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NTAMW compares being raped and abused by men to women not fucking/dating him. WHY WOULD THAT BE THE FIRST THOUGHT TO COME TO YOUR MIND WHEN YOUR FRIEND TALKS ABOUT BEING RAPED AND HOW MUCH IT'S HURT HER???? I was never a person in any capacity to this man, was I??


Men like this don’t take abuse, rape or sexual harassment seriously. He’s probably the type of guy who would say he wishes he could get that kind of “attention” because to him these things and the loss of control that comes with them are nowhere near his radar. You are correct that he does not see you as a person

Pokemon Go released second generation and it fills me with considerable amount of glee. I first realised that they added them when I saw Wooper’s silhouette on my radar and I was like:


(the cross is our nearest pokestop)

(I didn’t catch that wooper though)

Anyway. It means that during the whole weekend I was intensively pokemoning, good times, I recommends.

I CAUGHT A DITTO (disguised as a Hoothoot)

And a dozen or so of Woppers (I love them, those cutiepies dumbballs)

Also, when I was waiting in a queue to buy a sandwich and @raceofhearts waited outside I noticed a dratini on the radar. What followed:

Me: Irian! Come here!

Irian: What?

Me (shows her a nearby pokestop on the map): there’s a dratini over there. Go.

She made this wide eyes, turned around and run to catch that little dragon.

One more proof that love is finding someone, whose crazy is compatible with your crazy.

Here, have some woopers

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I went to a fabric swap on Saturday and managed to get rid of a lot of stuff I had set aside for projects that have fallen off my radar. (Like winter garb for Kaskara before she faked her death…) And I picked up a lot of things I should be able to use for my Bico garb.

Apparently I have a thing for leather belt skirts… they should be good to mix and match with the tunics, skirts and pants That are on the list.