radarhorse gifs

My flawless children,
my heart has been touched with all of your kind messages and well wishes,
but please, shed no tears!

For I have merely been rewarded for all my good deeds on here on Earthney and as such, the Holy Spearit has deemed it fit to transform me into a saint to watch over all her beautiful and sexxxy followers in the lands of Breatheheavy and Tumblr! Twitter optional

Blessed are the souls in Exhale who use my gifs as their sigs,
for they shall be pardoned, by the grace of the Divine-ney,
and by the power of my holy hose!

Forgiven shall be the haters for they know not what they do;
worshiping false idols,
And praise be to all those who continue to seek my guidance,
and send me their nudes.

Love & light to all,
Saint Radarhorse

ps. The Seven Heavens of the Holy Spearit has an internet connection, praise be!