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No Longer Selling Fanart

Unfortunately after an incident that happened yesterday, I’ve decided to remove all the fan art from my Etsy. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to getting anything. If you happen to be going to the same convention or event as me, let me know and I’ll try to get you the prints you want. To all those who already ordered prints, you’ll still get them so don’t worry.

So what led to this drastic decision? Well that’s simple. Valve saw my Portal piece that I just posted yesterday and reported me to Etsy for copyright infringement. No, they didn’t email or message me first, asking me to take it down. I would’ve removed it immediately if they’d asked. Instead they took it straight to Etsy. Why is this so bad? Well you see, when you’ve been reported to Etsy once for copyright infringement, it puts you on their radar. If you get reported another time for copyright infringement, then Etsy has the ability to terminate your account/store and most likely keep you from making a new store.

Thanks to Valve’s abrupt copyright claim, I now have a mark against me. And if I get reported once more, I could lose my store which is my only source of income right now (despite how little I actually make from it).

I’m a little annoyed and betrayed that a company that I’ve admired and loved for so long would do this. I understand why they wanted it removed, I just wish they’d asked me first.

And since all this has happened, I’ve been looking into copyright law which has led me to an important discovery. Selling fan art is actually illegal. Companies can go after you for selling images and likenesses of their characters. Most will just ask you to remove it, but they have the legal right to sue you and ask for a percentage of your profits if they really want to. I personally didn’t know this and I’m sure others out there don’t either.

So that’s why I will no longer be selling fan art online. I’m sharing my knowledge with all you guys so you don’t get sucked into this mess like I have.


By: abldr

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This morning I woke up in the pitch black to the sound of my phone making a tone I’ve never heard before. Sort of a rapid-fire pinging. I turned it on to see what was going on and there was an alert notification, a lot like the ones you see with Amber Alerts. 

What was odd was that I couldn’t close it or even turn my phone off, the screen simply would not respond to being powered off. I couldn’t screenshot it, either - all functions other than scrolling were disabled - but this is what it said:


On 10/10/16 at 0315AM CST the following alert was issued:

  • Reports of an anomalous signature on radar were reported near ST CLOUD
  • ADVISORY: Stay indoors. Bring all house pets inside. Turn off all noise-making devices. Seek shelter in basements or rooms without windows or doors to the outside.
  • Emergency services are suspended until 0530 10/10/16
  • Alert is valid until 2100CST

Now obviously this was pretty fucking concerning. It’s late in the season for any large storms but it’s not unheard of, and we’ve had tornadoes here before. I could hear rain on the windows and the sound of wind, so I grabbed my three cats and took us down into the basement with some food and a sleeping bag. My basement is cramped and full of all kinds of junk, and I wasn’t thrilled to be spending time down there, but the alternative was clearly not an option. 

While the cats wandered around, digging in boxes and knocking things over, I had time to sit and read the alert over again- which is when things started to seem strange.

I must have missed it the first time, but now I noticed the warning to ‘turn off all noise-making devices.’ What did that mean? Why would that be important? Even with a television at full blast, you’d certainly be able to hear a tornado coming, or at the very least see the damage it was inflicting. I reluctantly admitted that, looking at it that way, it seemed at least a little more reasonable.

But now I was also looking at the alert itself. The interface of the warning wasn’t one I recognized. The border wasn’t consistent with any apps or the OS. It had clearly been opened by a third-party app, but I wasn’t sure which one, or how it could have done so. I wondered if it was a virus. I had to work in a few hours, and I didn’t want to stay awake for nothing. 

Leaving the cats downstairs, I went up and turned on the television in the living room. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I couldn’t help feel another jolt of fear when that same message popped up in a traditional emergency broadcast. That awful claxon made my heart rate spike, so I turned it off and went back to the basement to wait it out. 

I sent my boss a text on my old pay-as-you-go, which seemed to be unaffected for whatever reason, letting him know I might not make it in that day. As it turned out, he was also in his basement. He could hear what sounded like heavy rainfall and wind outside. We wished each other well, agreed that work would be cancelled, and went back to waiting. The cats settled in various places, and I curled up in my sleeping bag and fell asleep.

