She’s No Angel (Part 9)

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A/N: 11:08. I know, I just don’t want it anymore. Plus I’m tired of people asking for it, but at the same time, I enjoy talking to you all. It’s long AF, approx. 10 pages written. Idk wtf a paragraph is. Good luck, here you go.

She’s No Angel Master list

Warning: Smut maybe IDK it’s my first time lol.

Shit get’s real …

“Fucking technicians,” Kylo mumbled. He hated how he couldn’t even be able to do this simple task. He couldn’t wait to get back to his quarters and actually do something productive for the first order. Fumbling with the wires, he didn’t even hear the stormtroopers sneak up on him. “Matt!” FN-8041 yelled. He froze and readied for an attack. “Oi, Matt we aren’t going to hurt you.” Seventies raised his hands up. The other troopers spread out creating a barrier between them and the wall. “What do you want?” he spat. “He does get a little temper on him!” JY-8342, also known as Bear, chuckled. 8041 leaned on the wall. “Well, yesterday was eventful.” The troopers laugh as Matt glared. “I see you truly don’t like Angel.” he smiled. Matt clenched his wrench.

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