So an acquaintance of mine posted this

on Facebook, and somehow the conversation went from me adding this…

"I adore that darling corporal! Wish I could pull him out of t.v. land and snuggle the stuffing out of him and his bear ^///^"

to him eventually coming back with this…

"Marvel’s Agents of W.A.L.T.E.R."

And my mind exploded!

Because, could you imagine the Avengers being assigned a young Shield agent who’s supposedly just a glorified secretary…but they slowly begin to realize that there’s so much more to this kid than meets the eye. He brings Tony coffee when Tony is too absorbed in his work to realize he actually wanted coffee

, and even if the young man doesn’t know the terminology, he knows exactly when Bruce wants the printouts of the test results for the whooie-whatsits. He ducks coming around a corner, even though there was no warning that Thor was going to throw his hammer.

 And when Bruce happens to Hulk out involuntarily, Walter can somehow approach him in that calm, sweet, gentle manner he adopts with all of the animals they run across,

and hugs him until he comes back.