The News Room Part ⅱ || Jughead Jones

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word count : 1,270

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : sadness, breaking things, SELF DOUBT, SELF HATE,  the most extreme feels

summary : after three whole weeks of avoiding Jughead after he cheated on you with Betty, Jughead tries to show how sorry his is by showing how much he loves you.

a/n : i went a little over board, but i really like how it turned out. i hope you all enjoy it as much as i loved writing it! 

part one

requests are open

     After leaving the school that night, you had went straight home. You threw away everything Jughead ever given you. You ripped apart the teddy bear he’d gotten your for the two of yours first anniversary. You  tore and burned most of the pictures you had of each other. After all that you just broke down; crying loud enough to cause your parents to come into your room and comfort you. They felt for you as they also believed the two of you would be together forever; well so much for that. 

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Start of a New Family (Part 1)

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Hi everyone! This is a part of a mini series I plan on writing, which is a sister reader series. Let me know how you guys like it! Sorry if it’s kinda short!  Hope you all like it!   

She wasn’t sure when it all started, or why for that matter. It all happened so suddenly that she couldn’t wrap her head around it, not that she really wanted to. No, (Y/N) would prefer not to wrap her head around it. One moment she was a normal teenage girl, struggling with normal high school drama with relatively good grades. She played sports, participated in the music program, and was even looking into college. Then it all changed. Bam. No warning, nothing. She just went home one day after school only to find her mother’s bloody corpse on the floor. After that moment, her life was completely different, and most would say the change was for the worst, although (Y/N) disagrees.

Although the change seemed rather abrupt and random, the choice had been made sixteen years prior. Not by her, no, she had yet to exist. It was by her mother. Her mother, (Y/M/N), who was so desperate to have a child that she made a deal. A deal that would allow her to conceive and raise a single child until the age of sixteen, even after every doctor in the book told her it wasn’t possible.. After the child turned sixteen, well, then (Y/M/N)’s soul would be headed south so to speak. So after that deal was made, she stumbled into some bar, got herself drunk, and slept with a man that seemed almost as troubled as she was. His name; John Winchester.

A few days after, (Y/M/N) began to feel sick, getting up early in the mornings just to vomit. A week later, she takes a pregnancy test. It was positive. She never tried to track down John, deciding that she would rather deal with the child on her own, especially with the deal she had made. No, the deal was her business, and her business only. No reason to get anyone else involved. (Y/M/N) decided to keep her child, having a healthy baby girl on (Y/B/D). She raised that baby for sixteen years, her deal floating in the back of her mind. Two weeks after her baby’s birthday, her deal came full circle and left her in ribbons on her kitchen floor.

Not that (Y/N) knew any of that. Her mother decided not to tell her anything about how she came to be, other than her father’s name. The only thing that (Y/N) knew was that if anything should ever happen to her mother, call John Winchester, and he could help her. He was her father.He had to, didn’t he? So when she found her mother dead on the floor, that is exactly what she did. She called the number her mother had given she her, only to reach the voicemail. She called again; nothing. Three times. Four. Finally, on the fifth ring, some picked up.

“Hello?” A gruff voice growled, the speaker on the old land line crackling. (Y/N) bit her lip and swallowed, this was certainly not what she wanted, not any of it. The man on the other end of the call repeated himself before she had the courage to speak.

“Is this John Winchester?” she asked, her voice shaking. The line went silent for a second before picking up again.

“No. Who the hell is this? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t hang up on you right now.”

“I’m his daughter and I need help. Something killed my mom and I need help. Please, please, I really need help,” A whimper escaped her as she bit her lip. (Y/N) was terrified. Whatever had hurt her mother was strong, stronger than anything she had ever encountered. The thing could kill her too.

“John didn’t have a daughter,” the voice barked. “Now why don’t you tell me who the hell you are and why you’re calling my dad’s old phone,”

“Listen buddy, I don’t know who you are or what’s going on but I’ll tell you what I do know. My name is (Y/N) and my mom was (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). I just came home from school to find my mother torn to shreds on my kitchen floor. All through my life my mother told me if anything ever happened to her I need to call this number and tell a Mr. John Winchester that I’m his daughter and that something happened to her. That’s all I know. If you can’t help me fine. I can just call the police. But if you can help me, I’d really frikin appreciate it because nothing I know of could break through a door and tear someone up this badly,” she snapped. The voice on the other end of the phone sighed.

