radiance eternal

Through the whole trajectory from birth to childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood, we change so much, not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually, yet something remains unchanged. That sense of something unchanged is the eternal spark within. At the beginning it may be felt as a very subtle, almost incomprehensible intuition, but when we bring our full attention to that felt intuition of what’s the same throughout our whole lives, then that little seed of divine radiance can begin to reveal itself, can begin to shine brighter and brighter in our lives.
—  Adyashanti
Chapter 113: Bood donors?..

The more I think, the more it seems to me that people in Blue sect are giving their blood:

- 4 stars = 4 main blood types;

- Good meal - to recover quickly;

- “Light” clothes - to provide access to the veins in the places where it is the less noticeable;

- Comfortable chairs - they are almost similar to the blood donor chairs by their construction:

- Ciel felt dizzy for a moment when he stood up from the chair, this is exactly how the donors feel after blood donation.

I don’t know how Bravat detects blood types, but those dead bodies might have been the consequences of the experiments with wrong blood transfusion.

And the last thing: in the first song from the Chapter 112 they sang: “We offer up our own lights to protect the eternal radiance”. Light = blood?..

What do you think?..

There’s a blue moon at 6:43am tomorrow morning. That means it’s the second full moon in a single month, something that occurs only once every 2.7 years.

It also happens to be Guru Purnima, the Hindu full moon holiday in celebration of the guru as the dispeller ignorance.

May the nectar of the bonus full moon bring blessings of peace and happiness to all beings. May clarity’s radiance stir the eternity in our chests. May those who seek guidance be shown their way.