your skin is holy, darling

I tremble in it’s presence

lilac summit, eclipse against me

divine human coalescence.

and as you come home,

you glow; radiate life force.

convulsing figures,

translate my body from morse.

as I breathe I release all of me

exhale, I claim each godly particle.

evermore warriors against time;

painting every word, counting each follicle.

I swear I will lay forever with you;

will never stray from these clouds of gossamer.

run with me baby, run and come see

the beauty of life without anemometer.

—  buddingverse 

Light Sculpture of Flames

Interactive installation by teamlab is a cubic array of lights which presents a volumetric representation of fire:

This artwork uses accumulated light points to create a sculptural body, similar to the way distinct dots of color form an image in a pointillist painting. Since the sculpture is made of light, it can be controlled digitally and is interactive.

Fire does not have mass; it is a phenomenon in which flammable substances and oxygen react, radiating heat and light. The shape of a flame is formed by the aggregate of such light. Many people perceive fire, a phenomenon, as an object, and sometimes feel a sense of life in fire. Light Sculpture of Flames belongs to a series of endeavors to transform a phenomenon into a sculptural object using accumulated light particles.

Most flames appear white at the center and red towards the outside, creating an appearance of layered colors, an effect that cannot be expressed with a solid three-dimensional object. This artwork, with a flat painterly quality, seeks to express a layered flame in a sculptural form. From any angle, the sculpture appears as a solid object of flames expressed in layers of colors.

The artwork does not use pre-recorded imagery; it is continuously created in real-time by a computer program and is in a constant process of transformation. Each moment is unique and never repeated.


Some Jacob Frye Headcanons
  • He’s a literal radiator. Good luck sleeping with him in the summer
  • He always has to sleep hugging something, wether it be a pillow or otherwise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • He looooooves when his LI runs their hands through his hair, especially when they go slow and tug at the strands- he literally turns to putty and its a huge turn on
  • He has an enormous sweet tooth like any sensible man child
  • he especially adores chocolate
  • He literally dumps half a bag of sugar into his tea I don’t think you understand like how much he loves sugar ?!?? 
  • Speaking of tea, that’s like the one thing he can actually make really well
  • He loves to play with kids
  • He especially likes to give them piggy back rides
  • He purposely runs super slow when playing tag and totally lets them win about 99% of the time
  • He has a weakness for babies, and is totally willing to hold them for hours on end
  • you will without a doubt catch him making silly faces at said babies 
  • He would be that parent that checks for monsters under the bed

Wedded and bedded

chapter 6

excerpt: She’s never felt this close to anyone; it’s not just the weight of him on top of her, nor having him between her legs. It’s the pleasure she gives him. The way she can feel his love for her radiate off him. The look in his eyes makes her heart fill with happiness.

Thank you everyone for reading and for your support. This is the final installment of this story. I truly hope I’ve amused you with this little fic.

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I hope you know how beautiful you are, outer beauty echoes inner beauty and radiates therein and your face is full of beauty

Wow thank you ☺️❤️

okay but what if all the humans you run into in FO4 really are garrus vakarian and he’s on a top secret recon mission on earth because his chitonous exoskeleton protects him from all the radiation and he’s just wearing a super fancy ocular illusion suit that makes him look like different humans so nobody notices he’s actually a talking dinosaur because these humans clearly have enough problems

i’m rly tired im sorry for this post

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Soooo do you just have like 10 different usernames on Reddit or are you stealing other people's stories and claiming them as your own?

Oh at least 15. And yeah, you caught me. In fact, The Least Satisfying Explanation is just a retelling of The Notebook and Under My Teeth is nothing more than a rehashed version of Armageddon.

And I’m sure your keen eye noticed Teeny-Tiny is simply 101 Dalmatians but with radiation poisoning.

Thanks for the message <3

As a happy person, you radiate happiness to the world.
Visualize your light radiating throughout the world,
passing from person to person until it encircles the globe.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Art by Grégoire A. Meyer
motion effects by George RedHawk

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i play as a female sole, and the first time i went to vault 81, i was traveling with hancock. after the overseer agreed to let him in too, she said something about the sole being able to pick "his" friends and it was just like. okay.

yeah, there’s so many of these little careless things that after a while they either become aforementioned background radiation of wrongness or they start to grate so hard that every single moment serves to grab you by the collar, yank you backwards out of your enjoyment and hiss ‘this is not yours’ in your metaphorical ear.

