Estoy cansado de todo, esperen un rato, paren todo lo que hacen por un momento, quiero decirles que acá en esta vida no es solo reprimirse ya sea por el trabajo o los estudios, estoy más seguro que tú que estas leyendo esto en este momento hace mucho no ves las nubes, el cielo, la luna, el mar, las estrellas por un momento, no te tomas ese tiempo que necesitas para relajarte y no pensar en nada ya que estas todo el tiempo preocupándote de distintas cosas que si son necesarias pero también hay otras cosas importantes como la paz mental, estamos todo el tiempo preocupándonos por tantas cosas que no nos detenemos un rato y nos tomamos el tiempo para ver las cosas que están presentes todo los días y entrar en paz aunque sea un rato, olvidarte de todo y descansar, sé que necesitas descansar un rato, quítate un rato toda presión que te tiene amargo y muy tenso, regalate un tiempo para ti, para que hagas algo que normalmente no haces y no te amargues la existencia de esa manera.

Giorgiano - Date un tiempo’’

By Alice Newbond
The Telegraph, 26 October 2016

Avant-garde theatre director Sophie Hunter has been on our style radar for some time. The polished other-half of Benedict Cumberbatch, Hunter is always immaculate, refined and modern in what she wears - and has helped make the duo Britain’s most stylish red carpet power couple.

This week’s Doctor Strange launch event at Westminster Abbey was no exception. Hunter, who is pregnant with her second child, posed next to her husband in a hot-pink, caped Valentino dress. The clean silhouette is one that Hunter has mastered with the help of her stylist, Nicholas Drake, who dubs each camera-ready ensemble a “rigorous co-production” between the pair.  

Hunter’s theatre background comes into play “Each red carpet appearance is like a mini theatre production which we co-direct with meticulous attention to detail,” Drake tells The Telegraph. “Sophie is very discerning and decisive about what she likes and does not like.” Bold colour and print have become her signatures, but anything too “frilly, frou frou, or with too much surface decoration” won’t work with her aesthetic. It’s all about keeping it simple, but adding an “edge”, says Drake.

Removing an accessory often works better than adding one The style mantra ‘less is more’ is at the heart of Sophie’s red carpet looks. “We frequently remove pieces of jewellery or a handbag at the last minute that may appear fussy and distract from the outfit’s impact,” says Drake. Look closely, and Hunter rarely carries a handbag. Instead, she favours dresses with pockets, a simple styling solution to avoid awkward-looking hands in photographs.

Designer relationships are the foundation of each of her most memorable looks Sophie has worn bespoke designs by Erdem, John Galliano and Alber Elbaz. The most memorable gown, however, was her Valentino Haute Couture wedding dress. “We were in the very fortunate position of being able to choose any designer in the world to design Sophie’s wedding dress,” recalls Drake. Each made-to-measure piece starts with Drake and Hunter “discussing the event and exchanging designer ideas, before deciding which direction to go and embarking on fittings.” London Fashion Week labels Emilia Wickstead and Osman are two labels the duo enjoy collaborating on red carpet ‘productions’ with.

Dressing for the red carpet when pregnant comes with it’s own challenges  “Our approach when Sophie is pregnant is subtle; there is a discernible baby bump, but she has limbs like a champion whippet so we choose to emphasise those,” Drake reveals. “The A-line black dress that Margiela’s John Galliano designed for her to wear to the BAFTAs, and the scarlet column that Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz made her for the Academy Awards, were both deliberately sleeveless to draw attention to her elegant arms.”

And do the couple deliberately coordinate their looks? “We always consider what Sophie’s husband will be wearing on the red carpet and how they will co-ordinate as a couple,” Drake tells us.

My take on Radar Online article is:-

- obviously a clickbait (i.e. no photo)

- whatever photo that was viewed and reported by them was not the sealed one.

Bottomline, Radar Online is still one nasty piece of shit i.e. trying to insinuate Tay was “unfazed” when it happened 😒

!!SOLO FAMILY HOLIDAY PERSONALIZED CARD GIVEAWAY!! (Card is currently a work in process will update with finished photo in a bit)

Heyo Heyo! I’m doing a giveaway of 10 personalized Holiday cards written from any specific member or combination of members (the triplets 😍) of the Organa/Solo household. This includes Kylo, Matt, Ben, Leia, and Han.

Contest rules: -Must like or share this post (no limit on amount of shares to better chances) -If selected be willing to share an address or P.O. Box so I can mail it. -You don’t have to follow me but if you want to that would be Gucci.


(I thought this was a very cute idea and I can’t wait to mail these babies out and share the triplet goodness, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask ❤️)

~oooh spooky PoGo loading screen~

FYI, I’m pretty sure I reblogged a post somewhere saying the Halloween event would supposedly have higher spawn rates for the zubat, gastly and drowzee lines.

I would like to add that seems to include the meowth and cubone lines as well (unless reaching level 23 quadruples the spawn rates for them, because wow am I suddenly seeing them everywhere now.)

For those of you who feel like you’ve already read every LGBTQIAP+ book in existence, not to worry – there’s plenty still to come! Every TBRainbow Alert will have a mix of five LGBTQIAP+ titles to make sure are on your radar, along with why I think they should be on your radar. If you missed the earlier alerts, you can check out those titles here. And now, because I can’t wait to get these books on your reading lists, check out some of what awaits in 2017!

