No one has walked on the moon in my lifetime,” I told them. “Yet you try to tell me that it’s my generation who has lost their wonder? That it’s the young people of today who have let everything slip and fall into ruin? You don’t understand. You had the dream and the potential and the opportunities, and you messed it all up. You got hope and moon landings and that bright, glorious future. I got only the disasters.
—  From “What Happened to Hope and Wonder in Science Fiction” by Karina Sumner-Smith, a guest post on Fantasy Cafe for Sci-Fi November

Have you seen Tony Valente’s French Manga opus, Radiant? It was recently acquired  by Japanese publisher Asukashinsha just days ago, thanks to the help & support from One-Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata. This puts Valente in rare territory, marking his manga as the 1st French Manga published in Japan. Awesome guy, too. Thanks for the signed copies, bro!^^

Purchase here:

Anime News Network article on his works:

When you cannot see the beauty in yourself, think about this: Have you ever seen the beauty in others? The beauty of someone’s compassion? Their kindness? Their acceptance? The beauty of someone’s smile? Their laughter? Their carefree spirit? Have you ever seen the beauty in the world around you? The beauty of a sunny day, a rainy day, a sunset, a sunrise? The beauty of the leaves in the fall or a butterfly soaring by? All of this beauty that you see, that you perceive…is also in you. All of it. You would not be able to perceive all of this beauty, if it didn’t also exist within yourself. You may not see it now, but the next time you notice the beauty of someone or something, appreciate it & remind yourself that this beauty, this light, this radiance is also within you.
—  l.i.u.