radiant gardens


@tumblunni, how could you make me choose between those two?? ;A;

i did settle on aqua because 2.8 hype, but i did let her hold kairi’s wayfinder. also, no armor because it makes no sense to me that she still has the parts of her dormant armor on her when her actual armor is in the radiant garden castle basement. i blame lazy game design.

send me two characters to choose between and i’ll draw my choice!

I can’t help but feel like I’m forgetting something…

So Kairi had stated in KH1 her lack of memories from her home. And I never realized that Kairi didn’t have memories of just the place, but of the people, specifically people like her grandmother. Also, Radiant Garden having been lost, her grandmother would have, with some luck, survived and end up in TT with Leon and the others, right? Just imagine if Sora had unknowingly bumped into her in KH1… Anyway, then I realized: K’s grandma was pretty old, she had gray hair and a slouch. If the heartless didn’t get to her, suppose her age did. Then it becomes this whole process of realizing Kairi doesn’t/can’t remember her own grandmother or even realize she’s probably already passed since it’s been like 10 years. If she ever does happen to remember, then there would be this huge sense of loss and guilt for being unable to remember her own relative… It’s really been messing me up and had to draw something so I can bring it up.