A friend of mine was telling me about a particularly aggressive viewer she met after debuting her film at a festival. So, I drew a brief comic about it. The “isn’t this autobiographical” comment is one of those that might fly under the radar for folks who aren’t in the female writer/director game. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that assumption pop up in the Q+A after a woman’s film, I could buy a jet pack from Richard Branson so I could blast into outer space the next time I heard it. 

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You made tumblr radar. That's crazy Have you made tumblr radar before?

I just realized this, thanks for telling me! Sixpenceee made tumblr radar once before.


(via Rice engineering students design real-time 3-D radar system - YouTube)


TITLE: On the Edge of Tomorrow

ARTIST: FantomenK feat. Moa Lenngren & Tom Mauritzon

There’s a place where you dream you’d never find; where fan remixes gather together for magical reasons that were completely off my radar until someone threw this suggestion at me. And to show my appreciation, I share it with all of you.

Apparently, Sonic is not the only thing that has albums-worth of fan remixes. It seems there is an entire fan remix album dedicated to Smash Bros., and it’s so big that it even has an expansion album! And of course, Sonic is part of that game, which lead to this awesome electronic rock remix of “Live & Learn”. And that singer? A real female, not just Johnny’s vocals pitched up. This is legit stuff here.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.

Notes on The Eligible Bachelor (Granada Holmes)

Thanks for @mollydobby for bringing this episode to my attention. As cupidford pointed out, the stories of The Veiled Lodger and The Noble Bachelor (on which the episode is based) are on our radar since setlock. 

Here are my thoughts on the epsiode in context of the Special.

  • I’m 200 % certain that the Special will include the typical Granada opening.  - So in a way we will be tuned for a story told in “Granada-verse”. 
  • In the beginning of The Eligible Bachelor (TEB) we see Holmes and Watson in a cab. “Another case closed” Watson says, while Holmes gets off in Baker Street and Watson stays in the cab. // In the beginning of the Special (scene 7) John and Sherlock come home [from a jouney for a case probably] and both return to Baker Street.
  • What I found very intersting about TEB - and I assume that’s original and not from ACD canon? - is Holmes’ dream. He not only dreams about scenes from the case (he’s not even involved in yet), but part of his nightmare is about him falling down the Reichenbachfalls with Moriarty. And as welovethebeekeeper already had the idea of revisiting the fall (due to signs of water use in the studio), this is very intersting to me. TEB doesn’t explore this part of the dream further, but perhaps the Special does. 
  • A lot of scenes in TEB are set in a manor - Tyntesfield was used for many, many days of filming. 
  • In TEB we see Holmes wandering through nightly fog a lot of times.
  • The plaque of a club (don’t rember the name) in TEB has a very similar style to the Diogenes Club’s plaque. In TEB Holmes finds a bullet in the club’s door. (Any possibility that Sherlock and John not only walked into the Diogenes Club, but also found some clues there?)
  • The baddie of TEB is Lord Robert. He killed his first wife (I think), kept his second wife as a prisoner in the remains of a chapel for seven years, has an affair with an actress who he kills as well. But the actress managed to tell the third wife about Sir Robert’s secret. Hence he also attempts to kill his third wife. [Is this part of the plot based on any ACD story?] All I can think of as a vague and twisted reference to BBC Sherlock for now is “My husband is three people”. 
  • The sister of the second wife (woman with the veil) is looking for her sister and got injured along the way. (While the veiled woman is a murderer in canon, she isn’t in TEB). - As we got Marry in a mourning dress (with a veil) in the Special, I wonder, if she might be mourning her sister (the bride/the Lady in White).
  • And a last note on ACD canon: The woman in The Veiled Lodger is called Eugenia Ronder - according to Natasha O’Keeffe’s agency her role as The Lady in White has the name Emilia Ricoletti. So this could be a clue for some of Mofftiss’ canon twists. 

Water is wet.

My research revealed that men were just as likely as women to have trouble with these “always on” expectations. However, men often coped with these demands in ways that differed strikingly. Women who had trouble with the work hours tended to simply to take formal accommodations, reducing their work hours, but also revealing their inability to be true ideal workers, and they were consequently marginalized within the firm.

In contrast, many men found unobtrusive, under-the-radar ways to alter the structure of their work (such as cultivating mostly local clients, or building alliances with other colleagues), such that they could work predictable schedules in the 50 to 60 hour range. In doing so, they were able to work far less than those who fully devoted themselves to work, and had greater control over when and where those hours were worked, yet were able to “pass” as ideal workers, evading penalties for their noncompliance.

Reid called this “passing”: the ability to make people think you’re a workaholic without actually being one. But — and this may shock you so please brace yourselves — men had an easier time doing it than women. Reid attributed this to the fact that “women’s work time may be under greater scrutiny than men’s.” But it was also a matter of gendered expectations about how men and women use their time. Based on interviews Reid conducted, she found that people at the firm seemed to assume that women who left the office by five were going home to their kids whereas they were more likely to assume that men doing the same thing were heading out to meet a client.
And it’s because of this kind of bias that “passing” makes for a poor strategy to fix the problems faced by many working parents, particularly women. Though the deception may help some men, it leaves in place institutional structures and organizational priorities that value hours clocked over actual work accomplished.

It also leaves unchallenged the assumption making family a priority — cutting out early to make it home in time for dinner, missing a meeting to take a sick relative to the doctor — means that you lack commitment to your work.
Reid also found that the idea that more hours equals better work is so entrenched that when she presented her findings to the firm, the response was that women should be coached on how to “pass” rather than reassess company policies so that they wouldn’t have to in the first place. In this case, the firm felt that encouraging workers to lie made more sense than setting realistic expectations around workload and hours on the clock.

The study is small and limited to one firm. While the research may not be nationally representative, it raises some interesting questions about how the appearance of productivity is very different than actual productivity, and how those appearances are marked by gender.

It’s also a reminder that gendered expectations can distort reality. If you assume men work harder than women, then that’s probably how you’ll interpret what’s going on around you — even if the opposite is true.

Gun Control - Hard to Control

As of 2009, the United States has a population of 307 million people.  The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in the world.  About 4.5 million of the 8 million new guns manufactured worldwide each year are purchased in the United States. How can we control all these guns?

Guuuuyyyyyysss somebody freak out with me

Firstly there’s all the levels of danger Simmons is in

but also

when Coulson was talking, Fitz was looking over his shoulder and checking his tablet. I think he’s freaking about Jemma. They have comms on at least the plane if not Jemma

meaning it is entirely possible for her to a) go missing from the radar or b) get cut off while speaking or c) have a very upsetting ‘final’ monologue  or d) for the others to all get in a plane and fly the hell away with Fitz demanding to know where Simmons is