Bicycle soccer is a thing, and it looks awesome

by Kellen Becoats

Having gone down the path of people finding ways to include soccer in other sports – I’m looking at you, soccer golf – it only seems appropriate for us to bring bicycles into the equation.

I mean bicycle kicks are already a thing in regular soccer, now it has a totally new meaning.

This video, which is getting some internet attention, is from 2012 Radball play in Germany. 

The sport started in 1893 and is prevalent in Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. Radball places two teams of two on bikes and plays out much like a soccer match would. 

Look at the moves on these players, doing wheelies and throwing out handlebars to prevent penalties. They make simple step overs and nutmegs look like child’s play.

Can’t help but wonder when a deal with Lance Armstrong and Nike soccer will be struck to bring this league stateside. 

Until then, I guess we’re just stuck with players playing with their feet: what a shame. 

Photo courtesy of Getty

Daze featured in Radballs

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