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how do u reconcile ur radical feminist beliefs w/ your relationship with a man? i am a het rad leaning feminist and the prominent discourse these days tends to be "drop ur man dont sleep with the oppressor" and I'm so :/ about it. i am nervous to say anything about it on even my side radfem blog because i'm worried it'll sound like i'm saying hets / mf relationships are being oppressed which isn't what i'm saying. sux that i was scared to question libfem ideas and now its the same w/ radfem.

I somewhat agree with female separatism. If groups of women in society want their own spaces away from males I 1000% support that. I just don’t like the essentialist views (that men are inherently forever cruel) and the pressure for all women to do the same that frequently come along with that ideology. I can see the reason why feminists are encouraged to stop doing things like wearing makeup or shaving, but I think expecting het-partnered women to forgo companionship, love, and intimacy in the name of politics is unnecessary.

At the end of the day, all I’m concerned about is securing a future where women are liberated from misogyny. If other feminists think the only way to do that is to distance womankind from men that’s their prerogative, but I disagree and choose to focus my time elsewhere.

Do not be mistaken; what is happening in Charlottesville, Virginia, is terrorism. Terrorism is the use of violence to further political beliefs. If a neo-nazi running several people over, killing and injuring them, at a alt-right rally, is NOT politically motivated, then I don’t know what is.

Do not go soft on nazis. Do not make excuses for their violent actions. The driver of the vehicle was fully aware of what he was doing, and that the only outcome that could come from running into a crowd of innocent people is injuring and killing innocent people. It was intentional, it was vicious, it was a result of his radical beliefs.

  • @preternaural-aura asked: I wanna see what age groups are exclusionist and in what ways are they queer/lgbt and if within exclusionists if different age groups are queer/lgbt in different ways (so if older exclusionists are terfs) and i cant remember if it was in the survey but it would be cool to know how involved in local communities exclusionists are (all of this versus inclusionists)

Sorry about the weird publishing style. Trying to answer the ask directly kept posting an empty block or just utterly crashing my page. I think tumblr doesn’t care for the amount of maths I’m doing.

So, first off, here is a link to a table of the complete age data for the questions “Do you identify as an exclusionist” and “do you identify as an inclusionist.”

The image above is a pie chart of the following data.

For those explicitly identifying as exclusionists

  • 3.1% are under 15 years old
  • 24.6% are 15-16 years old
  • 30.8% are 17-18 years old
  • 20% are 19-20 years old
  • 15.4% are 21-25 years old
  • 4.6% are 26-30 years old
  • 1.5% are 46-50 years old (Note: only one respondent identifies as exclusionist and is 46-50 years of age).

58.5% of those identifying as exclusionists are 18 years or younger. 6.1% are over 25 years of age. The single largest age group is 17-18 years old.

The image above is a pie chart of the following information:

Among those explicitly identifying as inclusionists, the following ages were listed:

  • 4.7% are under 15 years of age
  • 15.7% are 15-16 years of age
  • 19.2 are 17-18 years of age
  • 19.3 are 19-20 years of age
  • 26.8 are 21-25 years of age
  • 10.2 are 26-30 years of age
  • 2.7% are 31-35 years of age
  • 0.6% are 36-40 years of age
  • 0.2% are 41-45 years of age
  • 0.2% are 46-50 years of age
  • 0.1% 51-55 years of age
  • 0.2% 56-60 years of age

39.6% of inclusionist respondents are 18 years old or younger. 14.2% are older than 25 years. The single largest age group was 21-25 years old.

Overall, inclusionist identifying respondents had a wider range of ages with a more even spread over several age groups, and tended to be older than those identifying as exclusionists. 

The above image is a bar chart (vertical) displaying the absolute values (rather than percentages) of inclusionist and exclusionist identifying respondents based on age.

