lookin rad, feelin radder B)

my kon kal-el wig came in today, which means i can finally put the finishing touches on this cosplay and get to fighting crime!! my ttk has been coming in pretty nicely as well, so i’d give it a week or so before i’m finished and ready to hit the metropolis skies. 

in the meantime, you should totally hit up crowmunist, who picked and styled this wig, for cosplay commissions!! not only are they RIDICULOUSLY skilled at all things cosplay, but they’re one of the nicest and most reliable commissioners i’ve ever worked with. 10/10, five stars, two thumbs up and a billion smooches!!!!

I said this before in a reply, but what if due to Tom interfering with Star’s and Marco’s dance, it for one didn’t bind Star’s and Marco’s soul (as you must dance the whole time for the lore to work) but instead bounded Star’s, Marco’s and Tom’s souls together, as he too was in the moonlight and pushing Marco s kinda dancing.

What I really love about Amaburi so far is the fact that these mascots- can go from cute

to this

Doesn’t even end there

Them looking so done with life’s shit

And have you seen such a bara face

Gettin’ drunk cause yeah work’s just crap

And oh yeah

That pink kitty actually flirts with women.

120728-O-ZZ999-036 by U.S. Pacific Fleet on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia (July 28, 2012) A SH-60 Sea Hawk helicopter, assigned to the Blackjacks of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 21 brings a load of cargo to the pier in Sihanoukville during Pacific Partnership 2012. Cambodia is the fourth country the USNS Mercy has visited during her Pacific Partnership 2012 mission, following on from Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Pacific Partnership, an annual U.S. Pacific Fleet humanitarian and civic assistance mission now in its seventh year, brings together U.S. military personnel, host and partner nations, non-government organizations and international agencies to build stronger relationships and develop disaster response capabilities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. (Photo by Kristopher Radder)