allura and coran trying to be smug about how much “more evolved” they are than humans (which is making matt pull all his hair out) but sometimes it backfires

  • allura: [smugly] honestly, it’s so sad that you’ll never be able to explore the oceans. they’re almost otherworldly. and so beautiful.
    pidge: uh…actually, we have been able to explore our oceans
    allura: what?
    hunk: i mean, not thoroughly because of how huge they are, but we’ve definitely been down there
    coran: if you can’t alter your respiratory system though, how do you manage to breathe?
    keith: scuba gear. submarines. radars. it’s not that complicated.
    lance: guys it literally works the same way as space exploration. how do you think hunk and i survived on the mermaid planet?
    allura: [softly] …oh my god
    coran: that makes much more sense…
  • coran: ah yes, tragic how you’ve never experienced what it’s like to glide through the air on a nice pair of wings–
    pidge: hang-gliding. parasailing. skydiving.
    lance: planes.
    keith: how exactly do you think we got into space, guys?
    matt: did you guys just go straight from basic transit into space travel?
    allura: well, we had an advantage in that we didn’t waste as much time as you did obsessing over the past.
    shiro: [physically holding matt back] princess, please,
  • coran: ok, we have to blend in with your surroundings, so you lot just wait back here and i’ll go ahead
    hunk: [brandishing camo facepaints] you wish
  • allura: wow, what your species lacks in natural advantages, it makes up for in creativity! maybe that’s your shapeshifting :)
    matt: …you know what, i’ll take it

“My favorite actors are actors who are enigmatic and mysterious and never make the obvious choice in terms of the projects they do or who they work with or their craft. But I think that the less I know about an actor, the more chance I have of allowing their own persona to kind of slip away so I can get completely lost in the character they’re playing, and the more that people think they know about your personal life, the more difficult it becomes to preserve that. So when I’m not working or promoting something, I try to be as under-the-radar as I can.”

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Okay if anything Matt would be my ideal bf because hello how can you ever be near him and not love him? Idk I just adore Matt, I guess he'd be my 'aesthetic' like that one anon said about kylo. Also the puppy filter on snapchat looks cute af on him.

Matt is a sweet little cinnamon roll sent from heaven. He lives to please and just wants to be loved. Matt should be everyone’s aesthetic and yes, he looks adorable with the puppy filter. Here’s a picture he took at work to prove it.

Percy had been responsible for Ginny two-fold during her first year, but he’d been too busy being a Prefect to be her brother, and too busy trying not to give her “special treatment” to be her Prefect. Her suffering had gone under his radar. 

During his time away from his family, though - isolated and without anyone to confide in - he realizes how terrifying it must have been for her to go through trauma like that and have all of her brothers - but especially Percy, who had had the most power to help - unavailable. 

It’s time to apologize, after the war, after he’s back in to the family. Even if he can’t undo what he’s done, maybe he can ease her mind with the reassurance that he won’t ever let it happen again.

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A blurb where you have major surgery and harry is there to take care of you? please :D xx

He’s not going to let you lift a finger, from the moment you wake up post-surgery. He’s hovering, to the point where the nurses are shooting him exasperated looks because…dude, they’ve got this covered.

When he gets you home, however, you are on his radar 24/7. If you’re thirsty, he’s bringing you a pitcher of water. If you’re hungry, he’s cooking you all of your favorites. He’s bringing pillows and blankets and making sure that you’re situated perfectly so you don’t hurt your back or do any damage. He’s offering to massage anywhere that’s sore or go out and get medication when you start to get uncomfortable.

He’s hovering a lot and, in any other case, you’d probably get annoyed with him and tell him to go away, but in this situation, you’re okay having him around. You’re feeling a bit useless because all you can really do is lay there like a bump on a log, when normally you would be very active.

After a few weeks of not being able to do anything, it starts to get to you. Harry will find you sniffling and teary when he comes up to check on you, and he rushes to your side, thinking you’re in pain.

“Love, what’s wrong? Are you okay? What’s hurting?”

“Nothing,” you sniffle, “I’m just tired of being useless!”

Harry will chuckle and carefully climb into bed next to you.

“Oh baby, you’re not useless. You’re recovering; you have to give yourself some time, yeah? You’ll be up and at it again soon, I promise.”

“I’m just bored,” you pout.

Harry will pause and glance around the room.

“D’you want me to read to you? Maybe bring a Scrabble board up so we can have a tournament? First to 1000 points wins?”

“1000 points? That’ll take all night!”

Harry smirks and leans over to give you a kiss on the forehead.

“S’the point, isn’t it? I’ll go get the board.”

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I meant to ask specifically their performances during World War Two

Well, the United States’s big advantage was that they had an industrial capacity that blew every other nation out of the water. They were able to fight the two-front war by virtue of their great capacity. The U.S. had (relatively) great fire control systems on their naval vessels too thanks to their radar systems, which gave them a significant advantage over Japan at sea.

Great Britain had a large empire as well, spread out across the world, which meant they had access to a lot of different materials and could handle shortages better than others. They also had an intelligence network second-to-none, the Double Cross program, Operation Mincemeat, and all of the mildec that went into safeguarding the Normandy landings is nothing short of astounding.

The USSR had huge manpower and could derive low-cost solutions to counter mechanized German armor that could starve out the Nazi war machine. The Red Army was also enormous, and this meant that painful losses could be absorbed and Stalin could keep pushing with new divisions.

Germany had excellent generals that used armor effectively, though this advantage diminished in the war as American and British generals adapted to use armor. They also were able to quickly turn their seized gains into war materiel for their war effort.

Japan’s advantage was speed. Their navy was powerful and quick, though their airplanes were flying tinderboxes. Japan needed that speed too, their war machine was prone to sustainability problems. Most of their supplies needed to be imported by ship, which left them vulnerable to interdiction.

One big advantage for the Allies was in cryptology. The United States had the Japanese codes, the Brits cracked Engima, and this gave them a phenomenal intelligence advantage.

Thanks for the question, Cle-Guy.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

alsiushaku replied to your post: “About the “i wa uma” puzzle, wasn’t the safe in Amami’s inaccessible…”:

Its a shame that after all this planning and work, Ouma still wasn’t able to pinpoint who the mastermind was.

It really is. It’s arguably one of the things that makes his character the most tragic.

It’s interesting, too, because Tsumugi really is the antithesis to him in so many ways. While Ouma is someone who constantly seeks fun and entertainment in every aspect of life, and values each individual life precisely because of those things, Tsumugi is someone who already gave up on the real world a long time ago. She uses boredom as a cloak, and masks herself in it perfectly, and it’s exactly why she slid right under Ouma’s radar the whole time.

There’s a lot in her FTEs too about “being able to sneak into movie theaters without needing a ticket” and ultimately just going past most people’s notice. Ouma was constantly planning, searching, and thinking from the perspective of what he could do, but that’s exactly why he could never put himself in someone like Tsumugi’s shoes, or envision a mastermind who worked so subtly and seemed so uninteresting almost 100% of the time.

If the mastermind had been anyone but her, it’s arguable he would’ve been able to pinpoint them easily. But Tsumugi really was perfectly equipped for slipping right past him even in spite of how much he tried to prepare.

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hey so this might be under very few people’s radars, but you really, really should give this fic a read because it’s super sweet and extremely well written and i’m super excited to see where it goes ;w;