  • Under 15
    • Inclusionists: 66
    • Exclusionists: 2
  • 15-16
    • Inclusionists: 223
    • Exclusionists: 16
  • 17-18
    • Inclusionists: 272
    • Exclusionists: 20
  • 19-20
    • Inclusionists: 274
    • Exclusionists: 13
  • 21-25
    • Inclusionists: 380
    • Exclusionists: 10
  • 26-30
    • Inclusionists: 145
    • Exclusionists: 3
  • 31-35
    • Inclusionists: 38 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 36-40
    • Inclusionists: 9 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 41-45
    • Inclusionists: 3 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 46-50
    • Inclusionists: 3
    • Exclusionists: 1
  • 51-55
    • Inclusionists: 1 
    • No exclusionists in this age range
  • 56-60
    • Inclusionists: 3
    • No exclusionists in this age range

I will make up a complete demographics table for inclusionist-identifying and exclusionist-identifying a little later on, since there is apparently a very high demand for one. For the time being, let’s look at those who identify as radical feminists, and those who hold opinions on gender identity that overlap with the prevailing opinions of radical feminists.

  • Those identifying as radical feminists also identified as exclusionists 129.3% more often than the general response pool, at 9.4% vs 4.1%.

  • Those identifying as sex work critical also identified as exclusionists 231.7% more often than the general response pool, at 13.6%.

  • Those identifying as kink critical also identified as exclusionists 153.5% more often than the general response pool, at 10.4%.

  • Those who believe trans women are not biologically female identify as exclusionists 63.4% more often than the general response pool, at 6.7%.

  • Those who believe nonbinary people are not biologically nonbinary identify as exclusionists 82.9% more often than the general response pool, at 7.5%.

In contrast, those groups identified as inclusionist:

  • Radical feminism: 13.9% less often
  • Sex work critical: 18.8% less often
  • Kink critical: 12.1% less often
  • Bioessentialism re trans women: 7.7% less often
  • Bioessentialism re nonbinary people: 7.5% less often

Overall, there is a very distinct tendency for those who either identify as radical feminists or hold popular radical feminist beliefs, to identify as exclusionist more frequently, and identify as inclusionist less frequently, than is the case in the general response pool.

And finally, this survey did not collect information on the definition of abuse, or for local community engagement, which have both been highly requested, and will likely appear in subsequent surveys.

The Signs as my Favourite Men in Literature

*Careful! Contains elements of sarcasm.

Rhett Butler, sexy and sarcastic twat with a heart of gold (literally, because he is that rich) who enjoys making fun of everything and everyone and watching dumb people being dumb // Aries

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brutally honest, handsome, physically strong, sarcastic, selfish, self-confident, drawn by goodness, afraid of rejection, wild behaviour, rebellious, charming, “ungentlemanly”, often amused and seldom serious

Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Christo), a very decent guy who is imprisoned without any logical reason but manages to break out, starts a spicy campaign to avenge himself upon all the dumbasses who turned him in, becomes rich and powerful, HOT! // Taurus

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kind, honest, innocent, living by traditional codes, naturally intelligent, honorable, driven by duty, loving, forgiving, later bitter and vengeful, hateful, resourceful, imaginative, protective

Mr. Fitzwiliam Darcy, a snobbish and arrogant jackass who so mercifully decided to propose to Elizabeth “against his better judgement” when he obviously could’ve had every woman in England // Gemini

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honest, self-confident, feels superior, prideful, arrogant, assuming, sensitive, later easygoing, introverted, great communicating skills, great at analysing and organizing, has own set of values, dismissive, aloof, brave and stubborn, protective, chivalrous

Jay Gatsby, a romantic and gentle flower that is ridiculously obsessed with the past and can’t get over himself, seemingly thinks he’s the nicest guy in the universe and a beast in bed, tbh why would Daisy even look at other men? // Cancer

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dreamer, restless, delusional, charming, gracious, enigmatic, kind-hearted, determined, wealthy, passionate, dedicated to love, optimistic, energetic, loving, lives in another world, giving, caring, nostalgic

Harry Potter, a dork who needs friends who save him from all the stupid bullshit he attempts to do, he wouldn’t even have managed to get through the first year of school without Hermione and Ron, being his companion includes being dragged into some seriously concerning and dangerous shit // Leo

