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OH MY GOD BABY DRABBLE okay, okay, what about 2 & 6 w Kylo?! 😆

Haha, yes! I hope you don’t mind, I decided to make this a sequel to the triplets drabble I did for @crylorenlo a little while back. Hope you like it!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “Why is it making that face?” +  “Don’t you want to hold her/him?”

Matt and Ben walked into the living room of (Y/N) and Kylo’s apartment instantly setting out in search of their brother. Ben peered into the kitchen with furrowed brows.


“In here!”

Matt and Ben followed the origin of the voice to a room off to the side. Sure enough with a few strides they found themselves in the nursery Kylo and (Y/N) had made for their new twins. Kylo stood beside the crib adjusting the two little bundles in his arms as they cooed in response, their eyes wildly roaming the room as if they had never seen it before. Hearing the set of footsteps Kylo looked up from the twins.


Ben gave him a nod as Matt beamed at the sight of the two little beings squirming in Kylo’s arms.

“Hey. You called?”

Kylo nodded as he adjusted the twin in his left arm, “Yeah (Y/N)’s out for the day, so I thought I could have you guys over for once.”

Ben groaned, “You called us over here for baby duty didn’t you?”

Matt instantly walked over to Kylo, almost too eager to hold one of the little bundles. Preferrably his niece who seemed the most enamored by Matt, or rather his large glasses.

“I’m fine with that.”

Kylo smiled as he carefully handed his daughter over to Matt, already knowing how eager his brother was to hold her.

“I got a new gaming system also so we could do that after I give you a tour.”

Ben crossed his arms with a slight huff as Matt turned to him with a grin on his face, his tiny niece reaching forward to grab tiny fistfuls of his shirt. 

“I guess.”

Kylo walked closer to his brothers, his son still craddled close to him in the right arm, gesturing with his free hand to the room they were in.

“This is obviously the nursery.”

Matt nodded as his eyes searched the room, “It’s nice…cute. Did (Y/N) decorate it?”

“Of course she did, that’s how it ended up cute.”

Ben snorted faintly, “Thank gaud she did.”

Kylo nodded as he walked past his brothers, continuing his tour of the apartment with the litte bundle still in his arms. Stopping in the living room Kylo sighed, adjusting his son so that his head laid on his chest.

“And that’s it.”

Ben nodded in approval, “Great, what games have you got for us?”

Kylo sighed as he pointed to the entertainment system a few feet before them, “Feel free to go through them.”

Just as Ben was about to move he suddenly stopped, doing a double take to the infant in Kylo’s arms. His tiny face seemed to be “scrunched” in displeasure.

“Kylo. Why is it making that face?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as he pulled the infant away from him for a moment, observing his face. His brows raised slightly as his lips parted.

“Oh, I thought (Y/N) took care of that.”


“He needs to be changed.”

Matt suddenly paused where he stood, looking to his niece with hesitation as she had a very similar expression on her face.

“Make that two.”

Walking back towards the nursery Kylo ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, “Ok I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you need help?”

Kylo hesitated, looking between the infants and his brothers. Suddenly he moved towards Ben, handing him his nephew.

“Yeah just hold him while I get everything.”

Ben’s face scrunched up much like the infants in disgust, “Why do I have to hold them?”

Kylo rolled his eyes, “Just for a minute, I can’t get everything I need and hold both of them.”

Matt smiled at Ben as he nudged his head towards the infant, “Don’t you want to hold him?”

“Not really.”

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I’ve been off the radar for quite a while now on Tumblr. I moved away from landscape photography and started taking a lot more portraits. Looking back at my old photos it’s interesting to see how my work has grown since I picked up a camera; taking a break from what was more routine and changing things up has given me a different perspective on how I take a photo, and what a photo is. Since I’ve been gone for a while I’m looking forward to sharing my more recent work with you! 

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You said you found all the shrines in BotW? Did you use a guide, or did you just find them yourself? I ask because I wanna find them all myself, but I'm at 104 now so they're getting kinda hard to find, so I'm hoping you might have a tip for finding them faster (besides turning on the radar thing because duh that's obvious)

I ended up using a map of the shrine locations when I got to about 70 since I didn’t wanna spend forever on it and also I was recording all that and I didnt wanna like drag out the videos too much. Some of them I had to look up how to find or how to do the shrine quest cuz they get a bit unclear.

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I don't think you'd want to use this, but about the whole 16 in last year thing in the U.S. - I'm in that boat and the reasoning is switching school systems between countries? So someone could if the moved / did a exchange year, which can sometimes be at younger ages in specific programs

Actually! One of my bffs is like that, so it was on my radar as a possible explanation. I just wasn’t in the mood to get into the bureaucratic details at that point, especially since I figured no one else cared. But here you are, hi! :’) Anyway, this actually might be the most interesting explanation. Also it picks up a loose plot thread that I accidentally dropped like, a damn year ago lmao. While I never intended the main Fett bros to be total “military brats,” I did envision them as having moved a few times due to their father’s military career. But I never elaborated much on that because I preferred to let their history come together a bit more organically. By now though, I’m getting comfortable with the events that have glued themselves onto the timeline, and the gaps that have been created between them. At this point, the earliest thing I have regarding the family’s location is the idea of Fives and Echo going to school and summer camp with their Tipoca City based cousins, starting when they’re all in elementary school. So it’s entirely possible that the main family lived in other places before that, including abroad.

Another reason I like this explanation is that it doesn’t bump Jesse ahead of his brothers academically purely on merit. They all do exceptionally well in school (due in part to their parents’ high and strict expectations), so it would be odd to me that one was considered qualified to skip a grade but not the others. Especially not Jesse, no offense to him. Like, he certainly earns his high GPA, but relative to his bros his modes of intelligence in this AU lie more with common sense and working with your hands. So I prefer the thought that he’s a bit out of step just due to other circumstances. [Aside: If I did feel like having a bro skip a grade on merit, I’d pick Kix. But he’s already on the young side for his grade (July bby) and has enough academia-induced emotional damage as it is  so I should probably leave the poor boy alone.]

i remenber when frank ocean got popular everyone knew he was bi but then he went off the radar n everyone forgot so i feel like chanel was a reminder either way..love it my bi icon