30 Days of Techienician

Day 30: Eyes

Thank you everyone who has stuck with me through this entire month. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. So much love to @unremarkableawakening for all the prompts.

Love you Techienician fandom <3

Sentiment was not a virtue that Kylo Ren held much stake in. His grandfather had paid the price for falling to the whims of his heart and despite all his best efforts, it seemed he would be no better.

It was all Hux’s fault really.

The General was pacing his office, fingers tapping against every available surface. He would stop to sit at his desk for a few moments, stare at a security screen then sigh, hand running distractedly through his hair. The red strands were delightfully mussed, putting Kylo in mind of how Hux usually looked in bed. He moved as Hux jumped up to start another circuit of the room, holding him gently by the waist, head coming to rest on one padded shoulder.

“You need to relax.” Kylo could feel the nerves radiating off Hux in waves, a steady thrum beneath his palms. “This will work, everything will go smoothly and once it’s over no one but me will know that you actually do have a heart.”

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  • Me:*working on a Huxloween prompt, really churning it out, liking what I'm doing*
  • My Father:"I just don't understand how anyone can have no desire whatsoever to achieve anything. You're a grown woman. How can you do absolutely nothing with your time? How can you just sit there clicking away on your laptop and not doing anything? How can you be so fucking lazy all day and not have it drive you crazy? When I was your age I was already a homeowner and I'd never gone a day in my life without a job since I was 15. I would kill myself if I lived the way you choose to. I've failed as a father."

Elephants in Australia

Australia has some of the most exotic sea life in the world, in addition to some of the most unique landscapes in the world. With the Great Barrier Reef in an arm’s reach, the Blue Mountains a bit more inland, and the Glasshouse Rocks on Narooma’s southern beaches, the eastern seaboard takes a lot of the country’s attention. But what about the west coast? Australia contains about 7.6 million km2 (≈4.7 million mi2) of land so what are a few places that go under the radar?

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Snapshot, Taipei, Taiwan, 隨拍, 台北, 台灣 by Bryan Suen

anonymous asked:

Taylor uses such a huge and impressive car these days. Much more protective than the older ones. Even more stalkers than usual? or to avoid inside car shoots from the paps ? If TJ honoree is on air and broadcasted I doubt Taylor will perform she may attend the event tho because she's a huge fan of JT rmb the Grammys night but she wants to keep under the radar. Wait & see.

Yeah I do see her performing. Also I have no idea why she got such a big SUV now.

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i hate being a lesbian sometimes because literally all my friends have guys lining up to date them and yet i've had two short, messy relationships and not even a crush since then. i just feel so isolated! i know high-school is just a literal blip on the radar and college (which is soon) will be better but still... in not lonely THEN i'm lonely NOW :( why are there so few wlw! this is the worst

i feel u!!! honestly in high school it seems extra bad to me bc even when there are wlw a lot of times they aren’t out. ik how much feeling lonely sucks, but you’re going to have so many more opportunities when you go off to college. you’ll meet a cute girl soon <3