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brave, strong, devoted to his beliefs, strong-willed, warm-hearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, lack of emotional control, moody, witty, curious, protective, loving, humble, loyal, forgiving, grateful, stubborn, modest

Sherlock Holmes, a mental trainwreck and annoying know-it-all, I really understand why Dr. Watson is the only one who can stand his company because there’s not enough patience in the world to deal with this one, but I guess masterminds have to be hoes with a god-complex // Virgo

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high intelligence, perceptive to details, workaholic, concentrates strongly, energetic, perfectionist, possesses a genius mind, creative imagination, stubborn, narcissistic, understands and analyzes human behaviour, lacks empathy for others, supresses emotions, overthinker

Atticus Finch, tbh I don’t know if there is a bad thing I could say about this man, he is a great and loving father, he is a badass lawyer and he shoots like a young god, i mean look at him! who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Finch? // Libra

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kind-hearted, fair, stern but loving, honest, consistent, fights for justice, calm, quiet, moral, open-minded, courageous, strong-minded, respectful, faithful, wise, empathetic, intelligent, omniscient, great guide/Mentor

Edward Fairfax Rochester, a rude and horny but romantic dude who totally forgot that he locked his wife in the basement and thinks bigamy is a perfectly legit thing // Scorpio

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excessively passionate, guided by senses, good at reading other’s minds, wild, desires a new life, pompous, genuine, often incapable of restraining his desires, dark and brooding, seeks innocence and freshness in contrast to his troubled life, deeply loving

Enjolras, a super-handsome hunk who thinks about the Revolution 24/7, honestly so much wasted potential because where’s the romance?, but then again it is borderline sexy to fight for what you believe in // Sagittarius

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believes in democracy and freedom, charming but also capable of being terrible, rebellious, determined, ambitious, stubborn,  passionate, wild, beautiful, has radical beliefs, stoic, unafraid, “gives more light”, typical leader

Macbeth, incredibly hot and brave warrior who has some trouble with his self-esteem and has to show his wife what a manly man he is, totally obsessed with power which is sexy at the beginning but then it just gets weird // Capricorn

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brave and capable warrior, consuming ambition, self-doubt, powerful, lonely, feels guilty, very manly, kind at the beginning, treacherous, imaginative, ruthless, gullible, loving towards his wife, loyal when not inflicted with his ambition, arrogant, respectful

Jean Valjean, a former prisoner with a giant heart and a helper syndrome, tbh it’s a little bit annoying how good he actually becomes, particularly because he has a shit ton of own problems including a cop whose only mission in life is to catch him // Aquarius

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honest, hard-working, compassionate, loving, willing to discover goodness, helps others, has a giant heart, idealist, takes responsibility if necessary, brave, selfless, intelligent and perceptive, strong and agile, protective, soft-hearted

Heathcliff, a really sexy beast with the attitude of a bad boy, can’t get over his first and only love and obviously has to behave like the biggest jerk on earth, obsessed with Catherine to the point where it gets really creepy, anyway I guess sex with him takes you to paradise // Pisces

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wild and natural, amoral, cruel, possesses stormy emotions, vengeful, hates and loves with the same intensity, cares for those he loves and desires, obsessive, loyal, passionate, powerful, adventurous but silent child, mysterious

Fixed Signs

The fixed signs are known for their determination, morals, and unfortunately their brazen stubbornness… However, all of the fixed signs express it differently!

Taurus Determination: Taureans are the people at work who always get all the dirty jobs piled onto their plate. While Taurus is often associated with lazier habits, they’re the people that are determined to mine through the bad stuff with a gargantuan amount of effort so they can take a break earlier. They also focus on quality in their tasks more than most, which is why people think “oh they like this stuff, better give them more responsibility” and why they got all those dirty jobs in the first place.

Taurus Morals: While often “fixed” in the ways they were taught, they do look critically at what they were told as children and make it into the best form of said beliefs as adults. It’s difficult for them to accept radical beliefs, even for the better, but they do tend to look at situations as individual cases rather than broad trends which means while they may have seemingly traditional beliefs, they’re capable of treating all people equally more than they’re able to articulate doing so.

