a positive vinesauce post

cool things the vinesauce community has done:
- raised over $100,000 for charity
- produced a fantastic platform where every piece of art is seen by the streamers
- produced some rad artwork and have helped artists get noticed
- provided us with countless hours of free, high quality (not guaranteed to be meme-free) entertainment
- jen supplies high-quality sass at any hour of the day
- all of the best indie games i have played were at ky’s recommendation
- the discord is a really nice place to hang out and meet new people thanks to the hard work of the people who run it !!!
- fred is sleepy zzz
- all of the streamers are adults and a lot of the fanbase can be quite young so dont forget that
- they care a lot about making everyone happy
- rev is the only person to ever pronounce my username correctly and guess its origin
- hootey

please add to the list if u have more things


My very first solo exhibit took place October 26th at Produce Gallery. For this series I wanted to work outside of my usual style, experimenting with new processes and materials to create a unique collection or work. A big “Thank you” goes out to everyone who came to this very special occasion and especially to everyone who has bought a piece so far. Also, a special thanks to Aaron Ybarra (aka DJ Kno) for providing the music and to Amber Duron for the wonderful photography. Vandalism prints and products coming soon, if you are interested in an original painting from this series please feel free to contact me.


So, scrolling around DeviantArt, I found some really rad artwork by AvrCantada and I want to share it. This IS NOT MY MINE, I just want to get it the views it deserves.

Seriously, go give this guy (or gal) some support! Its a really cool piece and I’m sure they’d appreciate the support!!!!!

Link to the origin page: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Stoneforged-Blades-656502859

scarycoffeebean  asked:

You're artwork is rad, I had to follow you! I was wondering, what is the art program you're using in the apocalypse speed painting? The feature that gives you a reference is amazing!

Thank you so much for following me  ^ u ^ !!!
In the Apocalypse character Video I am using Paintool sai
Are you talking about this part ?

if so sadly, The program doesn’t create ref images for you ( though that would be awesome) I actually just collect a bunch of reference images online and make a collage of them and just open them in another window so I 2 windows open all the time one for my drawing and one for the collage of pics <3

art request

can someone draw arin and danny in shovel knight armor with the word “in-friendship-dagger” beneath them? i would post it here! you could either submit it or put it on your blog and send me a pm and i can reblog it from you, it doesn’t matter

the kind of cool thing about having this many followers is you’re all very talented and i can make a post like this and see rad artwork within like 10 minutes of posting it

Okay guys THIS is awesome and I’m so pumped to finally share it (got persmission to!)

About a month ago, I was commissioned to draw a birthday piece for little six-year-old Killian, who’s birthday was this past week, by his mom. The pic was already loved by the kid, and when they went to see the Aquabats last night in Silver Spring, they brought the drawing with and the ‘bats all signed it! And from what she’s told me, it was a huge hit!!

So yeah RAD AS HECK I’m really glad this went so successfully, and knowing a rad kid owns my artwork signed by the Aquabats just makes me feel warm and squishy. *v*