radiah frye

Nino Ferrer — Nino and Radiah (1974)

Like a lot of people and until recently, I didn’t know much about Nino Ferrer. A couple of dumb songs and a hit, a true classic, Le Sud.

Last week, I was digging for old bands from Bordeaux and I found Straw Dogs (another ST- band…). They happened to cover that song, and they did a pretty decent job, but mostly I started to read stuff about Nino. I learned some interesting facts:

  • Radiah Frye was one of the most beautiful girl ever (look at this cover art again).
  • Nino never cheated on his wife with her… He did however cheat on his wife for a couple of months but it was with Brigitte Bardot, so from my book, it still qualifies as a clean sheet, considering her at the time.
  • Nino and Radiah is a fantastic album.
  • Le Sud is actually South and the song has been recorded in french for commercial reasons. And it’s still a beautiful song.


Radiah Frye - Spermula