“Okay kid, calm down. My name is Dean, and my brother and I can help you okay? You just need to tell me where you are,” Relieved, you quickly raddled off your address to the man. They said their goodbyes, and looked down at her mother again. Little did she know, this was the beginning of something crazier, something darker than she could’ve imagined. Little did you know that this was the start of your story, because you are her. This is the story of how you became the youngest Winchester, of how you were officially the Winchester’s little sister. But, looking back now on the normal compared to your new life, you wouldn’t go back. Even with the horrible start, this is what led you to your new family.

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A/N: Just something small! Hope everyone enjoys!

Pairing: Jeff Hardy X Reader

Summary: Jeff forgets your one year anniversary.

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 300+

Jeff looked at you from across the room. You could feel his eyes boring into you. He stood you up for your one year anniversary. Jeff of all people should know that doesn’t fly with you.

You walked down the empty corridor, sweatshirt hanging open, exposing your Hardy Boyz t-shirt. “So you aren’t that mad at me.” You glanced over your shoulder just long enough to see Jeff making his way towards you.

“I’m not wearing it for you. I’m wearing it for Matt. He at least sent a text congratulating me on spending one whole year with you. Unlike you. You didn’t even show up to our date! Hell, you didn’t even text or call!” Your voice was laced with venom.

Jeff caught up with you and grabbed your elbow gently. “I apologized!”

You laugh bitterly, shaking his hold off. “You sent I text that said, "Sorry. U mad?” I would hardly call that an apology!“

Jeff sighed. “Darlin’ I really didn’t mean it. I just forgot! Everything going on with me and Matt just has my brain raddled! I got all the days mixed up! I thought our anniversary was on Friday, not Tuesday! ‘m sorry!”

You could hear it in his voice that he was telling the truth. Matt taught you the difference between Jeff’s “I’m telling the truth,” voice and his, “I’m lying,” voice.

You stopped, causing Jeff to bump into you. “I know you’re telling the truth…It just upsets me that I couldn’t spend the day with you. I couldn’t find you. You didn’t answer the phone…”

Jeff wrapped his arms around you from behind, his nose dragging up your neck. “I really am sorry. How ‘bout I take you out to dinner and we spend the rest of our night in bed…in anyway you want.”

You smiled sweetly and leaned back into his body. “Mmm k. Sounds really nice.”

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If you could only have one of the boys be your best friend who would you choose and why?

I will have ALL of them as my BFFF and here’s why…


I’m saying Louis first because he’s basically an alternate universe version of myself and that piece of information is needed for context. We’d probably run around like ADHD-raddled drunk puppies then get high and go bust a move on a dance floor all night like

I think at the end of the day I relate to Lewis the most because he’s kind, he’s smart, he’s important, but mostly also because


Because he’s basically an alternate universe version of Choe (aka @vocabularryonthemind​ ) just don’t remind her of that fact she gets mad as hell. 

But when I do dumb shit like this

she’s probably the one most likely to be there with me like

She is very wise and smart and funny and sends me lots of pictures of her dog so what else could you ask for in a BFF? Also we’ve never made any small talk in our lives. When we met it was like, “Right. Straight to business. WTF is up with Plato’s theory about soulmates? What even would a person with two legs and two arms look like?” To which she answered, “A cow.” So yah. We friennnnnds.


Because he’s basically an alternate universe version of @mellygrant​ who is the responsible one but also funny as all hell and my Business Hoe partner in crime. I don’t let her get too serious and she doesn’t let me get too ridiculous so we’re like the ying and yang of BFFs.

Here’s actual footage of her and Choe together:


Because he’s basically an alternate universe version of @nautilarrie, who sends me the best snapchat films I’ve ever seen. And yes I mean snapchat FILMS. She filmed an entire goddamn music video to Bruno Mars’ “24k Magic” on Snapchat and edited that shit together to make one glorious video and if that isn’t the most Noll thing than I don’t know what is. But also she’s very smart and wise and if Gemma was in 1D she’d be Gemma, but she’s not so Big Al gets to be Noll. 

Also she works in the potato industry.


