radiant garden


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Ventus

For the Kingdom Hearts fans. Is it salty or is it sweet?
This type of ice cream can be found in Twilight Town and Radiant Garden.
Perfect for sharing it with your friends during your summer vacation.
Look for the WINNER stick to exchange it for a free ice cream bar.

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After that flood of new trailers, release dates and merchandise last night, it’s hard to believe the news is still continuing to surface so soon after. The latest update comes in the form of a 10 minute English gameplay video featuring Christmas Town and Beast’s Castle from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, as well as Castle of Dreams and Radiant Garden from Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Sound familiar? Well it should, because this is the exact same gameplay being offered via demo at Jump Festa in December. No doubt this is what will be waiting for E3 attendees next week.

Source: Kingdom Hearts Destiny