Taurus Stubbornness: Taureans are the single most stubborn of the fixed signs. As I’ve mentioned before, they have trouble seeing major trends and the “big picture” and instead can focus on minor issues. They’re the type who appear rational on paper but when you get farther away, you see what they’re doing is a eschew. Getting into an argument with a Taurus means they ask you for example and if you can’t give them physical evidence (even if the only way to express said evidence is only by narrative) that’s like annotated and stamped by the pope they’ll say you have no proof of them being wrong once in their life. You can give them a million examples of why that’s not true but then a second later they’ll say “but where’s the proof?”


Leo Determination: A Leo’s determination is based in obligation. They have a natural sense of order (almost as if their life is their lions “pride”) and do the boring stuff because, well, it has to get done and if they do it now, they can go out and have fun sooner! Like cardinal signs, they’re also natural leaders but unlike cardinal signs they also have the follow-through; not just the idea.

Leo Morals: A Leo’s morals depend on a chosen mentor. Whether a parent, friend, or video game (though not advised); they need to hear an opinion to form their own version of it. They’re not a follower necessarily, quite the opposite, but they need someone to look up to.

Leo Stubbornness: Leo’s have trouble accepting other people can have opinions different than theirs, because they genuinely think theirs are the best and can’t understand someone else thinking their different opinion is best. They don’t mean to be prejudiced of course, but they definitely can seem that way sometimes.


Scorpio Determination: Scorpios are the type to have a “do what you gotta do” life, even if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They choose to have difficult quests and challenges simply to overcome them. They will also do anything for the people they love.

Scorpio Morals: While Scorpio doesn’t usually appear to be a moral character because of their association with “taboo” beliefs and their moodiness, they tend to be extremely observant and this can lead them to understand others’ pain from their careful mental notes, and apply what they learned to their loved ones as the Scorpios most redeeming quality is their extreme loyalty to their loved ones and how much they care for them.

Scorpio Stubbornness: It is especially hard on the Scorpio to experience rejection from the people they’ve allowed themselves to open up to, as they take that very seriously. So they tend to get “stuck” on people and it’s not fair for the people who’ve clearly expressed a need for space from the Scorpio. Scorpios have trouble letting go because most people aren’t as loyal as them and it’s difficult for them to accept it.


Aquarius Determination: Aquas are the equal rights fighters, the activists of the zodiac. They build on the cardinals original ideas for change and follow it through with passion and an altruistic sense of equality.

Aquarius Morals: Like i mentioned, Aquas have a sense of altruism, like the Pisces, that extends not in a compassionate way but, rather, a need to change and better their environment. They have an inner gust of wind allowing them to translate big concepts to ways to change individuals.

Aquarius Stubbornness: While usually advocates for bettering the world, they can sometimes get lost in their own beliefs and become too radical for actual change, they also have trouble accepting and bettering THEMSELVES because… They all do have god complexes to some degree… Sometimes they can say they see their faults but fail to actually change that fault, or they secretly don’t see it as a fault at all.

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What inspired you to start a pro life blog and dedicate your time and energy to helping people? I am pro life myself, and I don't mean to sound rude, forgive me if I do, only wondering if you've had personal experience here or felt God call you to minister in this way.

I started blogging about pro-life issues in 2013. The big turning point for me was when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who is pro-abortion, filibustered for 11 hours against state legislation to regulate abortion facilities. 

I had been on Tumblr for a couple years, but I had always stayed out of politics. When I started seeing stuff on my dashboard about Wendy Davis, and realized a lot of people I followed were supporting her, it kind of woke me up. I did some research into the bill and started engaging people in discussion over the bill and abortion in general.

Now, I didn’t have the extensive pro-life apologetics training that I would later receive from multiple pro-life organizations, so my early arguments were awkward at best. But the more I engaged people on the issue, the more I realized how necessary it was. As I received training on pro-life apologetics and tested arguments on tumblr (I always say that if you want to find the weaknesses in a pro-life argument, just post it on tumblr and the pro-choice people here will find them), I got better at defending the pro-life viewpoint. 

