In July 1800, newspapers up and down America began reporting on the death of Thomas Jefferson, news which took no one by greater surprise than Jefferson himself.

The reason for the spread of the tale is still a matter for debate, and will be until Timecop becomes a real thing. There are a couple explanations, though. The first one is straightforward: There may have been another Thomas Jefferson whodied on June 30 – one of his namesake’s slaves. Simple enough.

Luckily, we have another, radder explanation. According to a number of Jefferson’s fellow Democratic-Republicans, the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by their Federalist rivals to interfere with the presidential campaign going on at the time. In particular, this was all occurring prior to and during the Fourth of July, which meant that in the minds of at least some voters, Thomas Jefferson spent Independence Day 1800 as a dead man.

According to the Democratic-Republicans who cried “hoax,” the Federalists spread the report of Jefferson’s death so that he wouldn’t be honored on the Fourth for writing the Declaration of Independence, and indeed, a lot of the discussion in the newspapers that reported on his “death” was eye-wateringly acidic. Consider the Connecticut Courant, where one of those tricksy Federalists wrote that on a slow news day, “some compassionate being … very humanely killed Mr. Jefferson.”

6 Historical Hoaxes That Are Too Stupid Even For 2017

There’s been a lot of negativity on this blog lately so here’s a list of things I LIKE about 2k12
  • The turtles are all visually distinct and it suits their personalities!
  • Mikey is adorable
  • Leo is adorable
  • Donnie is adorable
  • Raph is adorable
  • Raph and Mikey have pets and it’s??? so sweet?? Love them
  • Metalhead (rip sweet prince)
  • Slash and Destroy was freaking GREAT
  • April is a pretty cool character
  • April getting ninja training is rad!!
  • Getting to see April’s skills develop is even RADDER
  • The animation has gotten so nice? The environments are really nice looking too
  • The choreography of the early fight scenes was really good if a little slow due to budget restraints i’m guessing
  • The combat is still really good at present tbh
  • The show is almost always entertaining to watch
  • Cheese phone
  • Splinter getting some more focus in the story
  • Shinigami has a lot of potential to be awesome
  • C h e e s e   p h o n e
  • Mikey being the family cook
  • A lot of cool horror-esque story concepts
  • Splinter is a massive d  or k
  • Shredder is a whiny baby and I love it
  • A lot of the family moments we got were pretty sweet, but we did need more lbr
  • Space Heroes and Leo’s obsession with it
  • The opening is awesome
  • C H E E S E   P H O N E 

I give this show a lot of flak but it’s honestly just because I care so much about it. I’ve met a lot of awesome friends through this show and honestly my life wouldn’t be the same without them. 2k12 still has a lot going for it and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that!


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I know a girl so adorable,
To do any less than adore her
Should surely be a crime.
How adorable is she, you may ask?

Cuter than a sleeping-on-its-back-
Slightly-open kitten.
More stunning than a jellyfish.
More miraculous than a ladybug.
Otter-ly awesome.
Radder than a reptile.
More musical than a meadowlark.

She even makes marvelous moodboards;
Draws her friends with a loving hand;
AND pens pretty haiku!
Is there anything she can’t do?
I’m sure not!
She’s Mega, and my words
Can’t begin to do her justice.

—  Happy birthday, mega Meg @betarrinisisters 🎂📦💐🎉💜

anonymous asked:

Is Bella's hair color different or am I seeing things?

Yeah, it looks like she got reddish/light brown highlights in her hair again, she had a similar look in like late 2014, early 2015? A more reddish tone now, though, imo. Anyways, been telling ya’ll old school Bells is back and her hair is looking radder than ever, jk her hair use to be half blue once but whatever. I like that she’s changing it up a bit more and more, if only someone could convince her to get bangs again an/or cut it super short like when she was 17, again.

What I really love about Amaburi so far is the fact that these mascots- can go from cute

to this

Doesn’t even end there

Them looking so done with life’s shit

And have you seen such a bara face

Gettin’ drunk cause yeah work’s just crap

And oh yeah

That pink kitty actually flirts with women.

I said this before in a reply, but what if due to Tom interfering with Star’s and Marco’s dance, it for one didn’t bind Star’s and Marco’s soul (as you must dance the whole time for the lore to work) but instead bounded Star’s, Marco’s and Tom’s souls together, as he too was in the moonlight and pushing Marco s kinda dancing.