Because he’s basically an alternate universe version of…jk there’s only one Zayn. And I love this silly betch. I want Zayn to be my best friend but I also need him to reinforce his treehouse that he built himself with an actual foundation made by someone who isn’t Zayn. Then I’ll happily go to his bar in the sky. 

I listen to Mind of Mine in its entirety at least once a week and constantly hear new lyrics that I’m like, “Did he jus-” …he is such an amazing artist and whilst I miss OT5 they can all stay on hiatus as long as they want if we’re getting 5 albums as good as Mind of Mine. 

(No but really they need to come back I need more sweet OT5 harmonies in my vida loca.)

Anyway sorry for not following the rules and parameters of your ask but anons don’t control me. Not anymore.   

  • English ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ I Am Lord Voldemort
  • French ☩ Tom Elvis Jedusor ☩ Je Suis Voldemort
  • Romanian ☩ Tomas Dorlent Cruplud ☩ Sunt Lordul Cap-De-Mort
  • German ☩ Tom Vorlost Riddle ☩ Ist Lord Voldemort
  • Japanese ☩ トム・リドル (Tomu Ridoru) ☩ 私はヴォルデモートです
  • Bulgarian ☩ Том Мерсволуко Риддъл ☩ Тук съм и Лорд Волдемор
  • Belarusian ☩ Том Вальдор Рэдл ☩ Лорд Волдеморт
  • Catalan ☩ Tod Morvosc Rodlel ☩ Sóc Lord Voldemort
  • Chinese ☩ 汤姆·马沃罗·里德尔 ☩ 佛地魔
  • Czech ☩ Tom Rojvol Raddle ☩ Já Lord Voldemort
  • Danish ☩ Romeo G Detlev Jr ☩ Jeg Er Voldemort
  • Dutch ☩ Marten Asmodom Vilijn ☩ Mijn Naam Is Voldemort
  • Esperanto ☩ Tom Vlades Mistero ☩ Mi Estas Voldemort
  • Estonian ☩ Tom Marvolon Riddle ☩ Mina, Lord Voldemort
  • Finnish ☩ Tom Lomen Valedro ☩ Ma Olen Voldemort
  • Greek ☩ Άντον Μόρβολ Χερτ ☩ Αρχων Βολντεμορτ
  • Hebrew ☩ טום ואנדרולו רידל ☩ אני לורד וולדמורט
  • Hungarian ☩ Tom Rowle Denem ☩ Nevem Voldemort
  • Icelandic ☩ Trevor Delgome ☩ Eg Er Voldemort
  • Italian ☩ Tom Orvoloson Riddle ☩ Son Io Lord Voldemort
  • Latin ☩ Tom Musvox Ruddle ☩ Sum Dux Voldemort
  • Lithuanian ☩ Tomas Malvoras Ridilis ☩ Aš Esu L. Voldemortas
  • Norwegian ☩ Tom Dredolo Venster ☩ Voldemort Den Store
  • Polish ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ Jestem Lord Voldemort
  • Portuguese ☩ Tom Servolo Riddle ☩ Eis Lord Voldemort
  • Russian ☩ Том Марволо Реддл ☩ лорд Волан-де-Морт
  • Serbian ☩ Tom Mervolodomos Ridl ☩ To Smo Mi Lord Voldemor
  • Slovak ☩ Tom Marvoloso Riddle ☩ A Som I Lord Voldemort
  • Slovenian ☩ Mark Neelstin ☩ Mrlakenstein
  • Spanish ☩ Tom Sorvolo Ryddle ☩ Soy Lord Voldemort
  • Swedish ☩ Tom Gus Mervolo Dolder ☩ Ego Sum Lord Voldemort
  • Turkish ☩ Tom Marvoldo Riddle ☩ Adim Lord Voldemort
  • Indonesian ☩ Tom Marvolo Riddle ☩ Akulah Lord Voldemort
  • Ukrainian ☩ Том Ярволод Редл ☩ Я Лорд Волдеморт
Awards and Surprises

Tom Hiddleston x reader 

Warning: One curse word.

Author’s note: I know he’s real this is purely fiction. Also I know nothing of most award shows so…yeah

Based on @theartofimagining13 Prompt Telling Tom you’re pregnant at an event. 

