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no hate but why do you love raddits so much (that art of him in booty shorts has me dead btw)

Ok so this, I’m not sure how this’ gonna sound but, I drew some Raditz art and it went over really well with people on here and, thing is, I will sometimes focus more on something if I know it’s jiving with other people, so I drew more Raditz, eventually did the booty shorts thing, people loved that, did the redemption arc sketches, a lot of people loved that, and now I’m doing a comic about it because I know people will really love that.

Now to be fair, that doesn’t mean that *I* don’t love Raditz, I think he’s great, and there’s a lot of fun in how much storytelling you can do with him because he’s an important character that gets the series going, but he has so little screentime, backstory, etc. And I definitely appreciate him more and more every time I draw him and think fun stuff up for him. My interest in him kind of evolved from when I was just doing a couple of sketches of him within the year, that’s all.


Video clip to fic Rogue Z by bealeciphers

Author: vera-nic
Relationship: Leonard Snart/Barry Allen
Rating: R
Additional Tags: Zombie AU
Soundtrack: Hero of the Day - E.T. (Futuristic Lover) (Katy Perry Cover)