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My apologies if this has already been asked of you before, but how do you feel about the prospect of Godzilla being a protomammal / mammal-like-reptile / synapsid (Think Gorgonopsids, Dimetrodon, etc.)? Do you think it could work given Godzilla's blend of mammalian and reptilian features in his design or no?

Nah. I don’t even much care for the idea of Godzilla being a straight-up dinosaur anymore. I prefer the 2014′s explanation of him being the last survivor of a hitherto-unknown species of giant reptile that could somehow metabolize radiation. Granted, I sorta mixed that with the ‘54 origin in my headcanon to make it so that the H-Bomb test in Bikini not only awakened him, but mutated him ala ‘91.

the death sweat suits me well 

ok well i finished toffee fanmix that i had sitting in my 8tracks drafts for like 2 weeks. benny gave me two songs that really work for the tone of this mix which was really cool of them!!

(apologies for using a fucking undertale song for this mix)



[Chara - Toby “Radiation” Fox] [Bad Moon Rising - Rasputina] [Almost Human – Voltaire] [What Me Worry – St. Vincent] [Trust Me – The Devil’s Carnival] [Ready To Die – The Unicorns] [Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey] [Evil – Andrew Jackson Jihad] [Terrible Things – April Smith] [Toffee’s Theme (Original Sketch) – Brian H. Kim]

Continued from here with @prince-corbeaux;

Again, a chuckle radiated through Daichi’s body, his eyes soft and stance welcoming. “Okay big tough wolfie, you’re not a pup. But am I allowed to call you cute at least?”

Daichi was proud of his statement. He knew Yuuji couldn’t keep up a tough façade forever, and he made a promise to himself to see what was underneath the defensive exterior of the werewolf before him.

Yuuji began to desensitize himself of the fact that Daichi was a threat.
But what the wolf didn’t understand, was why the other captain was being so nice to him? Usually people run away from Yuuji, in whichever form he’s taking.

But Daichi didn’t seem scared at all. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. After all, Yuuji wasn’t even hugely scary, he just made himself seem that way.

Perhaps the blonde could get used to the attention…

“What do you want from me, anyway?” he tried to retain his grumpiness, though his tail began to wag gently from side to side, occasionally bumping against the leg of his jeans.

So This Morning Was Very Hard And Negative

So I put on my rose quartz earrings, rose quartz pendant, and my clear quartz pendant to magnify the love and positivity of the rose quartz. I made it clear to my crystals that I needed love for myself, love for others, love for others to feel from the radiating rose quartz, and some positivity.

And guess what? It worked wonderfully. This is the first time my crystals have worked so clearly and strongly! I was so happy when I realized everything was getting better. The negative cloud in my house disappeared, I didn’t feel so bitter towards the people around me, and the person who was angry all morning finally calmed down.

I am so thankful for my crystals~.

The Feral Solution

I really want to see Bethesda tackle this in the future, if there are more Fallout games. If a scientist can find a way to reverse the process of becoming a Super Mutant, I’m sure the same can be done for Ghouls.

At the very least, someone could find a way to greatly hinder or stop altogether the gradual deterioration of the brain that occurs, causing them to become feral.

There are still debates, even from the creators of the game, over the origin of Ghouls, whether it be a combinatiom of the FEV + radiation, or just radiation. The FEV + radiation theory makes the most sense to me, both game “logic” and storywise.

Either way, both Ghouls and Super Mutants share a few similarities, such as immunity to radiation and both being caused by gradual and/or immediate mutation in the first place.

I’m rambling at this point, but yeah. Pretty sure if a scientist or group of scientests were working hard enough at it, they could figure something out…

(Also - Alaelys, being a bio-engineer and all, is currently looking into this. Considering that radition can heal Ghoul wounds, she is trying to see if she can tap into the ability to do the same for muscles, organs, and mental faculties)