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Befriending my body the way it actually is, and not the way I wanted it to be, was the most important act of self-love. I stopped being overly critical with myself and learned seeing my body for all its miraculous functions and abilities, and in exchange I was blessed to experience the most precious love story. This love story isn’t relying on outer influences and factors. It’s a love story between me and the only person I will spend the rest of my life with for sure: myself. I will continue to work on deepening this loving relationship for the rest of my life. When I stopped hating my body, I was rewarded with a peace of mind that I wish everyone around me to experience as well.
—  sometimes I’m drowning in pain because I take for granted how far I came. I need to remind myself of this fact more often

(If you’re wondering whose head I threw onto the woman, it’s Shelia Jeffrey’s. Author of anti-trans and anti-gender novels)

Things I support:

  • dysphoric people (trans or not)
  • getting dysphoric people access to better healthcare
  • getting transitioning people access to better healthcare
  • getting trans people healthcare which presents treatment for dysphoria and transition as options and does not pressure anyone to do anything
  • scientific research into the health risks and long-term effects of various aspects of transitioning (binding, hormone therapy, psychological patterns, etc.)
  • safety and autonomy of trans people
  • detransitioned people

Things I do not support:

  • males in female spaces
  • female spaces being compromised into free-for-all “gender neutral” spaces (while male spaces are left untouched)
  • medically transitioning children
  • lesbians & gay men have to be “open to” dating transwomen/transmen respectively or they’re transphobic
  • lesbians & gay men should “re-examine” their “genital fetishes” (i.e. DIY conversion therapy)
  • presenting medical transition as the only route for dysphoric people
  • pressuring dysphoric and/or gender-nonconforming people to identify as trans
  • erasing gender-nonconforming women like joan of arc from women’s history by claiming they were transmen
  • erasing gay figures like marsha p. johnson from gay rights history by claiming they were trans
  • rapists, murderers and predators who hold (or held) positions of influence in the trans movement (biko, rivers, alok, etc etc)
  • “centering” males in female reproductive rights
  • silencing female issues to cater to transwomen’s feelings
  • silencing victims of male trans people in the interest of “not making transwomen look bad”
  • violent and/or intimidating protests, no-platforming, other intimidation tactics, as an attempt to ban women’s writing, silence women’s dissenting voices, and erase women’s achievements
  • people identifying as trans based on gender stereotypes, outdated notions of “brain sex,” or nebulous feelings rather than sex dysphoria
  • transwomen being allowed to pretend they were not socialized male
  • transwomen being allowed to pretend they do not, and have never held male privilege
  • transmen’s experiences with female socialization and sex-based oppression being silenced and transmen being thrown under the bus in order to make the previous two points appear legitimate
  • pushing false statistics, lies, and strawman arguments to demonize anyone who questions trans theory
  • “TERF”
  • subsequent TERF witch-hunts, block lists, demanding that no one so much as hear what radical feminists have to say and instead blindly accept a strawman version of what we believe
  • ostracizing and bullying of anyone who expresses curiosity about radical feminist ideas, reveals that they’ve read radical feminist blogs, or so much as reblogs memes from radical feminists
  • denial of basic biology
  • denial of basic sociology
  • denial of sex-based oppression
Consejo para Jovenes #4 - Seguir a Jesús.

¿Qué siginifica seguir a Jesús? ➡️ Está pregunta es para ustedes.

Seguir a Jesús nunca será fácil, lo digo con toda la experiencia propia, este camino no es para la gente que le gusta las cosas fáciles, ni tampoco pues para las que le gusta caminar por un camino muy ancho donde nunca le vaya mal, si no me creen pues:

-¿por qué entonces todos los apóstoles murieron por seguir a Jesús?

-¿por qué entonces ellos dejaron todo, sus familias, sus bienes y trabajos por seguir a Jesús?

Son preguntas que ha todos nos dejan pensando.

Soy Jovén igual que ustedes, solo Dios sabe cuantas veces me han hecho sentir mal o me han herido con palabras, solo porque decidí seguir a Jesús y macar una diferencia en mi generanción, solo por ser diferente a lo que se espera. Cuantas veces quise llorar y tirar la toalla, cuantas veces me deprimi por no encajar en este mundo, les cuento esto porque se que no he sido la única que ha padecido por simplemente seguir a Jesús.

Pero aunque nunca ha sido fácil, tengo que decirles que el dolor que pudimos sentir en su momento o las heridas que alguna vez nos hicieron, no se compara con el inmenso amor del Padre.

Pues Jesús nos dijo en Juan:

Si el mundo los aborrece, tengan presente que antes que a ustedes, me aborreció a mí. Si fueran del mundo, el mundo los amaría como a los suyos. Pero ustedes no son del mundo, sino que yo los he escogido de entre el mundo. Por eso el mundo los aborrece. - Juan 15:18-19

No te desanimes Joven, Jesús paso cosas peores.

Se que las burlas y los constaste chistes sobre que sigues a Jesús son molestos e hirientes, pero no se compara con el amor que Dios tiene por ti. Pues por todas las pruebas que pases te ayudaran para bien y pues esas te ayudaran también para ha ayudar a otros.

Te prometo que no importa cuan duro lo estes pasando ahora, todas las lagrimas y el dolor, valdran la pena, pues este camino puede ser doloroso y estrecho, pero sabes que, no hay nada mejor que seguir a Jesús. 

