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On April 26, 1986, a power surge caused an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine. A large quantity of radioactive material was released.

On May 2, 1986, the Soviet government established a “Zone of Alienation” or “Exclusion Zone” around Chernobyl – a thousand square miles of “radioactive wasteland.” All humans were evacuated. The town of Pripyat was completely abandoned.

But the animals didn’t leave. And a new study, published this month in Current Biology, suggests they are doing fine. “None of our three hypotheses postulating radiation damage to large mammal populations at Chernobyl were supported by the empirical evidence,” says Jim Beasley, one of the researchers.

In fact, some of the populations have grown. These photos (mostly taken by Valeriy Yurko) come from the Belarusian side of the Exclusion Zone, and area called the Polessye State Radioecological Reserve. Kingfisher, elk, boar, baby spotted eagles, wild ponies, moose, rabbits, and wolves all make their home in the park. In some ways, human presence is worse for wildlife than a nuclear disaster.

Image credits:

  • 1986 Chernobyl - ZUFAROV/AFP/Getty Images
  • Wildlife photos - Valeriy Yurko/Polessye State Radioecological Reserve
  • Ponies in winter - SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images
Blackrock thoughts

So 2 days ago I stayed up till 2 in the morning watching Blackrock Rebirth, which I never watched. Holy damn. It’s so interesting to a Flux Buddies scrub to see Duncan as a bad guy/asshole. And I’m not sure what my opinion on Rising is though.

I mean Zoey getting nuked and dying, as depressing as it is, is a fitting ending for a series about a guy who is filled with hate and never serious, until a friend falls from the sky. Rythian is back to being alone, and probably would kill Duncan if Zoey didn’t return. It’s very fitting for Rythian’s character.

But Zoey returning is what everyone really wanted, but the lack of any real consequences for Zoey exploding was kinda annoying IMO, she got a perfectly functional robot arm and had no lasting effects; no radiation damage, no scars physically or mentally (well, not very bad scars) and no brain damage. It would have been much more interesting if Rising was about a revenge-mad Rythian taking care of a radiation-insane Zoey who can barely function and was crippled by the blast, with Rythian so hell-bent on ending Duncan’s life that he ends up becoming more and more disconnected from Zoey.

But in the end this doesn’t matter because Rising ended 10 episodes in really abruptly, which sucked. Hopefully Rythian will return to Blackrock one day.

MAYBE, he will play a part in the next Flux Buddies? I mean, Rythian hates Duncan, and Lalnable wants Duncan dead, but Lalnable is evil, so would Rythian side with Duncan or Lalnable? Or would he be the third party and try to destroy both?



Small details about Phasma (according to the SW:TFA: The Visual Dictionary):

* She disagrees with General Hux over what makes a soldier. Whereas Hux relies on automated training regimes (battle simulations), Phasma believes they don’t really test the ‘true heart of a soldier’: courage and tenacity.

* Her shiny armour is coated with salvaged chromium from a Naboo yatch once owned by Emperor Palpatine and is both resistant to radiation and damage.

* Phasma serves as the third partner in the unofficial command triumvirate of the Starkiller operation, alongside Kylo Ren and Geneneral Hux.

* She memorises the serial numbers of all stormtroopers under her direct command.

* She routinely patrols the areas under her command as a means of keeping her senses keen and her soldiers in line. Even in such an expansive operation as Starkiller Base, Phasma makes most of these inspecton rounds on foot, walking dozens of kilometres in a typical day.

you know how oxygen-based (aerobic) lifeforms rose to prominence after excessive oxygenation basically killed almost all life on earth? because life was mostly anaerobic and oxygen was actually a corrosive poison to them

so is it possible that after a nuclear apocalypse there might be new lifeforms that feed off and thrive in radiation? you know the same way we swim in oxygen levels that are deadly for older forms of life. or is that a bridge too far for nature because of how radiation damages DNA and you need to be able to replicate properly to be a species 



1: Nezha throws a projectile forward dealing radiation damage and leaves a trail behind it that removes debuffs (lol Oberon’s Hallowed Ground)
2: Nezha creates a projectile that orbits around him/her, creating a healing AoE if it collides with an enemy
3: Nezha projects an aura that fears and damages enemies
4: Nezha creates spikes from terrain and impales enemies (really not sure about this one)

*These are taken from VERY rough translations so I apologize if I get them wrong
The ring(s) on his/her body also seem to be incorporated in his/her abilities

Apparently my horse insurance does not cover nuclear radiation damage, terrorism damage, war damage, union action, aircraft damage, anything travelling at sonic or supersonic speed or if my horse is destroyed by a member of parliament.