Empower yourself through a firm belief in yourself. You are WORTH the space you occupy on this planet, and you must not allow the voice in your head or anyone around you tell you otherwise. Think of the miracle which is your life. Your breath, your bones, every molecule is wondrous. Say it to yourself. Recite it. Know it. You are HERE. You BELONG. You contribute a unique ENERGY to the universe, and you best believe it.

“When cells are caught in the same field of resonance, they are all dancing to the same music. Studies show that when we’re thinking creatively, or when we are feeling peaceful, or when we’re feeling love, those emotions generate a very coherent electromagnetic field. And that electromagnetic field is broadcast to the rest of your body. It also creates a field of resonance where the cells of the body lock in with each other. Every cell knows what every other cell is doing because they’re all doing the same thing, while still expressing their unique functions efficiently…

“There are many emotions that can cause a disruption of the electromagnetic field in the heart, but the ones that have been most precisely documented are anger and hostility. Once this synchronization is disrupted, your body starts to behave in a fragmented manner. The immune system gets suppressed, which leads to other problems, such as increased susceptibility to cancer, infections, and accelerated aging.

“The effect is so strong that animals can pick it up. If a dog sees a person who is harboring hostility, it will bark and act ferocious.

“Wherever you go, you are broadcasting who you are at this very intimate level.”

Deepak Chopra via MysticMama
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