Baita Segantini - I have long been wanting to see this place and it quickly became one of my favourites of this trip. A few months ago I hiked up to this lake only to find it covered in snow & ice. It was particularly rewarding to find it in perfect conditions this time…
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Two helpful unofficial Pokémon Go supplementary sites!  For those who haven’t heard of them yet.

Is your Nearby Pokémon radar buggy?  Pokevision.com shows a map of the area of your choosing, and shows Pokémon nearby, including a timer of how long they’ll stick around before disappearing.

Pokémon Go Server Status is exactly what it says on the tin.  Is it down just for you, or everyone?  Now you can check.


Free samples from SampleRoom PH.

I got these free samples from Star Style Ph x Sample Room Ph, few months ago. I decided not to blog about it unless I already tried every product in the package. Before I go into details, I’d like to give you first an idea of what Sample Room Ph is.

Basically it allows you to try and test products, such as hair and bath essentials,   before you actually pay for it. Their tagline says it all — Try Before You Buy. All you have to do is visit their website. Choose the product/s you want to get free samples of and they will deliver it to your doorsteps. All you have to pay is the shipping fee which costs less than 200 php.

Here are the free samples that I got:

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Excerpt on how they met, you can read the whole of it on AO3


He’s working in an alley, on a Tuesday, on the south side of the building. It’s a First Order Aerospace annex, one of the office towers that house the creative minds of hundreds of engineers. It’s midday, unremarkable, and he is in a foul mood. This is the fourth, maybe fifth time he’s been down in this grubby alleyway in the last month. They short the circuits, running their experiments, and all three of his requisition reports, asking for the new wiring that would solve the problem, have gone unanswered.

He’s banging on the lid of one of the panels, in the little alcove in which he barely fits, cussing a blue streak because if they would justgive him – the fucking parts

There’s a shamble of sound toward the far end of the alley, where it terminates into an L-shape lined with garbage bins. The sound resolves itself into the appearance of a grubby street urchin, knocking into another bin in his haste to round the corner. The urchin ran toward him, limping somewhat, breathing in ragged half-breaths. “H-Help, please- um, Matt.”

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