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Could you possibly do headcanons for mermaid au! With the Solo triplets on their first thoughts while meeting a shy chubby female human while she’s swimming? (The reader adores the sea and everything in it) Sorry if this is really confusing I hope you have a wonderful day/night and keep up the good work!!

anonymous asked: Merman! Kylo reaction to meeting a cute chubby girl while she’s swimming headcanons if possible could you make it with a lil fluff? Love you blog btw!!

these are suuuuuuuper similar so I’m gonna combine them since Kylo is a member of the Solo triplets! I personally don’t see any of the SW characters giving a shit what a significant other’s weight would be, so these may be short, but have a few! 


  • enamored by the curve of your hips and thighs, especially thighs since they’re a foreign concept to him
  • knows that merfolk are forbidden to talk to humans - keeping quiet about their existence was key to their survival - so he debates going to talk to you because he’s bold and strong, but ultimately decides its best not to, instead admiring you from afar whenever you go swimming


  • admires the strength behind your kicks from your strong legs as you swim
  • doesn’t give a shit about the rules, he makes his own, and gets too close for you to not notice him
  • he’s extremely inquisitive about the human body and how it differs from his own, given he is half human 


  • grins at how your breasts struggle against your bathing suit top because they just never fit right on larger boobs, so he imagines you in a shell bra instead and how much more comfortable you’d be 
  • finds himself daydreaming about how a life with you might be
    • sometimes in these daydreams you’re a mermaid, sometimes his mind strays to ideas of him being human  

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