Maud Stevens Wagner - the first known female tattoo artist in the United States (1907)

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soulmate tattoos au mdear (freaking move your blog sorry for spamming you with likes 😅)

Ah nah man, that’s cool. Your profile picture is really distinctive, so I’m always like “welcome back cyanlester. Good to see you” haha.

And alright soulmates tattoo au!

Alright so I’m feeling this as Klance (big shock) and Keith and Lance go to high school together, and they kind of have that “yeah we’re friends, but we shit in each other constantly”, like they’re competitive, and make fun of each other’s fashion sense, but if anyone ELSE picks on them… oh boy. Like someone called Lance dumb once and Hunk had to physically restrain Keith so he didn’t beat the crap out of him.

So Hunk’s 18th birthday rolls around and his soulmate tattoo shows up. It’s on his bicep and Lance thinks it looks a bit like a bear. It matches a girl in his manual arts class who apparently has had a quiet crush on him for a while. Her name is Shay and hunk really likes her so it works out great!

Lance’s 18th happens and he thinks his tattoo is rad as hell. It’s on his thigh and looks like a lion. He starts wearing tiny shorts to flaunt it to everyone, in the hopes of someone seeing it and realising they match, but also because it annoys Keith. He must be jealous. Every time Lance wears his shorts and shoves his thigh in Keith’s face he always gasps and growls out a “LANCE! PLEASE….!” And Lance laughs to himself.

Lance is eager to find his soulmate, but understands it might not happen immediately. Besides, loads of his friends haven’t turned 18 yet. Keith bats his lashes and jokes that it could be him. They both laugh a little too hard.

Keith’s 18th FINALLY comes. He is so excited. Secretly he hopes to see a little lion somewhere.

He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have one anywhere. He panics. He doesn’t go to school that day.

The next day he still doesn’t go to school. Shiro calls him to wish him a happy birthday. Keith confesses everything and cries on the phone. It takes every ounce of Shiro’s will not to fly home and be there for his friend, but he can’t do that. He wonders if because Keith is adopted, maybe they have his birthday wrong? Keith says that’s not possible. Maybe it’s just really faint and will darken later.

He finally returns to school and explains what’s happened to his friends. Hunk is supportive, and Lance is almost as devastated as him. He holds him while Keith sniffles. The next few days are quiet.

Finally Lance has an idea. He invites Keith to go to the beach with him, that always cheers him up. Keith isn’t sure what good it would do, but he realises he should go because he isn’t sure how much time he’ll be able to spend with him before Lance finds his own soulmate.

They meet on the weekend and Lance’s joy is infectious. Keith manages to smile as Lance splashes him. They dive into the deeper waves. Keith shoves his hair in a ponytail and Lance wolf whistles. Lance teaches him how to swim into shore with the waves. Keith crashes into the shore and laughs. He turns to look at Lance when his heart stops. Lance is crying.
“You fucking idiot,” he laughs. “You absolute fucking idiot”
Keith doesn’t understand. Sure his body surf was pretty rad, but not this great. Lance runs to shore and grabs his phone. He runs back and grabs Keith harshly by the shoulders, turning him around harshly. Keith hears a click, and then Lance is shoving his phone in His face.

And there… a photo of the nape of his neck… is a little lion tattoo.
“It was underneath you’re stupid mullet” Lance’s happy tears don’t stop. Keith’s tears join them.

Lance’s kisses taste like salt.

Today’s excellent character of the day is Shimada Hanzo from Overwatch!!!

Hanzo has made many mistakes in his life and travels the world in search of redemption!! He’s an amazing archer and has rad magic dragon tattoos!! He’s going through a bit of a midlife crisis right now and decided to get a super cool undercut!! Nice!!! Keep on being excellent, Hanzo!!

bakeneko/manekineko yaku from the fic bell, book, and candle by skittidyne!! (y’all it’s so amazing, like literally.)

HUFFS ok i doubt yaku is actually wearing something like this in the fic since it’s modernized, but i can dream……..

Gladnis vs Highspecs Headcanon

Aranea and Gladio living in a constant passive-aggresive friendly-foes war on trying to get Ignis’ heart and attention like

  • Gladio tries to hurry on defeating all enemies when he sees Aranea’s airship nearby.
  • ‘Quickquickquick we don’t need her, I’m strong enough, Ignis will see asjdgh’
  • Aranea ‘accidentally’ landing nearby Ignis.
  • Gladio ‘accidentally’ pushing Ignis many feet away future times he sees Aranea trying to land at his side.
  • ‘Sorry, Iggy. I was saving your life’
  • Gladio and Aranea unnecessarily aggressively fighting enemies trying to prove who’s stronger (ofc making sure Ignis’ watching).
  • ‘Five down on my side!’, ‘Yeah, that’s cute, I defeated 7′, ‘You liar, ofc not, I was counting’, ‘Good to see you worry so much about my skills’, ‘I AM NOT WORRIED’
  • Both subtly making the other stumble and fall during fights.
  • Aranea swings her lance and ‘accidentally’ hits Gladio on the head.
  • Gladio throwing Noct to an enemy and ‘accidentally’ missing and hitting Aranea instead (mostly when she’s nearby Ignis).
  • Ignis is in danger.
  • While both fight each other on it, Noctis helps Ignis up to his feet.
  • Gladio using Ignis’ love and loyalty for Noctis to his favor.
  • ‘She’s bad, forget her. I’ve almost given my life ten times for Noct and she almost kills him once’.
  • Aranea sassing him like
  • ‘You almot die ten times and I almost kill you all once. That proves who’s the strongest here, huh?’
  • ‘I’m Aranea. Pleasure.’
  • Gladio raging when he sees Ignis and Aranea talking together because
  • ‘I can’t compare to those levels of sass’ it’s over 9,000
  • ‘I handle a lance, so do you, Specs guy. We have a lot in common.’
  • Gladio dropping his doublehand sword to start fighting with a lance.
  • ‘I handle EVERYTHING, bitch’. 
  • Aranea approaching Ignis post fight like
  • ‘I feel a bit exhausted. I heard you’re some sort of medic as well. Mind giving me a potion, pretty face?’
  • Gladio throwing himself to the ground like
  • Gladio subtly smirking at Aranea while Ignis checks him.
  • Gladio carrying Ignis out of the blue (ignoring his complaints) and smirking at Aranea.
  • ‘I can carry him and he loves it’
  • Aranea so upset cause she’s so strong but can’t carry Ignis (or hasn’t tried).
  • ‘My love for Ignis is so big my body became this muscular out of love’.
  • ‘Yeah but I’ve got these’
  • Aranea bragging her boobs to Gladio
  • Gladio so upset because everybody loves boobs and she’s got x10 than him. 
  • Gladio bragging about how he’s known Ignis for a lifetime.
  • Aranea sassing him like ‘Yeah and everybody gets tired of the old stuff. So move aside and give a turn to the new things, will you?’
  • ‘I have a hella rad tattoo’
  • ‘I lead an entire army’
  • ‘I sleep with him every night in a small sized tent’
  • …’dammit’.

Bonus (not so headcanon but still):

  • Ignis turns out to be asexual.