We all woke up at the same time about an hour later. It wasn’t as much a jolt as a slow, confused awakening. Something wasn’t right. The cats’ eyes were wide, their fur puffed up. One, my oldest girl, had her eyes locked on the filthy little window at the far corner of the room. I was absolutely overcome by a palpable sense of dread, but my frantic glances around the room were fruitless. The cats began to hiss, all of them looking at that window now, but I couldn’t see anything except darkness. 

I turned toward the stairs and the change in direction allowed me to hear something below the growling and hissing. A very low hiss. Not like static, but like the sound of blood flowing through your ears when it’s quiet. It was incredibly unsettling to hear it coming from an outside source. It was such an intimate, familiar sound, and hearing it that way was… wrong. Very, very wrong.

And I could also hear, bizarrely, what sounded like calliope music.

At this point I was convinced I was losing my mind, or having an incredibly lucid dream. But when one of the cats leaped from a box to fly across the room and under the stairs, I realized what it was. I ran to the box and tore it open. I dug through the contents until I felt cold metal. I lifted out the toy, which had been activated by my cat’s weight, and scrabbled for the battery panel. Once the batteries were out and the music had stopped, I stood breathing heavily, holding the little bear in my hands. 

A music box my mom had given me as a kid. The bear, rosy-cheeked, smiled up at me, and I thought I would scream. The hissing noise was louder here, oppressive; it blocked out everything, even my breathing. I’ve heard the phrase ‘paralyzed with fear’ before and I detested it, thinking of it as a clumsy exaggeration. But now, I realized, it wasn’t. It was a very real feeling. 

The cats continued to growl and shriek, though here in the middle of the sound it was almost impossible to hear them. I had to turn around. I had to get away from the window, but I simply could not bring myself to move even a single inch. 

The bear grinned up at me and I hope I never come that close to the abyss again. The feeling of your mind slipping into that endless chasm is something you don’t forget. The bear was cold in my hands, the cats shrieked and howled, and the sound grew so loud I could feel it in my bones. The window rattled, pelted by rain and hail, and that endless hellish dark loomed closer and closer. A scream bubbled up and pushed against my teeth when I turned to look through the dirty glass.

Instantly, everything stopped. The cats, the hissing, the rain and wind. The basement was silent. The cessation of every single sound in that room was almost enough to send me teetering off the edge. I shivered violently, suddenly freezing. 

Something was outside. Looking in at me. It glowed dimly with a strange, completely alien light. Dirty orange. The color of a nuclear sunset. The panic was so great now that it had transformed into an almost ethereal disassociation. The calm before the predator rips into flesh and bone. Something was at the window. I looked at it with glassy eyes.

I don’t know what it was. Looking at it was painful in a way I can’t describe. The sight of it, so completely foreign, made my brain feel as if it was being exploded violently outward, tearing at the seams. The only thing that comes close is an optical illusion. Something that exists but cannot be. Whatever it was, it had no business here.

It was a kind of cloud. A solidified mist. Like smoke, but this smoke was very much alive and aware. And it was massive. I think it must have messed with some of my other senses, because I was very much cognizant of the fact that it was larger than my house, larger than many houses. And it had been drawn to the calliope music. It watched me, shapes swirling and dissolving constantly in it’s 'body’. But it had no defined shape. It flowed like water- slid down the window in rivulets that did not obey gravity, but instead searched for cracks in the glass. 

I was aware of time passing, a lot of time. What broke the spell was the sight of one of those drops discovering, and worming its way through, a hairline crack in the window frame. Paralysis became flight. In what felt like an instant I was pounding up the stairs, my mouth wrenched open in a silent howl. The cats swarmed up past me and were gone the moment the door was open. I slammed it shut and ran for the bathroom, where I bolted the door and promptly vomited into the toilet. I flushed the strange reddish-brown contents and curled on my side, wedged between the toilet and the tub, my face against the cool porcelain. I passed out.

