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THE RADIANT CITY, 1991, American Place Theatre, NYC. A multimedia musical theater piece about Robert Moses effect on New York City created by puppeteer Theodora Skipitares.

Wheel of Power (photo) : A 12-foot Ferris wheel identifies each of the 12 unelected positions Moses held simultaneously in New York City and New York State governments.

Hold Me

I just remembered I had this lying around and decided to post it before I passed out. Just my short contribution to Marichat May!

Marinette had no idea how she ended up with a needy kitten on her lap. After a series of events involving her mooncactus, a silly Chat, and a bleeding hand, it was really the least she could expect.

Thankfully, Marinette always kept a spare first aid kit around. Though skilled with designing, she still managed to wound herself when she got too excited or rushed without sense, loosing herself in the process and causing dire consequences for her poor, poor fingers.

The Parisian had rolled her eyes as her Chat overexaggerated loudly after the bleeding cuts on his fingers had started to register. She didn’t pay it much concern, knowing well enough that he’d handled far worse.

And yet- for feelings were traitrous indeed- she couldn’t help the endearment bubbling within her; not when he stood there, balanced on her window sill, lower lip stretched out in a ridiculous pout; right hand held out meaningfully, dripping crimson.

He stared at her intently as she muttered a comment under her breath and introduced his wound to the wonders of plaster.

He continued to stare, as if fascinated by Marinette, the plaster, her first aid kit, added to his now non-bleeding fingers. His wide, emerald, cat-like eyes shifted from the beige plaster to her eyes, and despite herself, she felt an odd warmth spreading in her chest; Chat tilted his head, and she half expected him to smirk or make some sort of witty, flirtatious remark. Say something like, “Won’t you kiss that better for me, Purrincess?”

But he didn’t. Instead of going by the script she’d written in her mind for this encounter, he glanced out at the blooming full moon and drew his plastered fingers to himself, rubbing them with his good hand gently as if examining their softness, marvelling at their realism.

“Merci beacoup,” he mumbled quietly, and his voices was soft and strangely delicate, and oh so familiar that it made Marinette’s heart leap and shatter at the same time.

The sudden change in the mood astounded her more than she cared to admit- perhaps the night had stolen away some of Chat’s grandeur, perhaps she was just hallucinating a world where her partner was more than the flirt she knew him to be.

That would explain so much, in highsight. Chat was, to her, a one dimensional character from a novel. He wasn’t an uninteresting one, but he was flat and to the point- his flaws and redeeming traits shone out like the sun, revealing everything and hiding nothing. She failed to grant the shadows that appeared with his light a thought.

She had never attempted to distinguish Chat from the person he was as a civilian. He was just silly, flirtatious, loyal Chat to her, with the mask or without it.

But then again, Marinette had never exactly considered Ladybug and herself the same person- while she logically knew that they were one and the same, her confidence and esteem seemed to thoroughly reinforce itself when her eyes were masked.

She would rather avoid anymore complexity for the night, though. Her biggest concerns were a superhero on her window and her amateur clinicial skills, and maybe - just maybe- the look they shared together in that moment.

Because she really had remembered seeing sadness in his eyes, but she didn’t remember to ask Chat why he was at her window in the first place, messing around with her cacti and getting a hand full of thorns as a punishment. She didn’t fully remember him slipping down from the sill and reaching over to give her a hug that was similar to the one he enveloped her in after the Animan incident, not that she drew the parallels.

She did remember that Chat had tried to pull away.

She very vividly recalled pulling him back with fiercely insistent eyes that bore into him and that just knew without an inkling of a doubt that he needed her, right then and there. That this night was meant to be more than a silly cut and a silly box of bandaids.

And now they were here, in an intimate position she never could have imagined. They were so close she could feel his breath and the radiant warmth of his body- she felt charged and stifled by his aura all at once, like the suffocation of being under the ocean and the first breath of resurfacing. Her hands were in his hair, stroking its messy locks, mumbling tunes from lullabies she couldn’t fully remmeber. (Subconsciously, she refused to entertain the notion that his hair had a very familiar lustre, an unearthly glow she somehow recognised but also didn’t, not really.) Marinette thought his face might have twisted in an expression of agonising pain at some point in the middle of an old Chinese lull, but she couldn’t have been sure; the expression melted into one of peace as soon as it had appeared.

When she woke up, Marinette found herself wrapped around her favourite magenta blanket which oddly smelt like comfort, uncertainty, and a specific alleycat.

I’m Fine

Characters: CastielXReader, ft. Dean Winchester

Word Count: 887

A/N: 1st Cas-iversary Celebration drabble request by @trinityjadec – “Hi! Could you write a drabble where the reader is feeling a little self-conscious, so Castiel just cuddles with her and makes her feel better? Super fluffy if possible?” Hope you enjoy!

“Good morning,” Castiel glanced at you over the newspaper he was reading, sitting up a little bit taller in his chair and straightening his skewed tie.

You didn’t respond to his greeting - too caught up in a negative spiral of self-conscious thoughts to notice the blue-eyed angel seated at the table.

Cas frowned, noisily folding the now forgotten paper into a disorganized heap, watching you grab a glass from the counter and mope to the kitchen sink to fill it, still seemingly oblivious to his presence. He cleared his gravelly throat.

