Science!

And here is a very accessible science video by Dr. Linda Bacon about “Busting Myths on Weight and Health”

And here’s a podcast interview with Virgie Tovar, my fave radical fat babe. 

I used to look at women and envy their beautiful, their sexiness, their smooth skin. I would ask myself if I would ever be any of it. I got sick that way, you know? I did things like hate myself and pretend to be someone else. I was so worried about men wanting me I forgot to want myself. I decided that I’m tired of waiting for this body to turn into anything else. I am a fat woman who enjoys her sexuality. Who calls herself beautiful. Who wants all women to do what they thought was impossible for themselves: want themselves. So here, take my belly, my big arms, my rough skin. It’s perfect isn’t it?


Lessons I Am Slowly Learning:

1. How to love myself (again and also at all)
2. That my worth is greater than what the people who would dispose of me, and even the people who love and cherish me, could fathom (and that’s okay)
3. That I am beautiful (without exception and with my flaws)
4. That I’m an alien (too weird, too astronomical for this world.)

Ok maybe that last one is a joke (I don’t want to blow a guest spot on the new x-files but…). However, I look damn good (in these photos and maybe some of all of the time) and please acknowledge that.