Eine Kleine Piano ver
  • Eine Kleine Piano ver
  • Murmur0042

Lovely piano cover of Eine Kleine by https://www.youtube.com/user/murmur0042

Check their channel out, they have like a dozen other piano covers of Hachi’s songs; both his Vocaloid work and his more recent stuff. I hope they continue to cover more…I usually listen to their covers while I do homework or study. If I listen to the original versions, I end up singing along and lose focus, haha.

Let me list some of its features:

  • Accurate beak shadow casting!
  • It’s acne-treated!
  • It doesn’t know how to swim!
  • It goes away when you go away!
  • It has a 90% performance rating!

Just over a year ago, I failed horribly at creating shadows that looked good and didn’t suck up my graphics card. Now it works great, and it definitely complements the visual style!

The graphics are pretty advanced for running off of a 2D game framework!

aussie music masterpost

im gettin really tired of iggy being the only aussie musician people ever bring up when there are sooo many better ones out there so im gonna compile a handy list with examples of good aussie bands/songs. they’re under the cut and split up between more contemporary (still making music 2000′s onwards) and older songs (so people with different tastes can just navigate to the time period they like). Also, if you decide to read this post please make sure you read to (or at least look at) the very bottom of it.

if you have anyone else you want to add to this list please do and also if i accidentally added anyone extremely problematic to this list please feel free to inform me or remove them

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Calling All Guitars by Emily and the Strangers

I personally rarely take prompts since very few people are actively looking for Dualscars

and those that are want them for incest/porn and  n o p e not happening. 

i’ll occasionally look and find a Good One but there is a distinct lack of people who want duascar for plot rps