radfem 2013

OMG can Lierre make any faces where she doesn’t look like she just shat herself? Remember how she stopped being vegetarian bc her spine was bad? Do you think her meat based diet is causing her to have explosive pants-shitting whenever someone takes her photo?

Cathy looks like the love-spawn of a five year old from 1992 and an oogle from 2004.

Sheila Jeffreys might actually be a confused, poorly-dressed hobbit.

NEW BLOG: RadFem 2013 Conference Is Happening Despite Best Efforts Of Trans Activists & MRAs To Silence Them

We’re very happy to hear radical feminists (radfems) have secured a venue for their conference this year. Last year with RadFem 2012, it was the first time in almost 25 years that an organized and visible radical feminist presence has emerged. They are continuing their efforts this year with RadFem 2013 which is taking place this weekend.

Transgender women activists attempted to prevent the initial radfem conference from taking place, as well this year’s conference, by putting pressure on the owners of the spaces in which the conference was scheduled to be held. This year men’s rights activists added their harassment to the mix and there was a smear job by imitation-feminists, but the conference is happening despite the efforts of those who wish to silence these women.

Some people might say to themselves, look at these

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