You fumble with a pearl earring as Tom peaks his head in the bathroom door.

“Something wrong?” He asks noticing the nervous energy that kept you from getting the earring in the little hole.

“Yes, I’m nervous. This is the Oscars, what if I fall.” You finally snap the back of the earring in place.

“You won’t fall and if you do I will pick you back up.” Tom says kissing your lips.

“Are you nervous? Do you have your speech?” You ask trying to shift the topic of interest from you to him.

“Yes and do you have your’s.” Tom asks patting his jacket pocket.

“I didn’t write one. Tom, there is no way I’d win.” You say grabbing your shawl.

“You are nominated for four awards, all of which you have a chance of taking home.” Tom grins smugly.

“What, no Tom I am there to support you, David and Benedict.” You say draping the shawl around your shoulders.

“Fine.” Tom says leading you out to the car.

Oh the red carpet, the time where you get asked what you’re wearing and try to repeat French words and still sound educated.

With Tom on your shoulder you step out of the car and onto the carpet, not missing a step.

Flashes of cameras and earfuls of people talking about roles and fashion assault your senses.

After the fashion question you catch up to Tom, David and Benedict at your seats.  

“I bet you’ll win all of them.” David whispers as the show begins.

You smack his chest shaking your head.

“There’s no way, absolutely no way.” You say taking a sip of the water.

Jokes about the newest celebrity scandals raddle on and tear filled speeches are given until it comes to your first category: Best Director.

“And the award goes to Y/N L/N-Hiddleston.” The presenter reads off the card.

You look around at the three men at your table and then back at the stage. The camera and everyone’s eyes were on you.

“Are you sure?” You ask to no one in particular as you stand up with Tom’s help and walk to the stage to accept the award.

“Um, hello. I honestly didn’t plan anything. I want to thank my family and friends and Tom of course. Everyone involved with the film, everyone that saw the film, even everyone that saw the trailer. I love you all.” You say quickly accepting the award.

You sit back down at your table still amazed. You set the award down on the table and look at the boys around you.

David takes a sip of his drink and says “One down three to go.”

You roll your eyes.

More jokes and then Tom and David’s category: Best Actor.

“And the award goes to David Tennant.” The presenter says.

David looks just as surprised as you were and makes his way to the award and makes a speech that makes most everyone in the audience cry.

Costume and Make-up awards were given and then it came back to another category of yours: Best Original Screenplay.

You take a deep breath holding Tom and David’s hands. Benedict reaches his hand on top of the pile of hands.

“And the award goes to Y/N L/n- Hiddleston, damn she’s on a roll.” The old presenter says.

You froze looking at your friends and soulmate. This time all three of them pushed you up to the stage. A couple of people laughed as your legs shook under you.

“Wow, I really don’t know what to say. I poured a lot of myself into this script. The story itself for Plastic was inspired by an unfortunate event in college, where my self-confidence took a hit, and instead of turning to a darker path I chose to put everything I felt down on paper. Not to put a damper on this but to anyone out there that is being pulled down that path, please don’t. Those scars stay with you. Channel it somehow into something positive. It doesn’t have to be a script or a movie. Anything.” You finish as the music began to play.

Going back to your seat you realize that many people began crying during your little speech.

David opens his mouth to say something but you cut him off.

“Don’t say it, this is the end. I’m sure.”

You sit and hold Tom’s hand laughing as the show went on.

Benedict went to present an award for sound and came back a little later than expected because of the speech of the winner.

Then your category came again: Best Picture.

You take a sip of your drink as the winner is announced.

“And the winner is Y/n L/N- Hiddleston, Hope your shoes are comfortable.” The presenter says.

You spit out your water covering Benedict. You immediately cover your mouth. Eyes bugging out of your head.

You quickly sprint to the stage.

“Okay first thing first, I’m sorry Benedict for spiting the water on you. This is starting to get weird. I came here without a speech so bear with me for the third time. Um I don’t want to repeat myself but I do want to give a message for anyone who wants to get into this business. Do it, we need new blood, sweat and tears going into this machine called show business.” You end your speech.

You rush back to the boys trying to help Benedict with cloth napkins.

“I’m so sorry.” You say handing him yours.

