My purchase from RadiantPrism arrived in the mail today! I ordered the Amazonite and Garnet Crystal Chip Bracelet as well as the Small Blue Apatite Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant. Both items are in perfect condition, the packaging was good with plenty of bubble wrap. They also included two free small gifts shown in the second picture. I made the order on the 18th, so it took about a week and a half to get here. I am pleased with my purchase and would definitely buy from their shop again!


New pendants!
Ammonite, Gemmy Citrine, Petrified Wood, Blue Apatite, Green Moss Agate, Spirit Amethyst, Quartz and Gemmy Amazonite :)
You can use coupon code TUMBLR for 15% off your order.

Been in the making of wrapping some really nice crystal specimens all fancy! Keep and eye out for those. Vanadinite on Barite, Utah Topaz, and more!

Like us on facebook to stay updated and get sneak peaks at crystals that will be wrapped or will be up for sale! https://www.facebook.com/Radiantprism We’ll be doing a give away for both RadiantPrism and Mineralists at the end of the month :P


Adding new items to the shop at the moment!

And I’ll be adding a bunch of things to the queue when im done with the shop, Been very busy at work and Caelen has a job now as well so we apologize for being so inactive. :C

Coupon code SHAMROCK for 17% off your order will end at 12am Central Time :) Use it at check out!

We are also expecting a big bunch of large orders of supplies to come in the mail in the next hour, we are very excited!