Hi! I have a (truly) rad collaboration + photo contest for y'all. The folks Ford sent me down to Moab in an F150 to travel through the desert and capture living life out of their rig with Maddie….But this is an Instagram only contest (not for the Tumblr sorry!) but if you have an IG account read below:

To inspire y'all to get out in the world and create, Ford is going to fly me to your neck of the woods to hang with you and photograph your pup (USA only)! And I’ll feature those photos right here on my feed! To enter the contest simply post your best *new* photo of your adventures with your pup + #FORDdogs and #FORDcontest (gotta hashtag since this is a real/official contest 💫)


Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Sam Desantis

When it comes to capturing moments that give you all the feels, Sam Desantis has it on lock. The way that Sam captures raw moments in time and turns them into nostalgic memories is insanely inspiring. We can’t get enough of her moody “blue” photos and can’t wait to see SXSW through her lens as she captures the festival as a guest blogger for Vans Girls. Follow along all week on the Vans Girls blog and Instagram and get lost in Sam’s photography…

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on getting ready for a first tattoo?

SHOWER. don’t wear any offensively strong cologne/perfume, wear deodorant if applicable because you will sweat and your artist will be all up in your business sniffing that sweet sweet BO and skip applying any lotions/creams to the area you plan on getting tattooed.

do not come to the tattoo shop with a whole crowd of people. your entire family does not have to attend your first tattoo. most artist consider a room full of people distracting and annoying.

having a conversation with your artist is totally fine and can actually help with the nervousness and to pass the time, but don’t be super loud, rude, or obnoxious the entire session. a tattoo shop is often seen as a relaxed place and not really seen as “professional” or whatever but treat your artist with some respect and behave accordingly.

do not stick your phone all up in your artist face trying to get that rad Instagram photo. ask your artist if it’s acceptable to film/photograph them before you start your session.

don’t wear anything you don’t want the possibility of ink dropping onto it accidentally (basically don’t wear a brand new white shirt if you’re getting an arm tattoo cause you might walk out with some ink on it.)

it’s gonna hurt so if you’re not prepared to go hours upon hours in pain for a larger tattoo, break that shit into smaller sessions there is no shame in it.

treat your artist and the shop with basic respect. do not try to haggle with the price or try to down talk their work value. don’t try to trade goods for their service either.

tip your artist. TIP THEM. unless you have a horrible experience tip them fairly.

listen to any advice your artist has for healing your tattoo. don’t skip out on taking care of your tattoo, it’s an open wound and should be treated as such unless you want a poorly healed piece of work or/and an infection.

Just some basic courtesy suggestions I could think of off the top of my head. Hope that helps!

*any one can feel free to add more if they want*

15 Dainty Ankle Tattoos That Will Tempt You To Get Inked

With so many body parts to choose it’s hard to decide where to get a new tattoo. 

An ankle tat has been a popular choice over the years and we can see why. With so many adorable itty-bitty designs, it’s easy to fall head over heels for a cute little ankle tat. 

Plus, it’s a great place to hide the rebellious skin art from your grandma..

Sun and Moon

Okay, so we are going to be dreaming about these simple sun and moon tats. [Photo: Pinterest]


If we had this stylish text tattoo we would definitely roll up our jeans an inch or two.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Well, isn’t this just magical.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Be forever stylish with this tattooed anklet.  [Photo: Pinterest]


We love this wavy tattoo, it’s super rad.  [Photo: Pinterest]


You would be flying high with this beautiful feather tat.  [Photo: Pinterest]


These unique designs would definitely make your summer sandals just that extra bit stylish.  [Photo: Pinterest]


How adorable is this single flower? Surely even our mums would love this one…  [Photo: Pinterest]


We wouldn’t mind this cute flock following us around wherever we went.  [Photo: Pinterest]


We have nothing but a mountain of love for this ankle tattoo.  [Photo: Pinterest]

Palm Tree

This is definitely the perfect holiday accessory.  [Photo: Pinterest]


How cool do these roman numerals look on the side of the ankle? [Photo: Pinterest]


Okay, so this cat is pretty darn cute.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Be 100% angel with secret angel wings.  [Photo: Pinterest]


This cactus tattoo is very aesthetically pleasing.  [Photo: Pinterest]