#5 & #50-Matt the Radar Technician

“What?” / “Fuck”

Warning: None


Sitting in front of the mirror and your fingers knotted in your hair, you bit your lip. Trying to braid the thick strands of your hair while Matt laid on the bed, watching you in amusement. Sticking out your tongue, rage and impatience filled your stomach. Groaning, you let go, adjusting the band between your fingers before interlacing your hair together. Yet, though you had tried countless times before, it was always uneven and too tight.

“Having a bit of trouble there babe?” Matt cocked an eyebrow. Propping himself on one elbow as he smirked. His blonde curls falling in front of his black eyebrows.

“I’m. Fine.” You gritted your teeth, pursing your lips. With one final time, you threw down the band. “FUCK!”

As soon as the curse word had fallen out of your mouth, Matt’s fell open and he started laughing. “What?” Hiding your embarrassment and rosy cheeks behind the palms of your hands, you leaned down. Hitting your head against the table in frustration. You had never let Matt hear you curse before. Especially the F-bomb. To him, you were the most innocent, well-behaved girl there was. That’s why he loved you… He was always trying to corrupt you. Rub off on you. Give you some of his ‘edge’ as he called you. And you knew that he’d never let it go. Groaning, you heard Matt slide off the bed. His large hands coming up to your shoulders as he bent down. Placing a small kiss on the top of your head. “Give me the band.”

“What are you going to do about it? Burn it?”

“No. Give me the band.”

“I’d rather give you the razor. Just cut all my hair off.”

“I love your hair. Give me the band.” Reluctantly, you obliged. Sliding the band into his hand. He then picked you up under your arms, lifting you so that he could sit down. Placing you on his lap, you blushed. You hated how small you were compared to him. “So… What’s this meeting for anyways?”

“Hux insists that the base needs some new leading members.”


Maneuvering your thick hair, Matt managed to braid it back. Knotting it tightly in a bun when he was finished. You stared at him in awe through the mirror. Inspecting his work, you lightly grazed the sides. Matt smiled at you, then placed his lips on the back of your neck.

Turning over and placing your hands on his chest, he wrapped his arms around you and sighed. “How did you know how to braid hair?”

“My mom taught me to braid her hair when I was a boy. Said someday it would come in handy… And I guess she was right.”

“Wow, you were a momma’s boy?”

“Shut up.” Matt rolled his eyes. Sliding your hands up to his face, you pressed your lips to his. Moving his hand down to the small of your back, you leaned into his touch.

“Thanks, babe.” You giggled, then jumped off, hurrying over to the drawer. Pulling out a pair of pants and a shirt, you pulled your clothes off. Placing them on the bed. Glancing over at Matt, he was leaning over the chair, his eyebrows raised and his eyes set on your body. He had always been cheeky. His dark eyes analyzing your curves, tracing the hem of your underwear. Breathing in, you smiled shyly. “Stop it!”

“Stop what?”

“Staring at me.”

“It isn’t my fault you’re this beautiful.” Pursing your lips, you then smirked. Looking down. Why not let him give you a little edge.

“Prove it.”

“What.” The mood diminished in Matt’s thick voice as he sighed heavily.

“Prove… it.” Sauntering over to him, you climbed back onto his laps. His eyes sparkled and he smiled. A small hint of mischief on his lips. Raising his eyebrows, his mulled over his words. Trying to hide his surprise.

“We’ll ruin your hair…”

Leaning over, you kissed his jaw line. Trailing your mouth down his neck. You then whispered, “I can be late.” Before Matt picked you up, carrying you to the bed.

You didn’t really care to go to the meeting, anyway.