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Savior of the Dreaming Dead
Savior of the Dreaming Dead

(17/17) Savior of the Dreaming Dead from Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion by Malcolm Brown

“Doctor” by George Buzinkai

“Savior of the Waking World” by Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox


HERE IT IS! My second version of Megalovania. “Key” differences include a key shift, different instrumentation, and tempo increase.

This also qualifies for my mandatory “techno-megalovania” that anyone who likes music is obligated to make. I don’t make the rules, folks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SoundCloud is (The_Rockers)

Headcanon for what the inside of Default Mettaton looks like...

Free him.


the video with my first remix ever!!!

thanks for the art, @jastea!!!
go listen to it :>

I really hate how people forget that Chara exists.

They weren’t just the entity of no-mercy who ‘controlled’ Frisk to kill all the monsters. (I could go into how technically, Frisk is the one who kills everyone, but I’ll spare you.)

Whenever I see fanart where all the main monsters and Frisk are standing there, and Asriel is in the background, not smiling, my heart hurts because Chara isn’t even recognized enough to be in the picture. Just like Asriel, they are a victim. Toriel and Asgore, their parents, who loved them more than their actual parents, who took them in when no one else would, forgot them. Can you imagine how heartbroken Chara is, how angry they are? Let me explain a bit more.

When Chara fell down, they called for help. Asriel answered. Asriel took them home, and was their best friend when they had no one else. They realized that Asriel obviously cares for them, and when they hear the legends that only a human SOUL and a monster SOUL can cross the barrier, they developed a plan. They ate the poisonous flowers and passed away to give Asriel their SOUL, so monsters could be free. Asriel, not wanting to hurt anyone, didn’t go through with it, so they both died and Asriel turned into Flowey.

When Frisk fell (I headcanon that Chara follows them around) and completed Neutral, Asgore says these lines: “I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my son.” Since Chara is non-binary, they aren’t a son of Asgore, but still one of his children. This leaves Chara out, obviously. (I love Asgore, don’t get me wrong, and there are reasons behind his actions, but this I have no explanation for. These lines infuriate me.)

Then, when Frisk finishes Pacifist, Asriel tries to kill them, thinking that it’s Chara. (This could mean that Asriel hates Chara, but in later dialogue, it can be disproven.) Then, if you go all the way back to Asriel’s Easter-egg, he states “I wish I had someone more like you instead of Chara.” This, again, may prove that Asriel doesn’t love Chara.

Can you imagine how angry, heartbroken, and horrified Chara must be? Finally, we enter the RESET, and start the no-mercy run..

No-mercy is completed, Chara destroys the timeline. Before I actually started thinking about this, I just thought that Chara is the villain and you should never love them. But, looking at what I’ve written, you can see that Chara is a victim, just like Asriel. They are forgotten so much, and any fanfics or fanart is weird pedophilia, child x child, or genocide/blood/dust. I hate it.


Now, before I go write something about how gross the fandom is and how toxic people are, I leave you with this:

The villain isn’t Asriel. It isn’t Chara. Not even Asgore, Flowey, or Frisk.

The actual villain is you.

You are the one who controlled Frisk to RESET. You are the one who made them kill everyone. The real villain is the player.

Ghost Fight (Piano)
Toby Fox (Original)
Ghost Fight (Piano)

The next one is done! Sorry it sounds so rigid, musescore is very odd when it comes to rhythm… I also had trouble incorporating one of the parts, so I had to raise a part an octave so it would be playable. Either way, hope you enjoy! As always, sheet music is right here! 

If you’d like to see some more Undertale transcriptions I’ve done, visit my blog @cybonictranscriptions ! I don’t have much done now, but as time goes on I will have more! 


can i contribute to this fandom

An Apple Disaster (ZUN style version)
Princess Sylvysprit (Original by Toby "Radiation" Fox)

Original by: Toby “Radiation” Fox
Arranged by: Princess Sylvysprit

Theme of Apple Girlington
I really like this song, it felt like it was composed as a joke, but i wanted to see what it would sound like if it was more ZUN/me-ish, because i really liked the overall composition.

Homosuck Anthem
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Homosuck Anthem

The full version of the “song” used to kick off Act 6 Act 6, by Toby “Radiation” Fox. Graciously provided by the Homestuck Sound Test, an unofficial compilation of all unreleased Homestuck songs originally begun by Niklink and later picked up by Sanctferum.

Asgore+Bergentrückung-Piano Cover
Original Soundtrack by Toby "Radiation" Fox
Asgore+Bergentrückung-Piano Cover


It was nice to meet you


I know this is already the third time I’ve posted this. The main reason why I am re-posting this because I recently bought a cable that allows me to connect my electric piano to my laptop, therefore allowing me to record better quality music.

I hope you enjoy this one :)

Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]
Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]

I dare you guys to try and figure out what the hell is happening here.

Listen till the end and use your imagination.

Song links are down below.

Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox - Karkat’s Theme (Tiny Crab Cover)

Toby 'Radiation’ Fox - Eridan’s Theme (Undertale Mix)

(With apologies to Toby Fox and Andrew Hussie.)