This poem is more in line with the poetry I’m used to writing. Very concrete and abstaining from figurative/abstract language while still conveying surrealism. Because this is a dream, I’m hoping the audience will try to visualize the entire scene as if Josephine’s father actually transformed. You know, in that way that can only happen in dreams.

EDIT: maybe y'all can read it now???

Fan art for Radiantboy


-cringe like a ostrich!!!!!!!-

I’m so sorry!!!!

I think… I’m fell in love ♥

Desmond has become an obsession -lol- and tried to make a fan art  but (of emotion) I could not do very well. I took a bad quality photo of my sketch.

Prometo hacerlo mejor la próxima vez ^ ^

oh dios! es muy feo! ya me arrepentí! 

moriré de vergüenza u.u