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Magnus: Hey Lucas, while we’re all showering together-
Lucas: You’re standing on my thigh, which is weird.
Magnus: Thank you for the boost!

I was re-listening to the Crystal Kingdom arc and the amusing scene where the group all squeeze into the tiny nullsuit chamber to get their fantasy spacesuits re-juiced turned hilarious when I realised that in order for Magnus to be doing the thigh thing, it would also mean that one of the biggest, bulkiest group members decided to get on top of most of the other adventurers. 😂


On the 44th day of Lucretia’s 71st cycle with the Starblaster, she found a very strange mirror which did not bear a reflection. Well, not exactly.

This evening’s warmup sketches, took a stab at IPRE-era Lucretia & we’ll call it an AU (I reckon some Maureen stuff is gonna be jossed reeeal fast soon) where in one of the worlds IPRE comes across Lucretia finds a “Mirror” which resonates with another reality - much like the Miller’s compact did with planes - and a strange woman who speaks to her from behind the glass. Well, that certainly must be chronicled…
[maybe Maureen had her prototype for the cosmoscope?? (which similarly aims to communicate between realities)]
tbh… I just really want these two ladies to meet and maybe……. hold hands…. & go for long walks in the moonlight together…….. 💕

My fave Dragonborn x Orc lesbian power couple from The Adventure Zone, Carey Fangbattle and Killian ♥ I’m trying to do faster, looser drawings bc art takes me SO LONG as I’m very out of practice… this still took a while but it’s a start! I can’t describe how great it is to have these very great girls in this good good podcast!!


Some good boys I made recently which I thought I’d share! Sewing plushes was my first foray into sewing so it was very fun to go back to my roots (especially since my internet’s been sporadic) 👌 They’re made with minkie fleece and are weighted so they sit nicely as well - I tried very closely to base them on the official design “style” of the illustrations and manga too. I’m currently constructing a Sakuya cosplay and wanted his true form to perch on my arm so this is the fruits of my endeavour 💪
I’m thinking of making an Okosan as I have some white left over too! 🕊🍮
Hatoful Boyfriend is © @moa810. Please buy and play it!


A really dumb self-indulgent TAZ Au drawin set where Magic Brian, Jenkins and Maarvey (Tres Nasty Boys) are the Reclaimers instead of our regular Good Good Boys.

Maarvey is p chill w Angus bc he reminds him of some of the younger members of his old gang… tho he’s a bit too nosy.

Magic Brian decides Angus will be his protégée and insists on teaching him nice easy spells like Fireball or Earthquake, much to Ango’s horror.

Jenkins… is not a fan & The Mystery of The Rockport Slayer is one of Angus’ only and most vexing unsolved mysteries which maybe he will solve 1 day…

anonymous asked:

Your lucas miller art makes me so very happy

Thank you so, so much anon, for a while I was having a lot of doubt with my lucas art in particular so that really makes me super happy!! ♥ Have some random drawings I never uploaded/ended up refining while listening to the latest TAZ update.