Early on, I saw a lot of pro-choice people talking about women “needing” abortion because of a lack of resources. I knew there had to be resources out there, so I did some research and compiled a list. That was when I started to really get reactions, both from pro-life people who cheered me on and from pro-choice people who attacked me. 

There were two other incidents that solidified my determination to keep this blog running.

One was someone who followed me and who I’d interacted with a few times. One day he messaged me and told me that, partially due to my posts, he had not only become pro-life, but questioned all of his other beliefs and radically changed from a liberal to a conservative on basically all issues. I was kind of amazed by this, and I learned that yes, it is possible for people to change their minds on idealogical issues because of tumblr. 

The other was a woman who chose life. By this point I had offered pregnancy resources for several people who came to me for help. I often don’t hear back from them, and sometimes i don’t know if they chose life. This woman told me that she chose life because of a link I posted to Tiny Blue Lines, a blog about a woman’s journey through an unintended pregnancy. The person who messaged me had read the blog and chosen life for her own preborn child because of it. She contacted me a year later to thank me for posting the link, and to tell me about her little boy who had been born a few months earlier. 

That not only encouraged me, hearing that someone had chosen life because of something I posted, but also challenged me to really think about how any given post I make could influence someone’s life or death decision for their child. 

Those are the two stories that I look back to when I’m discouraged by anon hate or by difficult discussions with pro-choice people. They’re also the two stories I tell people when they ask me why in the world I would willingly debate people on the internet :)

how to spot a troll blog

because this is, apparently, a very prominent issue nowadays, I decided to make a list of traits I’ve noticed while observing troll blogs. since some of us have trouble telling them apart from the real ones, I decided a checklist of common troll signs and behaviors was necessary. 

not a main blog (seeing as most discoursers, including myself, keep their main blogs confidential for health and safety purposes, this option should be taken with a grain of salt and not be the sole reason you suspect someone of being a troll)

 inactive for weeks to months on end, then suddenly peaking in activity - a lot of trolls are trolling ironically, and only get involved with discourse using their false persona when they’re in an unhealthy state of mind (like the intention to self-harm by lashing out at their friends behind their backs) 

doesn’t understand how blogs on that side interact with each other (I’m well aware that neurodivergent people, myself included, will miss social cues–that’s not what I mean)

☐ won’t have the support of other discoursers (*this one is very important–if it’s just a lone blog with little to no evidence of positive interaction with other discourse blogs, there’s a good chance the option above applies as well)

vehemently refuses to clarify when they’re being sarcastic/joking vs. taking something seriously (even after someone clarifies that they can’t understand because they’re nd)

acts like they don’t notice or care when people on the side they’re attempting to infiltrate call them out on problematic behavior; will often publicly (and privately) write them off as “being brainwashed by/catering to the enemy”

☐ oblivious to things like cringe culture and actively endorsing it to make their opponents look bad (won’t use much irony or appear self-aware yet claim to be the only one who cares about getting rid of bigotry) 

☐ reaches polar opposites on both ends of the scale - often appearing radicalized in their false beliefs, taking them to the extreme until others on that side who think they hold the same beliefs can no longer defend them, then swinging back the other way and treating the ‘opposite’ side–the one they’re really on–diplomatically despite their previous actions

☐ backpedaling - yes, almost everyone does this when they know they’ve fucked up, but troll blogs do it specifically because they realized they crossed a line and want to avoid accusations of being a strawman

feel free to add on, and stay safe. 

radical feminists do not care about annihilating gender unless it means invalidating transgender people and spreading transmisogynist propaganda. they do not care about young women unless they agree with them completely. they do not care about women of color unless they need a scapegoat or example of radical feminism not being racist. radical feminists do not support transgender people unless they detransition or hold their biased beliefs. radical feminists do not care about anyone but themselves and that is where their ideology fails so horribly.

