radagast strikes again


Dear All: 

1.  The first picture is my poor dear John, after Radagast decided that he was just about the only person left who wasn’t kitty-fied and, in Bilbo’s words, “promptly poofed him into kitty-dom." 

I must admit that he makes for a very handsome cat. 

2.  The second picture is apparently John and myself in cat form.  I have no idea why the rest of the Fort is laughing this hard.  I am assured that it is amazingly appropriate. 

Thorin tells me that my John has figured out how to reverse the spell on his own as well but has found much enjoyment when he gets petted.   My dearest love apparently has a silly streak the size of Milton but I shall indulge him.  He is very adorable. 

Really, Radagast should be kept away from Longbottom Leaf from now on!

Exasperated but currently occupied with a lapful of happily purring kitty-fied fiance,