Pablo lo dijo:

Sin embargo, todo aquello que para mí era ganancia, ahora lo considero pérdida por causa de Cristo. Es más, todo lo considero pérdida por razón del incomparable valor de conocer a Cristo Jesús, mi Señor. Por él lo he perdido todo, y lo tengo por estiércol, a fin de ganar a Cristo y encontrarme unido a él. No quiero mi propia justicia que procede de la ley, sino la que se obtiene mediante la fe en Cristo, la justicia que procede de Dios, basada en la fe. Lo he perdido todo a fin de conocer a Cristo, experimentar el poder que se manifestó en su resurrección, participar en sus sufrimientos y llegar a ser semejante a él en su muerte. Así espero alcanzar la resurrección de entre los muertos.Ciudadanos del cielo, No es que ya lo haya conseguido todo, o que ya sea perfecto. Sin embargo, sigo adelante esperando alcanzar aquello para lo cual Cristo Jesús me alcanzó a mí. - Filipenses 3:7-12

Puedo decirte por experiencia que no hay nada más grato que servir a la causa por la cual Jesús murió, pues Dios te apasiona tanto por las almas que estan perdidas, que ya nos vives igual, porque te das cuenta que la gente que te lastima y te hiere, necesitan mucho a Jesús, dejas de pensar en lo que puedas sentir en el momento, y empiezas orar por ellas.

Les prometo que Dios los trastornara de tal forma que ustedes mismos no sabran que paso con ustedes, pero es una decision que solo ustedes pueden tomar, porque eso significaria, amar como Jesús, Ayudar como Jesús, Perdonar como Jesús, pensar en cada cosa que hagas y decir que haria Jesús.

Y eso si que no es fácil, pero tampoco es imposible.

Con Cristo estoy juntamente crucificado, y ya no vivo yo, más Cristo vive en mi. - Gálatas 2:20

No importa cuan pequeño te sientas Dios, te va usar cuando tu menos los esperes.

Los amo mucho en Cristo, espero que el post les sea de bendición y si es así pues que toda la gloria se para Dios.🙌🏼

It’s getting easier and easier now to find terfs that say tranny, and to be honest the more I see that word, the more I hate absolutely every one of you shitheads that claim that you want the greater fucking good. I admit, a year ago it was rare. I actually had really nice conversations with you guys too, but then it just got worse and worse. Now most of your damn community wants to prove how much they don’t care about their so called “oppressors” by using an oppressing slur. I really can’t tell if it’s more ironic or pathetic.

My time traveller whos essentially immortal and forever stuck in a stream outside of time only able to enter time at random intervals to fix conflicts that arn’t suppose to happen. 

She’s a kid who is stuck in 80s childhood pf. But at least shes totally radical and has a cool fannypack :3c (I based her off a goatlings goat)

I’m deserving of love and respect even on those days where I fall asleep with my clothes on, after cross reading 5 unfinished self help books and a bowl of pasta on my bed, without having washed my face or brushed my teeth. I’m deserving of love on those days where I can’t make that stupid phone call to book a doctor’s a appointment, even though I rationally know it’s silly and making that call isn’t dangerous or threatening. I’m deserving of love even during those times where I have my walls up, where I can’t seem to see and feel the love and abundance that surrounds me. I’m deserving of love on those days where I feel nothing but pain and where I feel like there are only black and grey crayons for me to draw with. I’m deserving of love even on those days where I don’t succeed in seeing life’s beauty. Where the darkness and pain in the world consumes me. I need to give myself love especially on these days, because that’s when I clearly need it the most. There is no point in beating myself up while being in a dark place, it won’t speed up the process of getting out there. And I want to get out of there, therefore I’m learning new ways of treating myself, because the old ones including hating and shaming myself clearly didn’t work. I’m deserving of love not just on my sunshine days. I’m a human being with many different moods and layers of personality. I’m not one dimensional. And I don’t deserve to give my love only during times where I’m “functioning well”.

Butch TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Femme TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Tall TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Black TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Muslim TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

TERF gals of colour = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Fat TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Mentally Ill & autistic TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

GNC TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

All TERF gals = 😗😙😘😚😍😇❤💓💖👍👍💯💯💫

I’m just gonna’ fuckin say it, I completed all major requirements for a sociology degree right, and let me tell you I learned fucking nothing about people and society. Absolutely nothing. 

I learned more about how the world works having my transcripts frozen and being forced to confront the reality of it. 

Why have I suddenly radicalized and rebranded the blog? Because I’m no longer being fed liberal propaganda that was taught at my university lmao. 

I’m still literally shit, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve definitely got a better grasp of things than I did while in school “learning.” I’m still learning, as will always be the case, but I’m learning far better things than what was course material.

Face it, our university system is hardly about learning, and innovation and creativity, and exploration of knowledge, etc. … and more about paying for a better job. tbh..

Studying mathematics was actually more helpful to me in understanding capitalism and ableism as systems of oppression, than sociology tbh.

Like if you’re doing a sociology degree thats cool and all, but be really wary of what they teach you tbh. 

This is where learning mathematics was really influential to me … learning mathematics basically taught me not to take anyone at their word but instead find a way to prove everything to yourself. 

If it can’t be proven to yourself, and you can see no way for it to exist or be true, then … you can disregard it and work on a NEW THEORY in replacement, or figure out what in particular is wrong with the previous theory.

Not to gush about math, but it really is about everything being fake until you make it ~real~ lmao. Like you can just sit at your table and invent math if you really wanted to, you just make definitions, and prove those definitions in your invented universe. It’s pretty cool.

not to say you can just invent how society works, but you can definitely become more critical of other’s opinions of how things work within reason and within your own boundaries.

Maybe I was a bad sociology student? But I got all A’s in every sociology course I ever took so like, Idk yall, I’m just saying be wary.