The rad fems are attacking me now

well, that’s what you get for doing the right thing. I wonder when they’ll realise you can’t liberate some women while oppressing others. 

Liberation for ALL women (and genders). That’s all I’m trying to get across here ya know guys m'kay? 

Stop being transphobic. 

Also you’re all conveniently ignoring the messages of my post (see above) and focusing on the fact I called one you out for dressing feminine despite radfem’s claim that they don’t like transwomen for dressing feminine and therefore ‘making a mockery of women’. Which as another blogger pointed out is a huge stereotype of transwomen as many don’t dress like that at all.  

Look at my icon… I DRESS FEMININE. I was not for a second criticising that radical feminist for being pretty… I was just saying that it’s contradictory to say transwomen can’t go because they dress feminine when lots of you actually dress feminine too. 

Now y'all can all realise your transphobia is wrong and redeem your ways or leave me alone because honestly, you will not persuade me otherwise. So don’t even bother trying. 

Also I’m not trash I’m fucking awesome. 

HAHAHA ok one more thing to add. Apparently I’m throwing women under a bus for transwomen. NOOOO I’M JUST TRYING TO TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY. oh my god. actually laughing so hard right now. sign. (transwomen are women too)