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Imagine Matt the radar technician comforting you after a bad day

This is actually really cute! Can you just imagine? You, an irritated, tired and sad technician sweetheart having a bad day ever since you’ve got out of bed, maybe it all started with a burnt instant baking bread and next thing you know you’re cleaning up a huge mess in the central apparatus room and your boss lady has been a total bitch all through out and you’re just DONE. So you drag your tired ass somewhere quiet and empty and away from anymore bad luck but you ended up running into Matt the radar technician and he’s just sitting silly on the floor muttering curses under his breath, your gaze was quickly met with hostility and he’s glaring up at you. “What?” and you frown too; cause you’re not gonna deal with any sass. So you sit the fuck on the floor with him and let him know that his bitchy attitude ain’t gonna work cause you’re a hard ass. 

Twas a little awkward tbh and while you just sort of sit there staring on the floor pondering on your shitty day and shitty boss lady. Matt the Radar technician elbows your shoulder, but softly— he’s trying to get your attention and he gives you this crumpled looking paper bag, you were confuse but you accept it anyway. It was those snack packs you can get in the canteen and even if it doesn’t look appetizing anymore you accept it and eat it anyway. 

You ended up whining about what had happen to you that day, that your instant ‘just add water to bake bread’ somehow got burnt and the fact that you had to clean and fix a stupid ass room and you tell him that you think your boss lady hates you and is deliberately making your life harder. He listened, he doesn’t say anything, but you don’t mind. 

The next day your boss lady is nowhere to be found and the higher ups decided to supply the workers with expensive instant meals, but the central apparatus room seem to have gotten worst, but this time around you weren’t the one cleaning up those sliced and diced equipment. 


If only DeRay Mckesson was keeping cows on government land and refusing to pay the rent. Or occupying a federal wildlife refuge by force. Then he’d be a “patriot” and an “activist” and he’d get good press from Fox “News”.

I’ll take Deray “burning things down” over a Republican like Snyder poisoning the people’s water. Good luck to Deray! #Love it!


Universal Monsters poster set by Nico Delort

Gathering inspiration in the daily and mundane as well as books and any kind of narrative medium, Nicolas endeavours to tell stories, big and small, by working on strong, evocative and intricate black and white compositions. #Love it!