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I posted this as a comment on FB and I wanted to x-post here because fuck the discourse so very very much.

I’m getting so very frustrated with the “q slur” crowd and I feel like they very heavily overlap with “the only REAL oppression is toward gays and lesbians and everyone else is just doing it for attention” crowd. Gatekeepers can GTFO. I spent a lot of years in the closet because of the people who said bisexual women are just doing it for the attention of men and that if you hadn’t had sex with someone of the same gender AND someone of another, were you really even bi? Fuck ‘em. I’m older and have more insurance and I will fight tooth and nail so that no other scared queer teens feel excluded from their community. Aces belong, period. Anyone who disagrees can fight me.

And before someone jumps in: if you do not feel comfortable calling yourself queer, if you find it offensive, that’s 100% okay. That’s your prerogative. I won’t use that word for you, because you get to choose how you identify. But I will call myself queer until the day my fat queer self passes into the great beyond, and I ask that you respect that as I respect your choice of identity.

(If you’re wondering whose head I threw onto the woman, it’s Shelia Jeffrey’s. Author of anti-trans and anti-gender novels)

It’s getting easier and easier now to find terfs that say tranny, and to be honest the more I see that word, the more I hate absolutely every one of you shitheads that claim that you want the greater fucking good. I admit, a year ago it was rare. I actually had really nice conversations with you guys too, but then it just got worse and worse. Now most of your damn community wants to prove how much they don’t care about their so called “oppressors” by using an oppressing slur. I really can’t tell if it’s more ironic or pathetic.

Terfs/swerfs : gender is a social construct and evil trans people are ruining it! Trans people are ruining things by using the words feminine and masculine! Don’t label things feminine or masculine ever just let people exist!

Terfs/swerfs: hey! Girls can’t wear make up because that’s FEMININE and gives into the patriarchy DONT EVER DRESS FEMININE!!!!

Me,an intellectual that isn’t a terf/swerf: 🤔❓


I know I am going to get hate for this post, and I am okay with that. I believe in trying to understand those who disagree with you, and in seeing past what others want of you in order to pave your own path. If this is the post that causes any of you to unfollow or hate me, so be it. I would rather be hated for saying what I believe than hate myself for staying silent.

You can disagree with radical feminists all you want, but this? This isn’t productive. This isn’t helping. All this hostility does is further the divide between liberal and radical feminism, and discourage any sort of discussion between the two from occurring. I personally have never seen a radical feminist who wasn’t a troll say that they wanted all transgender people to die. Never. In fact, I searched dozens of radfem blogs and I couldn’t find a SINGLE post encouraging violence against or the murder of trans people. These posts in the pictures I included? I literally searched up “terf” and there were hundreds of posts wishing death and violence upon radical feminists. Show me a radfem who has wished death upon trans people and I’ll eat my words, but it’s telling how easily I found these posts and how much trouble I had trying to find one by a radfem.

Just- be openminded. That’s really all I can say. I can’t force you to listen to those who disagree with you. Just be aware that what you are shown is not always the full truth, and it is better to find out for yourself than have information handed to you. I highly encourage you to speak to radical feminists and discuss why you two believe what you believe. Every radical feminist I have sent a private message to has been very open to discussion and very respectful to me when I gave a differing opinion. They explained their thoughts and although I disagree with them on many things, I learned so much. You really don’t have to agree with everything they say. Just try it. You don’t lose anything by listening. You can only gain knowledge and insight, two incredibly valuable things.

Don’t buy into the narrative that people who disagree with you are always hateful bigots. Just be your own person and think for yourself.

(I am not a radical feminist, and I am not excusing anything bad that a radical feminist may have done. I do not gain anything by making this post. All I want to do is encourage discussion and healthy debate amongst opposing sides. That is all.)

Butch TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Femme TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Tall TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Black TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Muslim TERF gals = 😇😍😙😘😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

TERF gals of colour = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Fat TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

Mentally Ill & autistic TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

GNC TERF gals = 😇😍😙😚❤💖👍👍👌👌👌🌹🌸🌷

All TERF gals = 😗😙😘😚😍😇❤💓💖👍👍💯💯💫

TERF Tips #200

Act like every anti terf knows nothing about terfs and radfem ideology yet this blog was able to make 200 fucking terf tips

terf groups (or radfem groups/gender-critical groups or whatever you want to call them) are full of disgusting misgendering and to deny that is such an insult

whenever a terf says “were not transphobic!!!” and “me and every other radfem I know would never misgender a trans person!” (which a lot of terfs have said to me before) they are lying to your face. It takes 2 seconds to scroll through a “radfem” blog and see a bunch of terfs maliciously calling a trans woman “he”