rada katic


…a little bit of Stana’s family

1. Stana and her sister Kristina - 6th (Gigi) Alumni award for excellence in the arts 4.22.2013

2. Stana and her brother Marko - 3rd

3. Stana’s brother Dusan - 2nd ‘Katic breads’

4. Stana’s mother Rada, Gigi and her father Petar

5. Stana, Marko, Kris Srboljub Brkljac and her cousin Ivana - Pompei summer 2010

6. Stana’s brother Nikola and his wife Marija - 5th

7. Stana’s grandmother Manda

(She also has another brother, the 4th, his name is Teodor)


Stana Katic and mom, Rada Katic, promote the Alternative Travel Project

2014 marks the next step for the Alternative Travel Project. We are excited to share our new chapter with you and we want to hear about the people and places that you have discovered since beginning your ATP journey. Join us and go car-free! (x)


Video featuring Stana Katic’s mom, Rada Katic, speaking about Katic Breads.

She comes on at 0:39.