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It mattered little that this place hung somewhere between heaven, earth hell and all that which fell between. It mattered even less how he might have spent the exessive time in his head and lingering thoughts of those who he had left behind.

There was nothing but this place, nothing but him, his presence lurking about those who were nto yet ready to pass over.

Occasionally someone would ruffle this quiet tormented place of forgotten souls with their longing for a peace unattainable. Occasionaly he could convince though who could pass to blunder their way over the void.

Even rarer were those moments when a heart beat… a living pulsing rythm of life burned here in the darkness.

Friedrich Junior, Friedrich the reaper…. junior no more of shape and form human.

The Reaper watched… followed this new interlopers in-eloquent stumbling.

“H-hello” warbled the little lost bird, “..hello!”

(Tried to add an atmosphere to this place as I wasnt 100% happy with the lack of a bg prior. Have some more grim reaper fritz)


We’re excited about our official showcase at this year’s SXSW and we’d love to arrive in Austin armed with a vinyl pressing of our new album. Learn more at indiegogo.com.

Red House Winter on Flickr.

I don’t get too many chances to photograph snowy landscapes, both because we don’t get a lot of it every winter, and because the cold is less than inviting. Here’s an old house in my hometown anyway, the tree behind me casting its shadow upon the facade. If you look carefully, you can also see the shadow of my camera and tripod.

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Live with intention

Live with intention. 
Walk to the edge. 
Listen hard. 
Practice wellness. 
Play with abandon. 
Choose with no regret. 
Appreciate your friends. 
Continue to learn. 
Do what you love. 
Live as if this is all there is.

- Mary Anne Radmacher

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Malcolm practices for the upcoming College Kids show at the Satellite.  The song is by Matt Teardrop and we’re covering it as part of Radio Free Silverlake’s “Undercovered” concert series.


Woke up in San Pedro and then set up the camera and then put the footage to a song from the Rademacher catalogue called “Believer”.


Event: WALK with Peg, Rademacher
Date: March 30, 2012
Location: Palm Court Ballroom at the Alexandria Hotel

So WALK’s last stay at The Mezz was moved to a location downstairs, the Palm Court Ballroom, which was a bigger space with high walls and awesome stain glass ceilings. It was a fun show, filled with friends, friends of friends, and new friends, (even my parents, oh yeah!) all partying and hanging out. WALK was supported by two great acts, Peg and Rademacher who has some awesome tunes and great vocals. WALK was, of course, fun and lively, and even threw some covers in their act. Even though this was their last stay at the Mezz (sorta), they’ll still be around, so keep an eye out!

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the youth that i never was able to experience -
ie the mainzer 
& various other elements of downtown merced
that i had to eschew
during my formative adolescent years
in favor of inhabiting a box 
that had a desk topped with 
books & a computer equipped with aim
(SWEET - not)

enough pseudo nostalgia
since i’m now old enough
to go out on my own accord

stream rademacher’s newest release below
& go to the hemlock tonight.
do it for the central valley!
(ha, great sales pitch, right?)