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How to Make a Wish (May 2)
Author: Ashley Herring Blake
Genre/Category: Contemporary YA
Rainbow details: bi MC, lesbian LI
Why put it on your radar?
Bi MC! Great bi rep! Also a really beautiful mother-daughter story with a great romance that is definitely sex-positive.

As La Vista Turns (February 27)
Author: Kris Ripper
Genre/Category: Contemporary Romance
Rainbow details: f/f
Why put it on your radar?
God, just the names of the books in this series (Queers of La Vista) make them all auto-buys for me, and I love how much varied representation is in it, too.

Looking for Group (April 25)
Author: Rory Harrison
Genre/Category: Contemporary YA
Rainbow details: Gay MC, bi/pan trans girl LI
Why put it on your radar?
So much rainbow! Plus I love the POV of a main character who’s in remission. We’ve seen so much YA about teens with cancer but so, so rarely what life feels like afterward. And I’m always a sucker for romances between people who meet through gaming.

Honestly Ben (March 28)
Author: Bill Konigsberg
Genre/Category: Contemporary YA
Rainbow details: Bi MC
Why put it on your radar?
Most obvious reason: if you were a fan of Openly Straight, as I was, it’s bi boy companion time!

At the End of the Universe (February 7)
Author: Shaun David Hutchinson
Genre/Category: Contemporary YA
Rainbow details: Gay MC
Why put it on your radar?
I dunno, by now shouldn’t “Shaun David Hutchinson” be enough? Especially after We Are the Ants? Just read the damn thing.

TBRainbow Alert #6! For those of you who feel like you’ve already read every LGBTQIAP+ book in existence, not to worry – there’s plenty still to come!
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originalvoldemom replied to your post “After seeing Inna’s great gifset with Amenadiel, Lucifer and Uriel and…”

I have wondered if his wings have not been restored somehow. His dad healed him. Maybe he doesn’t realize. It’s improbable, I grant you, but it seems odd that his dad would heal a major injury without making other things whole too. He could know and be hiding it; or he may have so completely forgotten what it was like, be so out of the habit of thinking of them, that he has not realized. As I said, it’s not probable and I doubt it, but I do wonder. ��

I don’t think so, just because I expect it to be a major plot point when he does get them back, and not something that they’d slip in under the radar. After all, they have said this is a redemption story, and Lucifer getting his wings/full angelic status back would be HUGE, something he’d have to earn and realize and accept. After all, he had Maze cut the wings off because they would tie him to Hell, so his status of being without them in the world is very important to the fact that he’s still away from there.

I do think it was important that he reminded Mum he didn’t have wings anymore, and the fact that Amenadiel losing his own wings is directly connected to him being “fallen” the same as Lucifer. So it’ll be something that has to happen majorly for both of them to go along the road to getting them back (as I think they both will, but not at the same time, and certainly in different ways).

Can you imagine Lucifer in his full glory with his wings, though. I can barely stand the IDEA.

America Should Quit Saudi Arabia's War In Yemen: The Senseless Killing Must Stop
The U.S. criticizes Russia for killing civilians in Yemen, yet is aiding Saudi Arabia as the latter kills civilians in Yemen. Washington should end its support for Riyadh's pointless intervention in a tragic civil war which threatens no one else.
By Doug Bandow

The latest ceasefire in Yemen is unlikely to prevent Saudi Arabia from resuming its brutal assault on its impoverished neighbor. The Yemeni people are paying the price for Riyadh’s determination to reinstate an unpopular government friendly to the royal family. This commitment to rule or ruin apparently comes from deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known more for his ambition than judgment.

Without a vote of Congress the Obama administration has joined the Saudi-led coalition in war. Now the rebels may be firing back. The destroyer USS Mason apparently came under missile attack from Yemen—though U.S. officials admit the ship’s radar might have malfunctioned. This presumably is retaliation for U.S. complicity in the murder of Yemeni civilians. No longer can the Obama administration pretend that fighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s war has no consequences. Washington has turned the U.S. into a foreign target, yet again.

Still, the administration played the victim card, claiming that it destroyed Houthi radar stations in “self-defense.” However, the U.S. had provided targeting intelligence, refueled airplanes, trained pilots, and supplied munitions to Riyadh since the latter, backed by several other Gulf states, attacked Yemen in March 2015. The Pentagon even deployed ships to prevent Iranian vessels from approaching Yemen’s coast.

By taking an active role in the Yemeni civil war Washington made Americans as responsible as Saudis for the carnage in the world’s poorest nations. Perhaps 4,000 civilians have been killed in the fighting, the majority by the KSA-led “coalition.” These deaths also are America’s responsibility.

The U.S. made much the same mistake when President Ronald Reagan intervened in the Lebanese civil war to back the “legitimate” government based in Beirut. The USS New Jersey rained death and destruction down on opposing Muslim factions. Colin Powell subsequently explained: “When the shells started falling on the Shiites, they assumed the American ‘referee’ had taken sides against them. And since they could not reach the battleship, they found a more vulnerable target,” both the U.S. embassy and Marine Corps barracks.

President Barack has developed a reputation for being reluctant to plunge into new Middle Eastern wars. What possessed him to decide to help kill Houthi rebels who had not threatened America? The administration’s involvement appears to be an embarrassed response to Riyadh’s criticism of the Iran nuclear deal. Instead of dismissing the royals’ presumption that American policy should revolve around their desires, the U.S. backed their aggressive war for regional influence.