riveting…. by Stuart “Stu-Bo” Baxter
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CarArt from the archives….this was one of the 1st times I saw a VooDoo Larry creations at a local car show… image copyright SB ImageWorks

A Quick Visit

Neil tidied up a bit in his London home as he awaited his guests. Sure, it was only going to be a quick visit, but he’d always been one to put on a show.

His house, indoor and out, was adorned with colourful Christmas lights and decorations. The decorations differed from room to room and somehow managed not to clash with the usual decor. It would seem Neil’s talents with visual aesthetic wasn’t limited to fashion.

Though he was not yet done gift shopping, he did have a Christmas treat in store.



“Gosh darn it…” Audrey muttered to herself as she looked at her now dead phone. This usually wouldn’t be a huge problem, but she didn’t know the way home and was now unable to look it up.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it was getting dark and she suspected a storm was coming, given the distant rumbles. If she couldn’t figure out a way home, she’d get soaked and be chilled to the bone.

Looking around a bit nervously, she tried to remember how to get home.



Neil often found himself missing his days of fashion designing. Usually, he would fill the void with designing for himself or, more recently, Beast Boy. Alas, he was in London right now and wanted to do something a bit different.

Fortunately, he found an opportunity at a theatre. Though the theatre already had the costumes they needed, they were happy to accept the offer of a once famous fashion designer to design new costumes and supply his own materials free of charge.

So, there he was, conversing with the actors and staff as he got their measurements. It wasn’t quite the same as his time on Carnaby Street, but he was happy to get his creative juices flowing as he socialized.



kiwi kool… by Stuart “Stu-Bo” Baxter
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rework of an old image for a friend… image copyright SB ImageWork