“Y/N it’s fine. You were shocked just don’t drink anything when they announce anything.” Benedict pats himself dry.

David smirks sipping his champagne. “Three down one to go.”

“Shut up.” You say as another comedian goes to present.

Tears and joke were to follow.

Actresses and actors go up and make their speeches. Mothers are thanked and children are told to go to sleep.

That’s when it hit you.

You had to tell Tom that you are pregnant.  

How is he going to react? We spoke of having children. Both of us for it, but what if he changed his mind.

Tom and David go up to present the last of your categories: Best Visual Effects.

He throws some witty jokes into the introduction of the category with David.

They have this comedic timing and could bounce of each other easily.

“Alright now let’s find out who won. Even though I think I have an idea of who it is.” David says winking at you.

“Okay, the winner is, “Tom’s eyes scan the envelope.” Y/n L/N Hiddelston, darling I told you.”

You take the award from Tom standing in between them both.

“Um wow, this is amazing and such a milestone for me. I never thought I’d be up here. Movies take a long time to make and whole team. So do miracles, Tom,” You face Tom and instantly forget about the cameras and hundreds of people,” You and I have made our own little miracle. You’re going to be a father.”

You look back Tom and he smiling and crying.

David’s shocked and people are clapping.

The three of you make your way back to your seats. You are now a blubbering mess with four trophies.

“Are you okay?” You ask thinking he’s upset about losing.

“I’m wonderful, absolutely wonderful.” He says kissing you. Both of your faces wet.


The movie’s no longer playing in cinemas but since the TV series played a big part of my childhood, I want to show my love and admiration for the latest film reboot. I always wanted to be the White Power Ranger or, ever since I’ve seen the movie, the Green one of the Cenozoic era now. 

In an age raddled with both awe and skepticism from fairly recent and older generations of viewers on such reboots, I admit that I wasn’t too keen on watching the 2017 Power Rangers movie, although I did enjoy Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters last year. I still believe that Ghostbusters (2016) didn’t deserve the amount of flak and the terrible and racist comments Leslie Jones received online. I was afraid and expecting that it might end up as a made-for-the-CW-channel film adaptation of Power Rangers and I’m glad I was wrong. 

 Amidst the alien-like reimagining of the entire Rangers mythos, from Ranger suits from the MMPR to Rita Repulsa, skillfully done and reinterpreted by Elizabeth Banks, the considerably campy, youthful and bright aspects of the show that made it appealing to me as a child remains intact. 

It’s like Power Rangers, as a narrative and as a franchise had matured enough to fit and cater to the contemporary concerns of the adults who grew up watching the show as a kid about a decade or so ago and those today who are seeing these Rangers for the first time. 

I love the casting, the dynamic or chemistry the actors have and share with each other and how they’d been written and portrayed. It’s a diverse cast and I especially love that the representations of POC and queer characters aren’t tokenistic. 

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G (the reason why Can’t Stop Dancin’ is my current LSS), and Ludi Lin’s work/s in the future. Hopefully we’ll be seeing them as Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack in more Ranger films, as long as the script/story and directing stays good (although it’s a TV show and some episodes of it were good, please don’t end up like Kara’s arc during the second season of Supergirl). 

I know Rita’s a villain but I wonder if she’ll still be alive if/when there’s a sequel. As I’ve said before, I love Elizabeth Banks’ take on her. I want to find and get my Funko Pop figure of Rita. I believe that Survivor by Destiny’s Child hinted on how Rita had survived for millions of years and that she’ll be in the sequel. The Krispy Kreme scene was gold. I’d really love to see her more in action as the Green Ranger. It’s not much of a spoiler since it was revealed early on in the film sans the speculations that preceded it. Kahit back story na lang. Most likely in a flashback sequence. 

I hope Bandai also releases an action figure of Rita as the Green Ranger during the Cenozoic Era scene. If I could buy it in a heartbeat (so to speak), then I’LL BUY IT. There are Funko Pop figures of Rita and Zordon that are available in select stores but it’s too pricey for me and my seemingly non-existent student budget right now. I’ve too many fandoms, and so little means for me to get and collect merch (at least for now). I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the Rita sans the Ranger suit and then Trini (so they’ll be gal pals and braid each other’s hair…but as Rita says, “I’m just kidding!” as she then throws Trini onto the wall). 