When I woke up, it was half a day later and my cats were furious at the lack of food. I’ve been in a daze since I woke up. The alert is gone, but it seems the phone lines are down. I have access to the internet, but it’s not behaving correctly. I have access to some sites but not others. I can’t bring myself to leave the house. 

The sound is gone, as is whatever was creating it, but how can I be sure it won’t come back? For now, I’ve silenced everything. The cats are calm and sleeping, but I’m keeping an eye on them for any warning signs. I’ll just keep quiet for a while.

It’s probably best if you keep quiet, too.


The Brazilian Air Force have released formerly classified information relating to UFO research dating back to the 1980s

The newly released information tracks an incident that occurred in Brazil in 1986 when around 20 UFOs were sighted by numerous airplanes and by ground radar. According to the reports, the UFOs were sighted by at least six airplanes and by ground radar on the night of May 19, 1986, flying over several states in the south east of Brazil.

Unidentified radar returns were tracked by the Integrated Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Center in Brasilia, as well as by Sao Paulo Airport. Three Mirage jet fighters and two F-5E planes were scrambled from in the states of Sao Paulo and Goias. Evidence states, the incident was “discussed openly” by Brazil’s high ranking government officials.

This is a Green Alert. This is a Green Alert. The Broom Tracker 3000 radar system is reporting that conditions favorable to the formation of a Wicked Witch have been reported in the vicinity of Storybrooke, Maine. – Skywriting reading “Surrender, Regina” has been noted in the area, and should be avoided by small aircraft – If you observe any of the following phenomena, please report them to the authorities: green-skinned bicyclists, storm-tossed terriers, pointy headgear, hover brooms, jet brooms, jet broom mid-air docking facilities, silver slipper polish, water-proof witch covers, flying monkey food or flying monkey droppings, including partially-digested munchkins. – If you do not have a full bucket of room-temperature water, you can obtain one at your local fire station – Do not attempt to use a fire extinguisher to kill the witch, or any liquid other than water. - Milk will only make her stronger – Scarecrows, tin woodsmen, and some lions should take special precautions and consult their physicians.
—  The news crawl during Regina’s Witch Watch 2014 address to Storybrooke [X]

A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew lost contact with air traffic controllers early on Saturday en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the airline said in a statement.

“Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their search-and-rescue teams to locate the aircraft,” it said.

Flight MH 370, operating a Boeing B777-200 aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.21 a.m. (1621 GMT Friday) and had been expected to land in the Chinese capital at 6.30 a.m. (2230 GMT) the same day.

The airline said the flight had lost contact with Malaysian air traffic controllers at 2.40 a.m., just over two hours into the flight.

China’s CCTV said 160 Chinese nationals were onboard the flight, according to microblogging website Weibo.

Chinese state TV also reported there had not been any reports received yet about any aircraft crashed in Chinese waters.

State news agency Xinhua reported radar contact with the flight was lost while it was in Vietnamese airspace.

If the plane is found to have crashed, the loss would mark the second fatal accident involving a Boeing 777 in less than a year, after an unblemished safety record since the jet entered service in 1995.

Last summer, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed in San Francisco, killing three passengers.

Science Graphic of the Week: NOAA’s Highest-Res Weather Forecast Yet Is Also the Most Beautiful

This colorful map of ground temperature shows the tapestry of American weather on September 30. Undeniably beautiful, it owes its rich color gradient to a powerful new scientific tool for modeling the weather for incredibly small chunks of both time and space.

After five years of work, NOAA unveiled the new model, called High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), on September 30. Like its predecessor, HRRR will update every hour. But, HRRR fine tunes the forecast every 15 minutes by constantly digesting radar reports, so that the hourly update is as accurate as possible. Each forecast starts with a 3-D radar snapshot of the atmosphere that it modifies with data from NOAA’s vast network of weather stations, balloons, and satellites.”

Find out more from wired.


Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Smoking Weed & Drinking In Van Before Hitting Theme Park.

Justin Bieber loves to smoke marijuana so much that the troubled pop star turned his van into a weed bunker on wheels, and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive photos of him partying in it with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

According to an insider, the group drank beer and smoked weed on the way to Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, Calif., one September night in 2012, with all the party favors provided by Bieber, 20.