radical feminist beliefs: innate gender does not exist. the way that gender is enforced in society is the foundation of the patriarchy and is the reason for the oppression and subjugation of women. the imposition of gender roles are important to feminist discussion not because we agree with their existence but because they are so often overlooked by liberal feminism, leading to situations such as the criticism of make-up and beauty standards being branded ‘anti-feminist’. without gender, people of any biological sex could behave how they please without being victimised for their non-conformity

things anti terfs post about: THOSE RADFEMS SURE LOVE GENDER ROLES

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If you'd look into half the hate crimes committed by white people that you call "hoaxes" you'd see they were true. You didn't even provide a source to refute any of the 9 in that post. Just accept the fact that people from the same race as you-minority or not- can be evil and move on.

Remember the 18-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted and called a terrorist on the subway by Trump supporters and they tried to rip her hijab off and all of the social justice warriors had a complete meltdown? It was a lie that she made up to cover her parents finding out she was out fucking a Christian dude and getting drunk. It gets funnier, her Muslim father has forced her to shave her head completely for bringing shame on the family and she was arrested for making false accusations. Could you imagine the reaction from the left if a white dad forced his daughter to shave her hair off for having sex with someone from another religion? 

Remember the Muslim student who was robbed, beaten and had her hijab ripped off and stolen by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She is now being charged for filing a false report.

Remember when racist white guys beat a Muslim woman to death in California and left a note behind saying “go back to your own country, you terrorist.” Yeah it was a lie, really her Muslim husband beat her to death in an honor killing because she wanted a divorce. Leftists went mental over this “hate crime” but again, silence when the truth came out.

Remember when those white supremacist, anti-Muslim Trump supporters burned down the mosque in Houston? It was a lie. While the mosque did get burned down, it was done by a black Muslim who had attended the mosque for years.

Remember when a group of white men killed a Muslim woman and called her a terrorist while she was walking with her husband and child? It was a lie. The husband planned for his mistress to murder his wife after “black magic spells” didn’t make her disappear…

Remember the Ohio student who was racially abused and assaulted by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She made it up the day after the election and after she made a post that she wants all Trump supporters to die of AIDS.

Remember when that racist horrible teacher choked, assaulted and bullied a 5 year old Muslim kid? Of course it was a fucking lie

Remember the Michigan Muslim student who was harassed and threatened to be burned alive by the Trump supporter if she didn’t remove her hijab? It was a lie. Surveillance cameras show that she wasn’t even in the location where she claimed the attack took place.

Remember the Muslim woman who had her hijab ripped and forced off by police when they took her in for questioning? It was another lie.

Remember when that Muslim guy had Islamophobic messages graffitied over his locker, telling him to go back to where he came from. It was a lie, he graffitied it himself and filed a hate crime. He’s been charged for lying.

Remember the Muslim kid who was beaten up on the school bus by five white kids and it forced the family to leave the country? Yes, another fucking lie.

Remember the student who had her face slashed and was called a terrorist in Lower Manhattan? Yet another lie.

Remember when that student in Arlington was followed by a group of white men and held her at gunpoint because she’s Muslim? It was a lie

Remember when the Muslim taxi driver was shot by a racist white guy and the left were demanding the arrest of a white guy for this hate crime against a Muslim? Well it stopped being called a hate crime the moment they found out the shooter was a black Muslim and he was let go.

Remember when that Islamophobic white guy threatened to kill a whole pile of Muslims and said there’s no place in America for Muslims? Yeah, it was another black Muslim

Remember when the viral video of a Muslim student defending herself against a white guy who was trying to pull her hijab off? It was a hoax

Remember when recently some white racist Trump supporters in Canada threatened to blow up Muslim university students? It was a Muslim

These anti-Islamic hate-crimes even reached the UK with an 18-year-old Muslim student from Birmingham being punched in the face for wearing a hijab. It was a lie. She’s been charged for lying to the police. I’d be here all day if I even brushed the surface of hate crime hoaxes across the rest of the UK and Europe.