 Speaking of braids and hair, I do love Trini’s hairstyle + aesthetic in the movie. Becky G’s look and portrayal of Trini reminded me a bit of the spunk of Sarah Manning in Orphan Black, one of the key clones played by the chameleon-like actress, Tatiana Maslany. 

Postscript: Angel Grove = Storybrooke 

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Requested by  bebhemmo <3
Prompt:  can you do joker x reader with prompt “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me” love your blog xx
a/n: you are gorgeous


The room shone bright neon as your blank gaze bored upwards into the never ending stream of hospital lights, or so you presumed them to be. Somewhere near your abdomen a pain so precise, so consuming, stabbed that it made your head spin, everything below and up turning eerily numb. Your throat was dry and itchy, a loud buzzing catching your ears as you tilted your head to the side slowly to eye the worried face of a nurse and a doctor shouting something just behind her. Your whole body raddled when someone lifted your hand – you felt the blood flow back into it – and with your heart drumming in your ears you glanced to the side, recognizing the green hair and red lips in an instant.

Despite everything being so hazy you managed to squeeze out a crooked grin and blink at the Joker, as if to reassure him that you were fine. His face showed nothing more but desperation, and hurriedly wrapping his fingers around yours he brought them to his cheek, pressing tightly.

“Squeeze my hand if you can hear me…” His words were but a faint whisper though the heavy noise, but you still caught it. It took everything you had in you to squeeze so tightly your knuckles turned frosty pale. A magnificent smile lit up his face, his mouth already moving to say something else when all lights were suddenly sniffed out and your hand went limp.

Requests are opened!

New Pet | Part 3

Joker x Reader. SMUT

Leave feed back and let me know what you think. I love to write but sometimes I run out of ideas so low key message me and I may use a bit of your input. :D I promise so really smut will be happening soon ;)

WARNING: violence

Word count: 1,573 (a bit shorter than I usually like)


Joker’s backstory

(Joker’s POV)

My dad was a major drug dealer and my mom was never around, I’m honestly not to sure what happen to her., I only had my dad to hang around with. When I was 14 it was late on a Tuesday night and I was lying in bed when I heard a loud bang on the front door. This would happen a lot and I figured my dad would just get it like he usually did. He didn’t. Ten minutes had passed an I hear the front door break and fall to the ground in a loud thud. They had come into our house. I hear them roaming around, some glasses break, and a few gun shots go off. Where was my dad?

I tried to not acknowledge them being there and stayed in my bed, curled up into a ball under my covers. My bedroom door slammed open and I hear the man in my doorway yell down the stairs, “His son is in here boss.” I peer out of the covers and a big man walks into the room. He grabs my shoulder and asked, “Where is your father, son?”

“I’m not sure.” A responded, afraid of the big black figure standing before me.

“I guess you’ll just come with us until we can find him.” He grabs my shoulder pulling me from my bed, throwing me onto the ground. One of his men came over and tied my arms to my legs. Holstering me on to his shoulder, throwing me into the back of a large van and jumping into the back with me, slamming the door shut.

We came to a hard stop and I rolled, hitting my head extremely hard on the metal cage separating the front two seats from the rest of the van. The back doors open and it’s dark outside. I’m not sure where I am but I can see the moonlight reflecting off of a small lake. We were at a small lake house. They drag me inside, causing my back to acquire a bunch of cuts on it. Once inside they tie me down to a chair and knock me out with some sort of drug.

I wake up a few hours later, alone in a grungy, leaky, basement. I can’t see anything, they had a blind fold over my eyes. There is a consistent dripping noise behind me. ‘Please let that just be a leak in the ceiling.’ I say to myself, hoping I’m not bleeding or anything. After an hour of sitting there in fear I hear I loud, squeaky door creak open in front of me. My blind fold gets ripped off and it’s the same man who tore me from my bed at home.

“Say hi to your father,” he grabs my short hair, throwing my head back for the phone’s camera to get a full view of me. “Ask him to come here, alone. Now.” He shouts in my ear as I shiver through the chains, causing them to raddle.

“Dad? Please come. Help me, please. Just you, nobody else or they will kill both of us. They…” I get cut off from the big man punching me in the face.

