White women and black men have it both ways. They can act as oppressor or be oppressed. Black men may be victimized by racism, but sexism allows them to act as exploiters and oppressors of women. White women may be victimized by sexism, but racism enables them to act as exploiters and oppressors of black people. Both groups have led liberation movements that favor their interests and support the continued oppression of other groups. Black male sexism has undermined struggles to eradicate racism just as white female racism undermines feminist struggle. As long as these two groups or any group defines liberation as gaining social equality with ruling class white men, they have a vested interest in the continued exploitation and oppression of others.
—  bell hooks

Free samples from SampleRoom PH.

I got these free samples from Star Style Ph x Sample Room Ph, few months ago. I decided not to blog about it unless I already tried every product in the package. Before I go into details, I’d like to give you first an idea of what Sample Room Ph is.

Basically it allows you to try and test products, such as hair and bath essentials,   before you actually pay for it. Their tagline says it all — Try Before You Buy. All you have to do is visit their website. Choose the product/s you want to get free samples of and they will deliver it to your doorsteps. All you have to pay is the shipping fee which costs less than 200 php.

Here are the free samples that I got:

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