These are just some of the false claims made mostly within the past year and they have all received nation-wide coverage and left-wing outrage and hysteria, all pushing the agenda that America is a racist hellhole and nobody except white people are safe. Then it came out they lied and what did we get? Silence but of course the anti-America and anti-white delusion from the left remained.

All of these were hoaxes created by Muslims or crimes committed not by racist white guys but by other Muslims. They create these hoaxes mostly so they can justify protesting against counter-terror efforts and to stop police investigating crimes committed by refugees. The sad part is it actually works and the authorities fall for this virtually every time. Police have become afraid to do their jobs properly and the media are afraid to report the truth in the fear of sounding “Islamophobic”.

You think I’m talking bullshit? Let’s look at the police who are scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child abuse rings in the UK, being afraid to make public the mass sexual and violent attacks committed by Muslim refugees across Europe, being afraid to report their fellow officers who expressed radical Muslim beliefs or the teachers being afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. This is the direct result of hoaxes like these enforcing the fear of being called Islamophobic for being honest. 

It’s about time we start calling out the lies and false claims made by leftist Muslims, feminists and black lives matter supporters, they all do it on a daily basis in an attempt to demonize the West and white people while they’re the ones doing the attacking against innocent white people, Trump supporters of any race or gender and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

I know what you’re thinking anon, “oh shit, I wasn’t expecting to be made to look like a total fucking idiot today”. Come back when you have something useful to say. 

catch post-heathers veronica with like, hardcore anti-establishment beliefs, but also no drive to radically change anything so she just does her best to make the system (that other people/students cling to the familiarity of) a little bit less fundamentally nauseating.

i mean, she’s SEEN the ways people have tried to change what’s going on, and she hates all of it, so she’s too goddamn tired of this shit to make her own attempt.

I find it funny how insanely focused libfems/genderists/transactivists are about their hatred for ‘TERFS’, constantly making posts about how they wish we were all dead and how horrible we are.

I think one reason for this is that we have genuine arguments. Radical feminism has a historical and logical foundation, it is based in reason, facts, and science. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t ~invalidate~ them so much and threaten their belief system so severely. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have to make up lies about us being murderers and make sure all their members block and don’t engage with any of us. 

I kinda compare it to how I feel about MRA’s. I profoundly disagree with them on everything and think they’re annoying af, but at the end of the day they have  no real argument, no real factual basis for the things they say.. so I don’t pay attention to them. I don’t go around making sure everyone blocks them, dedicating my blog to hating on them. They are no threat to me, or my beliefs, or radical feminism as a whole. 

We, on the other hand, are a threat to their sexist delusions. Why else would you be that enraged?

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what does nihilism mean

Well that’s a question and a half to which there is no simplistic answer I can reasonably give you. But very, very broadly it’s the philosophical notion that all values, beliefs, principles, morals, and even knowledge are either unknowable or non-existent. Effectively, it’s the radical and extreme belief that nothing exists, every single thing that we purport to know from morality to religion to some larger life “purpose” is fabricated, contrived, impossible to grasp, and *crucially* impossible to communicate. The implications of that are quite severe and terrifying and the ideas (probs most famously associated with the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche) spawned an enormously fascinating and fundamental shift in the trajectory of philosophy (that’s an argument tbh but it’s something I fervently believe) and generated a lot of the school of thought now commonly known as existentialism, and even postmodernism, critical theory, etc. the latter of which are branches of philosophy that basically argue that “everything is a social construct” and have been used as foundations for such completely revolutionary thought as feminist liberation theory, queer liberation theory, anti-colonialism, et cetera and et cetera. I’m gonna scream I absolutely love talking about this shit so if yall wanna have a chat then send me some questions. I’ve also already written a bit on some of it wayyyyy back when like 10 ppl followed this blog and mostly wanted to ask me about philosophy rather than dnp haha. Those posts are under the #nihilism and #morality tags if you’re interested!