“That’s enough from you.” He shouts in my face as my cheek starts to bleed from his rings breaking through my skin. He puts the blind fold back over my face and I hear him say, “You have 30 minutes to be here or we will find you and kill you. You know where we are, hurry, before it’s to late.” I hear the phone beep as the recording stops. A swoop sound occurred seconds later, ‘He sent it. Please show up dad.’ I cry to myself. The man hears me crying and tears the blind fold back off, causing my head to fling back. I didn’t have the energy to move my head anymore so it just sat there. “What are you crying for boy? Should I jut kill you right now, that would definitely be quicker!”

My tears stopped quickly, they started to turn into rage. I knew I wasn’t going to let them kill me, I would fight my way out of here. The man looks at me and pushed himself away from me with the help of the chair, growling while exiting the room. All of my energy had been wasted and I fell asleep.

A few hours had pasted and my dad still hadn’t showed up. The door flies open and a man with a bag on his head gets thrown onto the ground by my feet. He had been beaten badly and was covered in blood. I could hear him breathing heavily, like the wind was knocked out of him. The bag gets ripped off of his head by the boss and it was my father. I had never seen him in this much pain and it hurt me to see him this way. He is grunting, holding his stomach while hunched over on the ground. I looked down at him, tears rolling down my face. He wouldn’t look up at me. ‘Was he embarrassed? Was he ashamed?’

“Dad?” I ask to see if I can get anything from him. He puts his arm up and waves me off signaling that he was fine. He wouldn’t answer me though. I’m still not sure why. Before I could try to get any words out of him the men started to hurt him again. This time, worse.

One ripped his head back, exposing his stomach, while the other slammed a baseball bat to his gut. He swung that bat over and over and over and over again. I couldn’t bear to watch. A man held my head still so I had a full view of my father’s beating but I kept my eyes shut tight. I can still remember the awful noises that came from him though, they will always haunt me

When they finally finished my dad was kneeling before me with his hands tied behind his back and blood running from all over his face and body. They made him sit there, starring at me. They knew how much pain it brought both of us to sit and look at each other like this, that’s why they did it.

The boss unties me a yells, “Stand up boy!” I did as I was told, staring down at my father who was looking down at my bare feet. “Take this.” He shoves a pistol my direction, and I refuse to take it, “NOW!” He grabs my hand placing the gun in my palm. “Point it at your father.” I couldn’t, why would he want me to do this. Why does he want us to suffer so horribly.

He nobs his head for one of the guards to come over and “help” me with the unbearable task he had just given me. The man wraps my hands around the gun and held my arms out straight so the gun was resting on the father’s forehead. That is when it hit me. My dad wouldn’t look at me or speak to me because he knew whatever he had done would result in this. He knew that no matter what he did he wouldn’t be able to get himself out of this situation. So he just sat there and took it.

“Pull the trigger.” The boss said while leaning closer to my face. It was like he was trying to temp me into killing my father. He knew I couldn’t do it so he wrapped his hand around mine, squeezing the trigger which was under my finger. I know I didn’t willing kill my father that night, but I seems like I should have been the one to.

Ever since that night the boss took me under his wing. I never got to learn his name or know anything about him but he turned me into what I am today. By the time I was sixteen I enjoyed staying with him, I wanted to stay with him. He had gotten me into a world that I could never escape from. A world that I had turned into my own. He would take me to do business trips with him and I got used to killing people and having someone else clean up my messes. I learned how to get people to do whatever I want, whenever I want just by giving them a look.

Once I hit the age of twenty two he died at one of our business exchanges and my soul became hard, right then, right there. Since I grew up next to him all of his men were used to taking care of me and having my back. All I knew to do was live in this world of crime and violence, so that’s what I did. I kept his men in my life and found some more to keep around.

It’s what I wanted for myself. I wanted to be this villain, I wanted people to know my name, and to tremble when they heard it. To this day I still don’t know why my father got killed that night, but I’m not to mad that he did because it helped me become what I am today. It helped me to become the king of Gotham city and nobody in their right mind messes with the king.


He hated the way Minho flirted with you. You were his girl and yet Minho overstepped the boundary every chance he could, knowing it would get Newt complete raddled up. You loved how jealous Newt could get and you definitely weren’t complaining when making up.

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