“What an impossible, and miraculous, and hideous, thing this was. An ugly plan, hatched by an ugly boy, now dreamt into ugly life. From dream to reality. How appropriate it was that Ronan, left to his own devices, manifested beautiful cars and beautiful birds and tenderhearted brothers. While Adam, when given the power, manifested a filthy string of perverse murders.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

I’m so happy to see Robert reach out to Adam, though, it’s actually really touching seeing them in a new place where they can talk about what matters to them both: Aaron. You could see that Adam understood Robert’s dilemma but that he also understood what Aaron needed. And Robert knew to go to Adam because he knew Adam would be a voice of reason (not that Robert is that great at listening, tbh, which is probs why he burns the letter anyway). I’m just so happy to see Robert x Adam scenes though–to go from seething hatred to this! WOW! such lovely growth


Okay, so this may just be the summer hiatus talking, but I’m getting hooked on Unreal. I blame these two. Meet Rachel-reality show producer whose future depends on her successfully manipulating emotional vulnerable women and Adam rich British playboy and “the suitor” on Rachel’s show who needs a PR make-over after tweeting a picture of himself with hookers. These two are screwed up, self-destructive, selfish messes, who occasionally have moments of humanity. And I love them.

The above clips are from 1x03 and show some good development for this relationship:

1) Adam’s dislike of being shoved back into his “Suitor” box when he speaks to Rachel. Adam teases Rachel as though they were friends, and Rachel shuts him down saying “people” were allowed to tease her, but he was not. She’s telling him he is not a person to her. He is “The Suitor”. He brushes of the rebuff, but if you pause it at 00:28, he is hurt by her words. This same situation crops up in 1x04 when Rachel agrees to do a favor for him and when she asks for one in return, he quickly agrees, and is visibly brings up his walls when she asks for something relating to his status as “The Suitor”.

2) Adam’s apologies. Rachel no longer has to pursue Adam when he’s done something wrong. He seeks her out to apologize or explain (again a pattern that repeats in 1x04).  Though when he’s not really sorry, just sorry he got caught, he still doesn’t want her to be angry with him. He runs out of the trailer without so much as a “sorry” to the woman he was with. He cares what she thinks of him. At the end of the show when he is truly remorseful she’s the one he makes his apology to. 

3) Rachel touches Adam’s bruise. What is interesting it that while Rachel frequently uses physical affection to control the women, she doesn’t do that with Adam. With Adam she’s gruff; she threatens, she deals and she avoid physical contact. To break that boundary, even to gruffly assess the need for cover-up, is a big deal .  

i’m gonna be emo all night about the fact that adam barton came in joking about robert & aaron having a daughter but sassy robert was too wrapped up in emotional turmoil over his boyfriend’s r*pist contact him to actually bother with any banter, like. robert just sat there in pain before getting straight to the point, asking adam for advice. i just. feel so grateful for that scene.

Top 5 Reasons To Ship Radam on Unreal

1) They make a great team. Whether they scheme to subvert Quinn, convince contestants to stay on the show, or craft an apology to girls out for blood they dominate when they work together.

2) They are the only people on the show with any sense of honor. They work together to protect Faith from being a joke, Rachel defies Quinn and tells Anna about her father. Adam defends Mia and attempts to make amends by over-ruling his friend’s choice for the date. Neither are perfect, but neither of them has fully surrendered to total corruption.

3) They have alot in common: skilled manipulators, self-destructive tendencies, parent issues, the list goes on.

4) They are starred crossed. A relationship between them could ruin their futures.

5) Chemistry: Need I say more?