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Femme Fatale

She rises and falls with the sun
Her body
too radiant
for the

Beneath her skin
electricity flows
one million
volts of madness

She lines her lips with desire
and her eyes with

A gaze so captivating
it triggers
forest fires

She seduces
her fiery fingers

Sparks of brilliant, beautiful

But when she’s finished
she’ll leave you among
the burned
up trees

A Slender Thread (part 1)

You stay at your uncle’s ludus in for the summer, where you meet James, your uncle’s champion gladiator.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 2132
warnings: gladiator au, smut, violence, character death

x amazing picture by @264jana x

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Greek God AU pt. 2

As requested by a lovely anon and a few others (and I was eager to write more about this anyway :3). Tis a continuation of this 

The corner of Saitama’s lip twitched upward as he brushed a finger across a flower held delicately in his hand. It was a burnt orange, its petals ruffled, folded around each other. It was a carnation, if he remembered correctly. He tended to focus very little on living things as there was really no point to, his line of work steering completely in the opposite direction. 

He heard a rustling behind him but he attributed it to the wind shuffling the grass about. It wasn’t until he felt another presence beside him that he deemed it appropriate to look to his right, his eyes instantly flickering away the moment he realized it was Genos sitting down beside him. 

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Fake Chats #67
  • Jungkook: Jimin-hyung.
  • Yoongi: Seokkie.
  • Jungkook: you're on.
  • Yoongi: he's amazing dancer, he makes people smile, he's sunshine personified, he's totally dorky but it's so adorable, he knows how to be sexy and cute, he steals the stage, he loves his hyungs and his dongsaengs, he's considerate to the fans, he's a hard worker, and he's my favorite.
  • Jungkook: sweetest, cutest, loveliest, kindest, small hands, small eyes, small face, small body, radiant smile, sensual dancing, giggles like he's made of rainbows and happiness, cuddly, adorable, beautiful, and I'm his favorite.
  • Yoongi: I think we're at a stalemate.
  • Jungkook: I think so too.

Okay, so I know this is another newborn Philip AU, but sue me. 

There is nothing more precious than the love that happens between people when they have a baby together. 


Without further ado, Pip


Alexander woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside his window. He scowled at the sound before turning to look at his wife. She was gorgeous; her hair shone bright in the sun, her skin pale against his own, and her body beautifully radiant from the pregnancy glow that surrounded her. Her lip was pouting slightly and her brow was furrowed, making Alexander question what she was dreaming about. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, her eyes fluttering open and close a few times. She turned over to face him, her face pained.

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anonymous asked:

Scenario for Toshinori being in love in a female reader, she feels the same but doesn't want to tell him because she knows he needs to focus on his hero work and doesn't have time for relationships. They meet again after Toshi loses his powers. They still have feelings for each other.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. The man in front of you looked so much like him but at the same time, he didn’t. The hair, eyes, voice, reminded you so much of the man you used to love. But, everything else was so different, so lifeless. His smile used to light up the room, it was like a magnet that just pulled you towards him.

Even with that less radiant smile and weak body, you knew it was him. Who else could it be? The familiar feeling of butterflies in your stomach came back when you saw him, your legs moving forward on their own accord.

You reached a hand out to touch the other’s shoulder when you got close enough. “Toshinori?” Your voice came out more quiet than you anticipated but he still turned to you, eyes wide when he recognized who you were.

“(Y/n)? Is that you?” You have a sheepish smile and nodded your head. Toshinori gave you a soft smile and pulled you in for a quick hug, which you accepted happily. When you both separated, he held you at arm’s length away. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, the principal called me and asked if I would come and help out for a bit.” He nodded at your explanation and an uncomfortable silence fell between you two. Your mouth opened and closed, afraid to ask the question that’s been on the tip of your tongue. “Toshi? Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“What…god this is gonna sound bad…but what happened to you?”

“How about I explain everything later, when there aren’t so many people around.”

You felt heat rise to your cheeks at the idea. “S-sure. When?”

“How about dinner tonight? My treat.” A moment passed before he seemed to realize what he was asking. Toshinori’s face turned bright red and he gestured wildly with his hands. “Only if you want to! And only as friends! Unless you want it to be, like a date, then I’d love to have it be considered a date-”

You interrupted his rambling with a quiet laugh. He gaped at you, finding solace in your smile that he misses so much. “I would love that, Toshi.”

He smiled brightly at you. “Great! I’ll pic you up at eight!” He started to walk away when he stopped and turned back around. “Oh, and (y/n)?”


“It’s great to see you again!”

Fire Urchin (Astropyga radiata) by krismikael Often found in shallow areas, this type of urchin sometimes carpet the sandy floor in large aggregations. Having iridescent blue dots, radiant bodies and long spines, they contribute to brighten up the muddy coast of Anilao.

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I need some words of wisdom for eating enough for my body... please

Here’s what I’ve been telling myself all night –

Your body is radiant, it’s made of star stuff, it’s your and only your job to nourish it, that’s so special! You can’t live a meaningful wonderful life if you are restricting, you just can’t. Restricting = restricted joy, happiness, love.

I hope one of those helped. I’ve been really struggling tonight too. Much love dear one