Bucky Barnes has an internal Steve Rogers Radar. It generally tells him the following:

a. Steve is in trouble… AGAIN (and needs back up)
b. Where Steve is at that given moment ( it has never failed him yet)

In the seventy odd years that the Winter Soldier’s handlers had him, they found that the “conditioning” never lasted long and that their Asset would inevitably and inexplicably head for some place cold and snowy.

(They could not know that there was a part of the Soldier that was steering him towards the final resting place of the Valkyrie, where his beloved Captain lay in his frozen sleep.)

Once free of his tormentors and with his mind slowly becoming his own again, old instincts could not help but take over.

“Damn it, punk, can’t you stay out of trouble for more than five minutes,” Bucky mutters as he sights Crossbones about to take a shot at Steve.

Crossbones goes down.

Of course, it doesn’t take Bucky too long to show himself to his Captain.

Steve had been waiting long enough.

—  The Blanket Fort Headcanon, Steeb and Bucko
Be nosy, ask shit

Would you rather…

  1. Lose your sight or your hearing
  2. Break your arm or break your leg
  3. Get run over by a train or by a truck
  4. Drink a glass of sea water or canal water
  5. Get shot by a gun or by an arrow
  6. Eat a dog or a rat
  7. See a ghost or an alien
  8. Go to jail for 30 years or die
  9. Go to the beach or the countryside
  10. Go to the pub or to the club
  11. Watch an action movie or comedy
  12. Be permanently bald or have 
  13. Be poor and happy or rich and unhappy
  14. Be able to stop time or fly
  15. Be gossipied about or never talked about at all
  16. Love and not be loved back or be loved but never love
  17. Go one normal day naked or fall asleep for a year
  18. Be a child or an adult for the rest of your life
  19. Be human or be immortal
  20. Be able to fly or have an invisibility cloak
  21. Talk in a very deep voice or in a high pitched voice
  22. Be a vampire or a ghost
  23. Get a tattoo on your face or metal spikes in your  head
  24. Eat a small can of cat foodor eat 7 lemons
  25. Not be allowed to wash your hands for a month or your hair
  26. Have a llittle green piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth or a booger in your nose that moves when you breathe
  27. Learn to walk or write all over again 
  28. Lose your wallet or lose your keys
  29. Eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream
  30. Live with Hitler for 3 years or with Saddam Hussein
  31. Age only from the neck up or from the neck down
  32. Speak all foreign languages or be able to talk to animals
  33. Live in a home without electricity or without water
  34. Drink 1lt of ketchup or mustard
  35. Have a zombie apoccalypse or World War III
  36. Drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public
  37. Know the date of your death or the cause of your death
  38. Be the richest person in the planet or be immortal
  39. Kill somebody to save a family member or let your loved one die
  40. Kiss a 65 year old men or a 7 year old boy
Radar guards against space debris

Space debris poses a growing threat to satellites and other spacecraft, which could be damaged in the event of a collision. A new German space surveillance system, scheduled to go into operation in 2018, will help to prevent such incidents. The tracking radar is being developed by Fraunhofer researchers on behalf of DLR Space Administration.

Traffic congestion is also an issue in space where, in addition to the dense network of satellites, orbiting space debris is increasingly transforming the paths on which they travel into a junkyard populated with burnt-out rocket stages and fragments of disintegrated spacecraft. Scientists estimate that there are now some 20,000 particles of space junk measuring more than ten centimeters in diameter hurtling around Earth at an average velocity of 25,000 kilometers per hour, not counting the 700,000 or so particles with a diameter of between one and ten centimeters. Although small, these items of space debris are traveling so fast that they could easily damage or destroy an operational satellite. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that space debris has a tendency to multiply exponentially through a kind of snowball effect. Whenever two particles collide, they break up into a greater number of smaller particles. Unless preventive measures are taken, the rapid multiplication of space debris could soon put an end to spaceflight as we know it.

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