WOW, I just started this tumblr 4 days ago and somehow the thing made it to front page and got past 500 followers, the best part is that the majority of you guys are artists and I’m a fan of some of you as well so it’s super special! 

To celebrate I did an image with cool people like you just hanging around the tumblrhood, cats and mouses are just for fun.

Process: Gather some reference for the characters, sketch the composition and general idea, at this point it was only people in the image. Each layer had a character linework and flat colors. The guys looked bored so decided to add cats, cause the internet loves Kitties, then added mouses cause why not. 

Last part was refinement, so I gathered more inspirational reference. Some Calum Alexander art (http://calumalexanderwatt.blogspot.com) and Iris Muddy art (http://irismuddy.tumblr.com) Then rework all the linework with color and redo all the color flats with temperature variants and shadow pass. Trying to stay loose on all of the image, same brushstroke speed and time on each part so if it looks shitty it’s consistent and shitty all over, Shitty style!

Thanks Guis -Gabo

Guys Imagine you and Matt getting along, you really enjoy bothering him and hanging out with him and you find his anger issues funny so you come tease him every now and then and he says he doesn’t like you but you’re ‘tolerable’, but on the other hand Kylo Ren terrifies the shit out of you so whenever Matt isn’t anywhere to be found and you see Kylo Ren staring at you, you get a lil nauseous and uncomfortable and Kylo Ren finds that very amusing.