I don’t wanna be that guy and I know excommunication are done at local levels so it’s up to her local leaders but the fact that A Purposeful Wife on Twitter is a Mormon makes me incredibly angry. This crazy bitch is preaching white supremacy and trying to use the scriptures to back up her beliefs, she has a large platform and even was invited to speak in that shit show that was an “alt right” movement in Charlottesville, and she’s a massive racist and Neo Nazi who bullies POC members on Twitter. Like I know who gets to stay and who has to leave isn’t up to me but like people have been excommunicated for less when it comes to preaching radical liberal beliefs she gives the church a bad name and I want her out and, while we’re at it, off of twitter as well

b/c im still working on content for them, here are some vancouver crowd headcanons, most of which are carried on from the captions on this post:


  • punk rock. absolutely punk rock.
  • the reason why there’s now a rule forbidding ‘unnatural and/or lurid colouring of hair’ circa 2014 in the aglionby rulebook.
  • he exclusively listens to alt-j, glass animals, and got7.
  • he takes all three sciences (chem, bio, phys) as well as both calculus and statistics, because he hates himself.
  • the angriest of petitioners. wrote a scathing letter to headmaster child protesting the limit on subjects, and as a result is currently the only aglionby student who takes fourteen (fourteen!) subjects.
  • buys gourmet sushi from across the aglionby dorms to feed his cat. she doesn’t appreciate it, he says, but is personally offended when one of the others suggests they just buy her normal cat food.
  • bitter.
  • he mans the official vancrewver instagram, and under him, over 80% of it is selfies of himself. occasionally, there’s a shot of the defaced aglionby billboard with henry cheng on it, or a picture of cialina with sicksteve’s personal instagram tagged in the caption, but it’s mostly selfies. ryang’s selfie game is pretty strong. litchfield house was renovated with wall-length windows to give him good selfie lighting.
  • along with chengtwo, ryang’s closest to henry.
  • definitely the angriest and most slouching of the crew, to the point that he’s gained a spot in the hall of fame at nino’s for simply the Worst Of The Worst At Aglionby.
  • champions the swim and lacrosse teams, and gets up at ungodly hours in the morning to train. 
  • he’s on pretty good terms with the mountain view kids. (tj takes joyrides on his motorcycle, confirmed) 
  • the friend who somehow convinces you to do shit you’d never consider sober, and who gets you to drink enough to gain advanced perception of the shadow people in your peripheral vision.
  • ryang’s a truly renowned drunk who made koh buy him alcohol before he could legally do so himself. sicksteve has a scrapbook of him doing dumb shit at parties. they pass it around every break to remind him to chill out a little.
  • he broke his lacrosse stick over another student’s (tad! carruthers!) head for calling him a ch!nk, and was not at all sorry for the fallout. 
  • there used to be a video on youtube of him doing shots at a party, and then proceeding to fistfight jiang, but it was taken down upon a teacher’s request. it’s been archived on the instagram page, though, and can be found between a picture of him and leesquared posing next to headmaster child’s porsche, and a video of rutherford doing his homework in the shower.
  • has little to no interest in advertising himself as a modest student, but has restricted himself to indulge only occasionally in his considered-radical political beliefs.
  • (ryang is a marxist.) (if you imply in any way that his beliefs reflect stalinist ideals, he will deck you.)
  • his instagram handle is unironically ryang.gosling, and has been since he was twelve.
  • he plans to go into law after aglionby, and has big plans for, in his words, revamping the justice system. the other boys relentlessly take the piss out of him for it.
  • in general, he’s not a fan of gansey, or who he perceives gansey to be, and he definitely isn’t a fan of ronan. he’s pretty fond of blue, though, and definitely dyes her hair to match her name when they get home from venezuela.
  • in general, he’s really, really, not sorry.

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How many more attacks will it take to shake liberals to the core of this belief that people who are raised in third world countries (no, not modern countries- war torn countries) representing radical Islamic beliefs have no place in modern society unless they are eased into it? I don’t understand and I’m so sick of reading tragedy after tragedy. I’m tired of the Facebook filters. I’m tired of the #prayfor___. I’m tired of the “islamophobia” retorts I get from the left when I say something needs to be done NOW. When is enough, enough?