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I’m not an interesting man.

Or at least, I wasn’t before the accident.

‘Utterly average’ only begins to scrape the tip of the iceberg that is my mediocrity; barely encapsulating the mind-numbing boringness of my existence. At school, I flew under the radar, never quite failing, but never exceptional. My hobbies were mundane; a bit of football and a lot of computer gaming. I excelled at nothing but wasting time. I was uninterested in the interesting, and enamoured of the banal. World of Warcraft sucked away the last chances I had of bettering myself, leaving me an inadequately skilled and poorly prepared adult who couldn’t hack it at college.

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Arranged marriage AU // @dressesandcarresses prompt

MATT IS A KNIGHT OF REN! *sweats* (that’s my addition) ;-)

It’s something like, seven brides for seven brothers, where all the Knights have to marry all the brides(?) of the first order…

Matt likes the one that is promised to him. This is the first time they meet.

// Are there fics where Matt is a Knight of Ren? Lemme know!

I don’t trust neither of the dates written under the pics because Harry’s wearing the same thing (with and without the jacket) in both set of pap pics AND fan pics so… and the public arrival at Heathrow when WE KNOW he travels off the radar a lot when it’s for personal/private/free time/family stuff so… what’s gonna happen?

December be good to us pls.

On My Radar

by larrymylove

Harry is the creeper across the street with a telescope who likes to look into Louis’ apartment. Louis decides to give him a show to teach him a lesson. Except, Harry isn’t really a creeper and instead of teaching him a lesson, Louis might be falling in love.

Words: 6701, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/2g0Nnkd

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Techie being the alpha, timid and quiet, knowing that he’s the weakest of all of the alignments because of their brash nature and desire to knot.

And Matt, proud omega, with his bouncing blond curls and strong shoulders, immediately latches onto the little alpha, knowing that he’ll be a good one.

And fuck, does Techie serve his omega well. Techie is such a giver, worshipping Matt for hours and hours, giving no regard to his own wants, just ravishing his mate in any way that Matt wants.

For once, Matt finds someone who calms him rather than makes him angry. Techie isn’t brash, Techie isn’t aggressive. The little redhead is just what Matt needs to keep him grounded.

Observation notes by Millard Nullings (2/9)

Hugh-oh Hugh, something’s are better kept unwritten but well I mean how could I not. One afternoon Hugh was fast asleep in the garden when a couple of those busy bees flew by Hugh’s face and geez I swear this kid has a built-in radar for them because as soon as they did he woke up immediately and frantically ran after them screaming, “HEY, WAIT UP! LET ME LOVE YOU, MUMMY IS HERE!!” Then he tripped on a twig, yes a TWIG and fell on his face and I swear I saw Henry fly out and pat him on the back but I was probably just seeing things.

-One long night, Hugh was quite ill and coughing a lot throughout the night. So I went to check on him only to see that he was just coughing up an old hive and I’ve never been so disturbed in my life. Like A WHOLE ENTIRE HIVE. How could an entire hive fit out of that boys body, the sight was just something out of a horror film like a snake shedding its skin or something. All his little bees were just resting on his bedding waiting for Hugh to clear out the space for a new one. The concept was all to weird to me.. //reminder: never walk in on Hugh coughing ever again//

-one time I witnessed Hugh eat the honey he sneezed up one time…I really do hope it was honey..

-Hugh and Fiona thought it’d be cute to swap clothes for the day, Hugh put on one her dresses and I have to admit he did look very dapper. He surprised her and did a big twirl for her while doing so he slipped on the long fabric of the dress and tried to mask the fall with a goofy pose and she was in hysterics that tears were coming out her eyes. Though, I had to run out of there like a bat out of hell because I was the only one that noticed that Hugh managed to rip a huge hole in the back and his underwear was in plain view and I almost died.

-Hugh also kisses and says goodnight to every. single. bee. he. owns. He does it EVERY night and he has about 500. YES 500 bloody bees. And every night I hear, “Goodnight Charlie, night Harold, hey, wait your turn Ollie.” Seriously Hugh give it a rest.

-One of his bees passed away the other day and I’ve never seen Hugh so upset. I mean it was a bee, so really, I’ve never seen anyone get that upset over a bee. But he got all dressed up in a tux and he and Fiona held a funeral procession and invited everyone one to come. Hugh made a speech but was just so incomprehensible, Enoch tried to quietly escape but Henry caught him. Olive and Claire were crying too, that’s only because they are so little and had no clue what was happening. Jacob and I were trying really hard not to laugh. Emma looked like she was going to kill us right there. I mean, I love Hugh but he’s so dramatic it’s unBEElievable (Sorry Hugh).

-Before Hugh and Fiona were a thing, they would hang out together alone. Fiona liked Hugh and Hugh liked Fiona. By the end of the night of long talks and other boring stuff. Fiona leaned in and kissed Hugh (it was quite a cute sight). Hugh was so flustered he quickly turned around and walked right into the side of the house, broke his goggles in two and gave himself a nose bleed. I swear he is the clumsiest peculiar I know.

-Hugh also makes sure to wear one article of yellow each day, he has like 20 pairs of yellow knickers and some even have bees on it, the kid is obsessed.

-I looked at Hugh’s tv history and he has watched the Bee Movie a total of 486 times, we have only been in present day for a couple months…