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hey so for the bnza au thing what are everyones quirks?(everyone you have figured out that is)

I’m glad you’re interested! So far I just have the Barians in class 1A

Durbe: Seraph- His wings are a mutation, but his real quirk is the ability to manipulate radiation into physical forces. It’s easiest for him to manipulate the visible light spectrum, but he can also perform x-rays with the right equipment, add or remove gamma radiation, and manipulate radio transmissions. Problem, his quirk is strongly influenced by his emotions. When his quirk first manifested, he nearly blinded himself. Sometimes when Durbe’s embarrassed he’ll accidentally glow. 

Nasch: Charmspeak- Along with being a shark morph, his voice can override one’s frontal lobe and compel others to do as he commands. He must maintain eye contact and cannot override base instincts or morals– basically whoever he’s controlling must be already somewhat open to suggestion for him to take full control. Nasch uses his serrated teeth and gills more than his actual quirk half the time because it saves hassle. 

Rio: Below Zero- She can absorb heat from her surroundings in a 30 foot radius, dramatically dropping the temperature. While she can stand much higher body temperatures than normal people, if she strains too far past her limit she will pass out and could die. Rio’s quirk makes her extremely sensitive to hot weather. Most of her clothing is thermally regulated so that she can safely increase her abilities.

Vector: Triple threat- Can steal up to 3 quirks at a time for an hour each starting at the moment of contact. His quirk requires an extreme knowledge of how others tick– while some borrowed abilities mesh perfectly, those that are violently incompatible can mutate into something self-destructive or uncontrollable. Luckily for Vector, his family has a monopoly on the complete quirk database. He loves to steal Durbe’s wing mutation to the point Durbe gets a little concerned if Vector’s not trying to touch him every hour. 

Alit: Purrfectly Calm- He can produce a deep rumble in his chest that can put people to sleep, sedate them or disorient depending on the pitch. While his quirk is great for de-escalating situations, his offense lies in his fighting prowess. Alit has no strength modification, he just really loves to fight and works twice as hard for his muscles. His lion claws and teeth do help in close quarters. Girag likes to joke about the cat naps Alit needs to recharge.

Misael: Live Ink- Basically what it sounds like. He can manipulate ink to do basically whatever he wants it to– however, animating it takes a bit of life force and permanent connection. The more he controls the same ink, the more it grows a mind of its own that takes concentration to reign in. The tattoos covering his body are all but sentient. He likes to keep his stock small as possible. While it’s feasible he could control a whole factories worth of ink, to do so would cut his lifespan dramatically. The tattoos have been transferred down his family line for generations. Misael literally carries the spirit of his ancestors beneath his skin. 

Girag: Language Barrier- He can understand and speak the language of whatever he’s touching. People, animals, trees, you name it. So long as it’s sentient and has a language, he can learn it. He can only know one at a time though– if he wanted to speak Japanese after touching a dog, he’d have to touch a person or he’d be barking all day. While he’s naturally huge, like Alit Girag has to work for his strength. 

While the Arclights are also in class 1A, class 1B consists of the Numbers Hunters Club, Tenjos, and Astral twins. There’s an extremely passionate competitive streak between the two that’s resulted in both friendships and rivalries as they race to be #1.

(10) It also emits a light called “Mastery of the Teachings”:
This light can awaken all beings
And cause them to attain an inexhaustible mnemonic command
To retain all the teachings of the Buddhas.
Honoring and supporting the holders of the teachings,
Serving and protecting the Sages and Arhats,
Handing on various teachings to beings,
Is how this light is produced.

(11) It also emanates a light called “Able to Relinquish”:
This light can awaken the miserly,
Making them realize all wealth is impermanent,
And enjoy giving, without attachment.
Able to subdue stubborn stinginess,
Understanding wealth is like dreams or floating clouds,
Causing the pure mind of generosity to grow,
Is how this light is attained.

(12) It also radiates a light called “Removing Heat”:
This light can awaken the immoral
And cause them to maintain pure precepts
And determine to realize the teacherless path.
Inducing sentient beings to accept moral precepts
And to purify the practice of various actions
And causing them to be inspired to seek enlightenment
Is how this light is made.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 348, 349

Note on the image: Amitayus, sambhogakaya form of Amitahba, Buddha of Infinite Light.


8.“Please, just- stay. Please

You wobbled with panic as Ben walked away ignoring your cries of protest. “You promised to love-” A resounding thunder made his tall silhouette visible through the dark night. “Don’t do this, Ben. Come back, home”

Ben ignored you and continue walking away from you. Getting farther and farther away.

You stood up from the mud puddle and ran with all her might until you reached him and hug his waist. “Please, just- stay. Please "  You buried your face in his back, it was wet with all the rain that was falling but you didn’t care; you could still feel the warmth radiating from him. 

Ben removed your hands from his waist and threw you against the floor. Drops of rain dropped from his dark hair to your face his tall figure sheltered you from the strong winds. "I don’t love you” he stated coldly looking at you, his eyes were emotionless you looked at him searching for something, he was lying you were sure of it. “Don’t beg me to stay”

“What?” You tried to stand up but the mud made it impossible. You tried to reach for him but he moved farther away from you.  “You’re joking. Please, Ben. You can— “

“I will not repeat myself. I will go in a different path. I advise you to stay away” You stood up and walked up to him. Your hand trembled as you reached for him…

“No, you can´t. I love— “You fell down on your back, you shake your head…

Your hand immediately went to your cheek. It stung at first, the rain fell on your redden cheek, soothing it gently as Ben clenched he fists. “Ben” you whispered in disbelief

"I hate you!”

With that, Ben turned away and quickly marched to a black ship. You stood motionless as silent tears ran down your cheeks. Your hands fell down your sides, you could run and stop him. But he had made it very clear. He hated you, all those beautiful memories now were tainted…

“How could you do this to us? To me!” You shouted and stood up. “If you step in that ship, I will forget that you ever existed. You’ll be dead to me Ben Solo”

Ben went stiff for a moment and a spark of hope shine in the dark. “So be it”

You watched as the door closed slowly behind Ben leaving you wet, cold and heartbroken.