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So a few months ago two of my favorite people celebrated their one year anniversary so they decided to get trees tattooed- we all agreed that each year we’d add a little bit more color to the trees to represent how many years they’ve been married. And then I had the brilliant idea to finish the drawings as paintings as a gift to them since paper represents the first year! Happy belated anniversary, you two!  Aliciathomas_art@yahoo.com

“Wut? Wut? , Wut? , Wut?”

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New Beginnings.
I don’t usually have much of a story behind my paintings, but this one was inspired by a recent sadness that is transforming into something rather beautiful within myself.

Now, before anyone starts freaking out about the fact that I painted a beheaded god, you should know that in hindu mythology Ganesha actually got his elephant head because his father beheaded him as a kid unaware that he was his son, he then promised he would find a suitable head for him and cut off the head of an elephant and brought Ganesha back to life, he was then awarded for his courage by being made lord of new beginnings. (for more about that here is a cool article that goes into further depth about the birth of Ganesha for those who are curious: http://www.amritapuri.org/3714/ganesha.aum)

The lesson I connected with most from Ganesha (and the main reason I tattoo’d him on my hand a few years ago as a reminder) is that it is not about avoiding the unpleasant feelings or circumstances in life, it is about facing them head on (no pun intended) and passing through them. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles but really it is not so much removing the obstacles as much as passing through them. There is no way around it or over it or under it, the only way out is through.

I realized that everything goes both ways and finds a balance in-between. When we experience a large amount pain or suffering we are also blessed with the ability to appreciate the littlest things and feel extreme amounts of joy.

I used to be numb somewhere in the middle, avoiding my feelings and suppressing them internally.. Feeling in general can be scary because it forces you to be vulnerable.. I would run from all my feelings and became feelingless. From time to time I seem to lose myself in the numbing of my own reality, but to be honest with myself, I would rather feel large amounts of sadness accompanied by large amounts of joy rather than nothing at all.

Elephants never forget. It is important to remember the things in life that have caused us pain as well as joy in order to continually grow from them. When we forget the past or fail to learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

In some ways the suffering we feel in our lives, in our hearts, for our planet and for our community is the greatest gift in disguise. It allows us to see and feel things as they truly are and gives us the opportunity to face our feelings, to move through them with clarity and to grow from them with understanding. We may never be able to change the things that cause us pain in life but allowing ourselves to feel and accept that pain gives us the joy of seeing, discovering and appreciating the littlest things in life that bring us the most happiness.

“Never forget yesterday but always live for today. Because you never know what tomorrow can bring, or what it can take away.”

Grow from the past. Live in the present. Plan for the future. <3

*Disclaimer: I do not belong to any religious group, I simply admire the stories, symbolism and mythology behind various cultures and religions. I do not intend to offend.*