The Alien World of the Cambrian

If you were to wake up one day and find yourself surrounded by these amazing creatures, after first freaking out, you would probably come to the conclusion that you were on some alien world.

But in actuality these are all real organisms from earths distant past - the Cambrian period. Artists and animators have joined forces with paleontologists to produce these visualisations of the various fossils found all over the world.

It is likely planet earth will never see a period like this again, and however horrifying it may have been, that is disappointing.

I have listed the names of the arthropods in the captions of each photo.

The Flying Snake, Chrysopelea.

While ‘flying’ snake may be a misnomer, these snakes can glide for longer than the length of a football field. They do so by 'inverting’ the undersides of their bodies into a concave shape, causing air to be trapped beneath it allowing them to slither through the air, changing both their velocity and direction at will.

Such a tease…

If this ever happened to me, I would have peed myself. I mean, the shark didn’t attack the camera man a swam away. But if you see a shark swimming towards you, very very close to you and attempts to open its mouth that would be bloody freaky!

But needless to say, this video - Showreeel 2013 by Built By Wildman