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In case anyone was wondering, that’s me! Just a quick bit of info: My name is Angelica. I’m currently a student at Biola University. I have a major in art, with an interdisciplinary emphasis allowing me to do both design and photography. I love music - listening to it, making it, dancing awkwardly to it. I really like reading, but rarely have the time to read for fun because of assigned reading for classes. Blue is my favorite color. I love Disneyland. I prefer coffee over tea, but sometimes I wish it was the opposite. Oh, and I have a pretty bad Rainbow sandal tan.

Haha, so that’s pretty much the basics. Thanks for following!

***I’ll try to post as often as I can despite my busy schedule, but I can’t promise anything :P

Yesterday was one of the best 4th of July’s ever.

I started off my day with an early morning photoshoot. Spent the afternoon with my family. And finished the night off in PV with an amazing view on top of the cliff for the fireworks with my cousins. However, most of this post is going to be about the photoshoot.

I was contacted via e-mail on Sunday night by a girl in need of some photos. She said she was browsing through Model Mayhem and stumbled upon my profile. She liked one specific photo and so she asked if I could work with her since she needed photos to show a Japanese modeling agency. In all honesty, I was reluctant and nervous. I even initially declined her offer. But after a talking to a few people, I decided to message her and tell her I was free on the 4th. 

The day of, I was super nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. But when it came to shooting I just treated her how I would treat a normal shoot with one of my friends. I talked to her, made her laugh, coached her a little, etc. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

So I asked her how many Torrance based photogs she came across on the MM site, she said there were a lot. I then asked how many of those photographers she actually message. To my surprise she only messaged me. I thought that was amazing. That out of possibly hundreds of photographers (some even professional), she would choose me!

Now I’m not trying to be prideful or anything. I’m just truly blessed. And to think that these photos are going to be put into a portfolio to be shown to an agency in Japan! That’s just crazy to me…

Well, time to get back to work now :)