Dense life in the Dolomites… Chasing the last light we drove up this pass not knowing what to expect - we were quite happy to find these single houses scattered around on a plateau against the mighty Dolomites in the background. More on Instagram & Facebook

jathis  asked:

Imagine Techie having a panic attack because maybe someone grabbed his arm to ask him something and didn't realize he would react that way. He can't breathe and he can't see and he can't hear anything. His brother is called in and Hux comes running, only to find his brother kneeling on the floor with the odd technician Matt sitting in front of him, soothing him.

oh my god, Matt being all calm and trying to soothe Techie really warms my heart and makes me smile

Matt holding tightly into Techie’s hands as he shakes and cries. Matt whispering that everything’s alright and that Techie is safe and nobody can hurt him. And Hux staying back, knowing that his little brother is in caring hands. ❤️

Watch: Beach House - “The Traveller” Video
Baltimore duo Beach House (Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally) put out two albums in 2015. They released Thank Your Lucky Stars in October, despite just releasing their last album, Depression Cherry, at the end of August, both via Sub Pop. Now the band has shared a video for Thank Your Lucky Stars cut "The Traveller."