Ten Songs

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The Rules: Open up your music library (whether it be on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, doesn’t matter!) and hit Shuffle. Then, post a list of the first ten songs that play and let us judge you for your erratic tastes in music!

1. Countdown - Beyonce

2. Lost - Frank Ocean

3. Forrest Gump - Frank Ocean

4. Touch It - Ariana Grande

5. Dear Theodosia - Hamilton Mixtape

6. Shamak Zabad Radai - A-WA

7. Bravado - Lorde

8. Red Rabbits - The Shins

9. Alfie - Lily Allen

10. Just Another Day - Next to Normal Soundtrack

I tag @vaguestblogging @cielrouge @layonmacduff @heystoney and really anyone who wants to do it…i wanna peep all ur music tastes