They hotboxed and drank Heinekens from the fridge Justin keeps in the van,” the source told Radar.

There was no bong or anything, just Justin rolling his own burrito-sized joints. I mean, f**king huge.

The photos obtained exclusively by Radar feature Bieber and Gomez, 21, with pals including Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Francia Raisa and one of the “Come & Get It” singer’s backup dancers, Charity Baroni.

Everyone smoked, including Selena,” the source said.

We smoked at least six joints and were high as a kite by the time we rolled into Knotts.

As Radar exclusively reported in Feb., Gomez entered into a secret rehab stint the month before after realizing what a bad influence on-again-off-again boyfriend, Bieber, had been on her.

Selena came to understand just what a bad influence Justin had been on her life,” said one source. “Their relationship left her broken-hearted.

I don’t know whether Justin pushed her to drug use, but amongst their close knit group of friends, smoking was common place,” said another insider.

Justin and Selena would smoke marijuana together regularly.

And while a rep for Gomez confirmed the treatment to Radar — “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” a spokesperson revealed — a source close to Gomez has revealed that in the months before her stint in rehab, she had been “partying very hard.

(June 18 via radaronline)

In 1953, US Air Force Pilot Lieutenant Felix Moncla was stationed at Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan when a mysterious airborne object appeared on ground radar. Lt. Moncla scrambled his F-89 Scorpion interceptor to investigate the anomaly, but as he grew nearer, the ground radar reported seeing his aircraft suddenly merge with the object. Both objects immediately vanished from radar vision. Theories centered on a collision with an unreported Canadian aircraft, but aviation authorities north of the border clearly denied that any such aircraft was in the area at the time of “the merging”. Eerily, no confirmed debris or wreckage discoveries were ever made below the merging point, and the mysterious fate of Lt. Moncla and his radio operator remain to this day.

Clearing the legal information

The Judge in DC scheduled Chris’s hearing for the 21st. The Prosecutor argued that the separate trials could result in a trial for 2015. But the judge scheduled his hearing for the 21st. I believe his bodyguards hearing will be the 17th. Since both were to be tried on that day.

The prosecutor wanted to ban the use of self defense simply due to his “violent” action with Rihanna. All of this mess is because of that. They want him to suffer without even knowing the truth of that night and just basing it on the “injuries” in which she sustained. But fail to realize there was no swelling which possibly could mean Rihanna inflicted more injuries. Though nothing is technically proven and nobody knows his story or seen his statement. There fore they go by the conviction and a picture. Not concerning themselves with the lies Rihanna has told since day one. But nobody cares they just care cause he “hit Rihanna”.

The prosecutor is not acting accordingly to the ethical and morals that a “lawyer” should be acting in. You now have an apparent court document that states and contradicts the victim, with falsifying his injuries. When he told police and police documented only a “broken nose” which he went to the hospital and needed surgery (apparently). Nothing saying facial and head injuries. When the kid went to Tmz he said the same thing broken nose. Here we are with an alleged court document by ABC7Courts with fractured nose and facial and head injuries? Something isn’t right with that. Because in a court document from Novembers hearing in LA from Radar the police report from DC was in it. Therefore, making it a legal court document and again no mention of the face and head injuries.

Moving along, the prosecutor knows there is evidence that shows the cop lying, a secret service proving the cop was lying, the changing of the victims stories, avoiding the witnesses saying Chris Brown did not hit the guy, and many other incriminating things leading to the innocents of Chris. But the prosecutor is looking more for notoriety and fame, than trying to get real justice by acting through the code of ethics and morals.

They claim there is a video that proves Chris hitting him, but the Defense saying the video shows him not hitting him. Knowing the lying of the cop and the victim willing without authority tried to trespass on private property doesn’t face being arrested and is claimed a victim? Nope he should be arrested and charged with trespassing, though that wont happen base on the “suspect” and this prosecutor never prosecuting a high profiled case and wants to act like this is justice.


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